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>he had a crush on a Stacy/semi-Stacy during his school years
>he completely ignored average/below average girls, even that girl who was interested in him
>he actually had fantasies involving Stacy, including playing his favorite song for her in front of the entire school during graduation
>he regrets his stupid decisions even today
>he wants to go back in time to fix everything

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Jokes on you I considered myself too pathetic to bother having a crush on any girl
loved bella, eloise loved me, haven't seen either since I was 10

But i bet that at least you liked a girl who was pounded by Chad right?

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Why do women want to be chads #3 girl instead of my #1?
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Because their #3 spot beats your #1 spot any day of the week?
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Modern life, such as it is
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But that means all the want is to be the off day cumrag, when they can be my cumrag, but also get everything else good you normally get from a relationship
Pic related is what this girl posted on Facebook awhile back

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How do I convince my boyfriend to get a facial, manicure and pedicure with me? It's not gay.
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Say you'll let him ride you afterwards
He's already a faggot so why would he care about facials being gay
Offer him a blowjob after I guess.
Men see it as a waste of time and especially money becuase they don't realize the reason women get them is for the attention from the staff, feeling of being special, not the actully results, besides the attention they get for the actual results.

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Can a man overcome his father? The closer you get to 30, the more visible he becomes in the mirror.

Age 16 I said: "At least his bad example will help me to never be like him"
A buddy jokingly replied: "More like you'll be exactly like him"
We both shared a laugh and proceeded to grow apart.

Now I'm 29 and I have the exact same issues, problems, fuck-ups. It's like genetic destiny or something.

Remember, a father is like your personal Cthulhu. He looms over all aspects of your life and everytime you think you're outsmarting him it turns out you've been had yet again.
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I dads a successful business man. I can't see myself becoming a successful anything right now.
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>dad had a drinking problem
>dad was a recluse
>dad said very few words, ignored people who spoke directly to him, and was just generally very introverted
>think to myself, as a kid, that I'll never be like that
>especially the talking thing, as a kid I could talk on and on and enjoyed peoples company
>26yo hiki with an alcohol addiction, among others

yeah, i've noticed it myself quite a lot. I especially used to wonder how he could possibly completely ignore me when I asked him a yes or no question, he didn't even verify physically or with words that he heard, didn't stop what he was doing in the slightest - now I do it all the time when the normie flatmates I have try ask me how my day was or something.
I'll never be like my dad. He managed to lose his virginity

So I'm currently in the midst of a three year self-improvement regiment, and I'm starting to see my returns diminish.

I tend to think that further improvement is always possible, but I'm not sure anymore. I went from a 21 year old virgin to a 23 year old with a decent body count and one relationship to show for it, but it was with girls who certainly aren't at the top of the sexual hierarchy (if it's even proper to put it in those terms). I.e. I cannot get super hot girls.

I'm tall, I socialize with over 20 people a week, people say I'm funny, and I'm a graduate student. What am I missing here? Feel free to roast me.

I'm also not sure at what point self-improvement means selling out. I don't want to lose myself and my dignity chasing pussy.
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You have reached (or are about to) any physical form of self-improvement.
The next step is to improve on a spiritual level - this will take your whole life though.
>I.e. I cannot get super hot girls.

You're not super hot or super rich. You probably never will be.
This helps some people

Imagine 9's and 10's as expensive rubies. If you're going to buy jewelry, you probably can't afford that. So you're going to go with the smaller diamonds, but hey, at the end of the day, a 6 is still above average, and as long as you like her as a person, go with it.

what song are you listening to right now anon ?
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My cute asian wife is so cute.
>My cute asian wife is so cute.
Lol you probably wouldn't have a chance in hell with her.

Would femanons rather eat the ass of an adult man or of a boy?
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I'm wondering about this image. Is the appeal to self-insert as the boy or the woman? Who is the target audience of such a thing?
Boy obviously. It is very very obvious.
You don't have to self-insert. It's the thought of watching something like that happen.

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BEN SHAPIRO IS TESTIFYING IN FRONT OF CONGRESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRrGLGqrs80
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Looks and sounds like a kike.
Congress has become such a joke

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Was Scott Pilgrim a chad?
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lole sex haha funny joke epic
I've only seen the movie but Scott seems like the ideal all numales look up to. Looks, talks, and acts like a beta and yet still has tons of hot women fawning over him.
Of course reality and fantasy don't always go together
Absolutely correct. Every girl that's seen this movie complains that Ramona has no reason to be with Scott, and that it's a huge plot hole.

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>tfw no Nordic gayboi to give me his seed

Nordic boys are so hotttttt I want one all over my smooth ass
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Sorry I'm going to have to escort you off the premises, you'll be safer in >>>/lgbt/
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looks like we got a bigot here
bangs on about nordic boipuss posts some fucking niptrap kys

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>a 17 year old is considered a child and not able to consent in my country
>a 18 year old is considered an adult and able to consent in my country
Can someone explain this?
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Moralfags in action.Thats the answer
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Most efficient way of ensuring someone is mentally ready. Waste of money and time to get a 13 or 17 year old to take some kind of maturity test every time you want to fuck one.
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Move to a country where the age of consent is 14-15

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What is the rarest file you own?
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ill post my dic if you can guess what this is from
file name isnt a clue
Starship Troopers... but don't post your dic.
no robotic doggo why live

Post 'em up, robots.

I'll start.

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Destined to be beta
fuck off you PSYOPS shit

Assmad Jonathan detected

Our family was split years ago, thought it wasn't ever functional.

I promised myself I'd make him change his mind, but it could backfire on me and gain me a few problems. Him and his wife are pretty similar, so they side with each other whenever a family issue is brought up. It's seems as if they're formed a fuck-everybody alliance. Both me and my sister have gone through mental illness born out of the turbulent nature of our family. We've always been given the stink eye by our paternal family for being the children of my mother, and he's hit the three of us. My sister used to fear him and began being able to talk to him at 5 years old. He's also blamed me on not having him supported me in tough times as a child, when I really was there for him, I just was child who didn't understand what was going on. He never taught me anything nor told me much about his problems, and I don't think anything I could've said would helped him. I just hugged him and accompanied him. In fact, he's even thanked me for having done so and painted my sister as a heartless monster for moving with my grandmother and mother when my maternal grandfather died. Since my mother is a stay-at-home mom, she can't help me in any way, and she doesn't have the guts to. I understand that. We are all thankful for what he's done to us, and no one can tell me I didn't worship my father as if he was a saint, I used to idolize him. So him taking this pretty wild turn just because he's found a wife that ''gives him what none of us gave him'' is pretty wild to me. This woman has attacked my mother and entered our lives in 2012. Everything my father could've told him is HIS version of the story. They're both attorneys with similar tastes. They're cut from a very specific cloth.
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Thank you for this thread, OP
(Cont 2/2) We all know that things with him are a slow process and you've got to flick the right switches to get him to understand some things, and since he's been hurt (mostly by people outside of the family) he's become resentful and proud. In the last 5 years I've discovered some dirty laundry I never expected from any of them, so I don't understand why he can't just acknowledge his sins as we do ours. It's not like he's Jesus Christ. My sister is the one that has taken the wildest stance against him, now they both hate her. It makes me sad, because I really believe she's the one that was hit harder by all of this. I've seen them take her in a direction I never thought she's gone, it seems they just wanted to pass the problem to another person without a care about her future. And now her life's ruined, and she doesn't care nor know how to change that. I wish I had hit him back, but his family would side with him and I would be in my sister's position. We're dead to him.

I don't want anger to make the worst of me. I'd like him to put himself on our shoes as he's always asked us to do. At least we don't have a relationship with him based on interest, like my uncle, aunt cousins and grandparents do. They're his parents though, so it's justified. They've bullied us and hated us as kids, and given the children of people who care only about your money preferential treatment. And we've never complained about that. What do you want from us? What is it about our demands that make them invalid? You know school and early 20s were hell for me, I never had much friends and never gotten into trouble. I just sat there inactive. And now that our relatives are dying, you do this? And I'm the selfish one?
I can't understand what makes him so blind, I never expected this from him. And I don't want to treat him like shit in return, because I'd feel horrible (and die bitter) . This is a nightmare i never thought would come true and I don't know what to make out of this.
What should I do? Is money the solution? I hug you, kiss you on the cheek, and show you that I love you when I can. Do you want me to switch careers and work with you in your office? No matter what I do, I'm always the one to blame, the selfish, lazy son of mom whose opinion doesn't matter. At least make your mind and decide if I'm a devil or a goodie. I've even let him take choices for me to be on his good side, choices I knew I didn't want to take, that didn't satisfy him. Heck, you aired my problems in a way you'd killed me for doing. I have been treated better by childhoood friends (which he also attacked)
I felt some of you would understand. Thank you.

I hate my life. Why can't I find a job?


I've applied for over 30 jobs. I've done about 5 interviews. And no I have no job.

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>complaining about no job after only 5 interviews

You're cute :)
I had a dream last night that I had a job. It was firing some sort of plasma pistol that was used as a timer for primary school kids. It was a pretty nice dream.
>walk into store and ask the only girl working there for an application, smooth as can be
>fill it out very fast (at this point i had filled apps about 200 times)
>hand it to girl, she tells me they would call back if they saw fit
>stride over to the door and push up against it
>its not opening
>look down and see its a pull door and im shoving against it
>mutter "oh its pull" as i continue looking forward and exit the shop
>face is completely red and slight tears as I walk home
OP, i sometimes think there is a conspiracy to keep certain people from having jobs.

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