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What are you guys up to? Any future plans?

Ignore normalfag posts
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Bump for the 'Comf.
I got fired so I'm drinking and playing rainbow six
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Working all weekend in the mountains at least I'm making money gains

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people unironically find this show funny
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If I see that fucking shitpickle one more time
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ironic shitposting is still shitposting
that being said, checked

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>it's a "normies accuse anon of being rude simply becauase he's quiet" episode
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Of all the possible feels that exist, I know this fucking one
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>omg I made anon smile
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>10 mins later

Does the person that made this image have any idea what they've done?
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i dont know, what have they done?
Yes, clearly. He's just listing things that a lot of insecure people do, and, whaddaya know, insecure people tend to be virgins.
Thousands (millions?) of people around the globe are changing how they walk and probably reconsidering their lives.

This shit's all over Instagram and Facebook, by the way.

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>Only O N E chance at life
>Born in England

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>One chance at life
>Born in a cuck slavic country where a third of the "people" still vote commies
>Only one chance at life
>Born in the land of the free
At least I haven't been shot yet.
I wish I was born in England.

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Welcome! ITT: We laugh at beta bux trying (and failing) to become chad. Whilst he wastes his money, we're gaining wisdom, knowledge and happiness.
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I have an idea, how about you don't settle down with a woman unless she is worthy and not a piece of shit? Wow, incredible right?

This mgtow scam is the dumbest NEET garbage I have ever seen. Many women are shit, and? Men are cowards who worship pussy and have no care for their people or history too. I guess we should give up on men? Both men and women are fucked for many (((reasons))), but that doesn't mean you give up like a whiny faggot. Wait until you find a good girl, then have children. Keep trying to inspire and educate both our brothers and sisters. Fuck this Jewish bullshit.
>I have an idea, how about you don't settle down with a woman unless she is worthy and not a piece of shit?
what if im the unworthy piece of shit?
Then you won´t have problems with women.

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R9k post your favorite guilty pleasure tracks.
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Anything made by owl city. I liked them before the normalfag normiebook meme pages memed Adams songs.
I really, really, really, really, really, really like this song.

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Accept it, manlets, you have no chance
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me when I need to rent a flatbed truck to take her to the movies
The joke here is that that's also her at any other given moment.
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My fucking sides, anon they don't exist after I read this post

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Would you be okay with your daughter posting pics like this on her instagram?
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only if i get to tap it
absolutely not
I wouldn't be ok with her wearing pants that tight, it's ridiculous how many mothers allow their kids to "express themselves."

Alright you fucking betas. Time to pop a squat on daddy's cock. We already know women are disgusted by you, and your tiny little dicklet couldn't possibly pleasure them. So I'm here to repurpose you for my pleasure. I'm gonna stretch your tiny little pink ring over my fat girth and blow your prostate to smithereens.
Everyday all you do is complain about your social retardation and how easy women have it. Has it ever occurred to you that you're just a woman that lost the genetic lottery? But don't fret. I like damaged goods. I like showing them their place. I love watching their faces devolve into drooling, whining, red messes as they surrender. So what'll it be, beta bitch? Low self worth? Or daddy's fat girth?
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would you say hes fat? ignoring the dick

Yeah. I'd say he was toned at some point in time, but just gave up.
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I'd say I'm fluffy, little dude.

Do you like Trump? Why? Why not?
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download (3).jpg
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I don't know how anyone can like Trump
It's hard not to view him as a product of our modern society. He's not even a person to me. He's just exactly what you'd expect this society to shit out.

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I want to be a bitch boy
I want my ass impregnated
This post is pretty gay and unoriginal
keep bumping, I need to get my boipussi impregnation fetish porn fix

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It's statistically highly unlikely you'll die as a virgin.

So having said that... the girl who you're actually going to lose your virginity to, is out there right fucking now. Why aren't you looking for her?
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I don't know about other robots but I've been alone for so long that I'm starting to not give a shit. I feel like I have also risen my standards even though I'm a virgin, I want a girl who is actually invested into me and my goals in life, I don't want a vapid cunt for a girlfriend, no matter how pretty she is she's going into the trash if she doesn't care about me.

I'm going to live and die alone and that's alright, I have other aspirations in life that are much more tangible and within the realm of possiblity to achieve than getting a girlfriend or casual sex.

Best of luck to all you other robots out there.
It's not hard to have a girl who's interested in you for who you are. You don't need to live and die alone, son. You deserve to love and be loved just like anyone else, and it's up to you to make that happen. I believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself anymore.
One time my oneitis kissed me, she intiated it. So wetre making out and im fingering her and i thought itd be appropriate to be like i want you to my virginity, i want to fuck you. She was like maybe then later told me she wouldnt. I could have fucked her right then and there but we were both really late for work.

this is a polish school

noticed anything?
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Yeah, all the guys are handsome uber-Chads
whores everywhere
>noticed anything?
not a single hottie?

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Who here /naturallyempathetic/ here? Nice doesn't win
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>tfw you live long enough to have all your kindness wrung out of you by a cruel world populated by selfish assholes until you're nothing more than a bitter, jaded husk who doesn't care about anything
extremely empathetic to a fault. I know not many probably exist on /r9k/ because of the autism but there are pros and cons to being overly empathetic (not the same thing as nice-guyism)

>feel other people's emotions very intensely
>grasp situations and drama very easily
>understand people's personalities very quickly
>able to usually predict people's behaviors based on easily getting an overall understanding of them
>understand body language extremely well

>Your emotions exist almost solely outside yourself in others making you feel paradoxically dead inside
>you care about what other people think even if you don't care about what other people think
>at some point people will take advantage of you and you won't notice it until later
>its almost impossible to not read into things further than you should
>Being bombarded by strong emotions and feelings 24/7 becomes overwhelming and may force you to seclusion

inb4 beta cuck
Pretty much spot on.

Although I'm always wary of people taking advantage of me cause it's happened so many times in the past.

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