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>tfw today is my birthday
>tfw nobody gives a shit
What should I do today, so that I don't feel like shit all day. I was thinking about going to see a movie, by myself of course, but I checked all the movie schedules and everything that's playing is shit.
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Happy birthday
>go drinking
>go to a restaurant
>have a birthday fap
Not very sure what else, these are things I like to do
>uses my shitty edit i made like 3 months ago
For that anon, I give a shit, happy birthday
Vidya and animu!!

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>be ugly deformed face manlet
>talking with classmate i have a few classes with this semester
>when the conversation dies down he asks me if i got plans for this weekend
>respond with "nothing much just gonna chill at home"
>"really man your not even gonna go out or anything"
>nervous laugh and say "nah what about you man"
>"well i have a party to go to later tonight, and tomorrow im going to my gfs friend's party"
>we say bye and go in different directions

I dont think i am missing out on much when it comes to partying. I am very ugly and unattractive so i would probably end up walking around bored and going home disappointed. How do you robots respond when normalfags ask you what your doing this weekend, do you guys lie?
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>normies talk to him and are interested in what he's doing

You can fuck off to /b/.
I respond the same as you and don't care what other people think about me.
> interested
> implying
They're doing it so others won't think they're rude.

I'll just leave this here,a little memory of my class last night
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>An average looking girl in jeans shorts, boy haven't seen any of those around this summer.

wow OP
i can smell her dirty whore pussy from here
What does "dirty whore pussy smell" like?

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Oneitist is now a driver
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driver of what?
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>find out that oneitist is 25 and have a job
A GPU driver.

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Who is the best Avatar villain?
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Zaheer of course
The best villain: Zuko, from season 1 You forgot to list him.
I liked the commander guy that was drinking coffee while they enriched the natives with rockets

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>tfw manlet/dicklet/racelet

I hate how unfair life is
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Post stats my dude
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3 inch dick erect
25 yo HHKV
NEET class
Black but not gangsta so I don't get a trashy white girl familiar

What are my chances of ever having sex?
right now higher than ever, especially with the sjws who will only go out with you because they are _so progressive and tolerant_

This is society and how it has existed for millions of years. It made sense when you needed big strong men to fight off tigers, and the women that copulated with them were more likely to pass on their genes.

However, modern society is different. Even around the turn of the 20th century it made sense for women to be attracted to big strong men that could work long hours doing hard work, but around the turn of the information age this was violently altered:

The world became technological. Technological in far-reaching, fundamental and profoundly important ways. The world is more technologically ubiquitous than ever before in history, and only continues to become so at exponential rates. Threatening to turn into a cyberpunk future. And beta males very literally by definition are designed to be archetypes that service this.

A look at video-games, which have officially transcended cinema as pulling in more money each year:
Beta males develop video-games, beta males play these games professionally, beta males developed twitch.tv and beta males host and organize enormous e-sports events populated by other beta males. There's no inherent reason why the people in charge of this would be a maypole for alpha-males, and no contrived desire to make that so.

So, for the first time in history beta-males have power. And other people have recognized this, and true to form attempt to exploit them:
>companies get sarcastically bullied via social-media into tailoring their company to fit their political views
>social media companies responsible for this encourage this bullying, because they're being bullied
>people infiltrate these companies by bulling them into giving them employment with alludes to "bigotry" if they don't.

And it's working.

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Does this sound familiar to you?
>people are innovating, upholding and powering the society as we know it in profoundly important and fundamental ways
>these people are being exploited to the best of the public's ability. Taking advantage of them, dictating how they act and simultaneously making fun of them. Entirely via the power that beta-males are subserviant and any kind of criticism they feel obligated to follow.

My question is, at what point does the third part come in?

At what point do the beta-males responsible for everything in the world we live in realize that the vapid pseudo-intellectualism that people try to bully them into submission with doesn't make any sense? And that there's no reason to listen to it?

And what power will they have then?


I'd reckon that these people are so useless on their own that they don't even know how to put into context what's happening and what they should be doing, operating on instinct and just continuing to dig their grave.

Except in the modern age, it's not so much a "revolution" meaning a forceful turn of events so much as the inevitable settling of things. Like gravity making a carefully stacked pile of stones collapse.

Fucking hell I ruined it

I chopped off a big block of text at the beginning explaining the natural order of things and why women are attracted to alpha-males

You guys get the gyst though
These terms arent applicable to humans.
Human society and behaviour is much more complicated. The only thing dragging you down is your attitude. Your perception is everything.

Ok /r9k/ today we are going to do something different.

how about we write out some Stream Of Consciousness writings?

I know a lot of you have a lot on your mind, and it can feel good to get that out in the open.
Feel free to write it out in any creative way you want!

- Bulletpoints


its all good.
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Black out.jpg
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Could try this cool fad
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I Know for a fact that i'm not careful, but i'm not stupid. I know for a fact that if i were to walk down the street there would be at least a .005% of a random car swerving out of the way and murdering me on the spot.
yet i do not worry for that.

When i was a kid, i used to Naruto run my way across campus,
jumping and running all over the railings and desks to get to class on time.
At one point a security guard yelled at me to stop running.
i asked why.
she seemed actually quite astonished,
because i don't think in the 10 or so years she had been working that dead end job as a security guard that anyone had ever asked that.
"because its dangerous"
i explained to her this:
when you run, and more importantly when you naruto run across campus,
you are focused on one thing and one thing only,

that is the aspect of running.

you cannot focus on anything that isn't involved in where you're going,
where you are
and how you're going to get there.
Your grades do not pass your mind.
your your parent's upcoming divorce is not passing your mind
the fact that your dad came home at 4:07pm last tuesday, and ran over and hugged you really hard and started crying (the very first time you ever saw him cry) Does not bother you.
The only thing that matters to you, in that exact moment, is getting to where you want to go as fast as you can without bumping into anyone.

she paused for a moment and then asked
>"isnt that what everyone else doing isnt it safe?"
it took me a minute to respond
>"I want to do it better than everyone else"

I took off
and she did not stop me.

just shit out whats on your mind with minimal ending.

let the keys follow your mind~

So this is my normie set-up. The drugs i take to go out and meet normies without having to stand in a corner and look like a retard. Am i alone with having a set-up like this?
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>he's a beer guy
wtf is that shadow of
Is that Pistonhead any good? I'm put off by the measly 330ml can when I can get beers like Proper Job and Bengal Lancer in 500ml bottles for the same price

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Why does his shirt say "ouch"?
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to mock are pain
His foreskin has really bad phimosis
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>to mock are pain
Chad is friendly, even to robots

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>No one actually likes you anon, why are you still hanging around with us?
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>if you get the ball just kick it away
>His dick is bigger than yours
My ex
>who wants to partner with anon?

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Why haven't robots started meditating yet?

>easy as fuck, all you have to do is breath in and breath out
>heals depression
>heal anxiety
>heals ADD
>heals mental illness
>protects against brain disorders
>improves immunity system
>makes you younger
>gives you a longer lifespan
>raises your iq
>raises your creativity
>allows both hemispheres to work in unison
>can give you enlightenment

You have literally no excuse, /r9k/.
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how do I start?
literally sit down and close my eyes?
You don't have to but it will make it easier in the beginning. The point is to focus on a single thing, which is ideally your breath because breathing deeply is relaxing and doesn't require any effort.

Another important pointer is that focusing on your breath doesn't mean actively pushing thoughts away as every thought you have will frustrate you further, but rather letting whatever thoughts you have come then go as you return your focus to your breath.

That process is the essence of meditation and how it disconnects you from negative thoughts and stops them from forming in the first place as you become aware of your thought patterns that do nothing but ail you.

You can start from 10-20 minutes and work your way up if you want from there. Advanced meditators don't really need to set apart time for meditation though as they can enter a meditative state from all actions they take.
No it isn't, nigger. Sitting there daydreaming may be easy, but meditation is very fucking difficult. Simple and easy are not the same thing.

I agree it's beneficial and nearly everyone should do it, but be honest about the difficulty

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Drug thread?
Drug thread.

Favourite drugs?
How often?
Greentext experiences?
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>Favourite drugs?
Amphetamines, Psychedelics and weed, namely MDMA, Adderall, and Acid. Shrooms are ok as well, did a few research chemicals too like 4 ACO DMT and ETH-LAD.
>How often?
Smoke weed a couple days in any given week, mostly on weekends. Psychedelics about once a month at most, and amphetamines whenever I want to either study really hard or party really hard.
I smoke weed every day

It's kinda crazy
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Wahahaahahhahahaha anon! Holy fuck anon! I'm high as FUCK! You are a faggot like Bob Saget! Get fucking stoned OUT OF YOUR MIND ON... WEED! Smoke weed every day you ninny! You fucking ninny muggins!

>that kid who made the teacher cry
>that indian kid who shat everywhere but in the toilet
>that kid who always made minecraft jokes
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>that kid who ran through "the black school" waving a rebel flag
>that kid who advertised his youtube channel every fucking day despite only post 144p home movies
>that kid who tried to commit suicide and failed
>that kid who would naruto run during phys ed
>that kid who was obese but thought it was muscle and constantly went on about it
>that kid who made fun of the french teach so hard she left the school crying and had to take the next day off
>that kid who tried to mug a gypsy and got stabbed to death
>that kid who graduated a year early with straight As
>that brony who unironically was a USSR/communism fanboy

>Christmas is next week
Holy shit
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>the end of the universe is tomorrow
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>time will fold into itself in five minutes
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>moot has been gone for 13 years

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