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>tfw want to be a youtuber but have no unique content to make
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didn't stop everyone else
just be like every other popular youtuber and post videos of yourself reacting to other things.

Though, if anything, it'd be cool to see you do a prank channel (think the ones where people scare people on the street/bait bikes/etc). Even if the prank has been done before, it can still be entertaining because reactions/etc change
Literally put on a video game and yell "Hello guys, anon here! Be sure to like and subscribe!". There's your start right there.

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Haa dokkoi anon-kun

Aa yoisho madafaka
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Karen is one sexy slut
I want to piss in her mouth so fucking badly.
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Anyone here great at socializing, but just doesn't?

I see people that sperg out, and retarded normalfags, but I never see much like me
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Why do you choose not to, anon?

I am pretty good around people I like but I do spend most of my time alone. Being around turbo normies is a little stressful but for the most part I could be social if I wanted to as well. I choose not to because I'm picky and after being forced into isolation for a couple years have learned to prefer being alone
Please do not use the term 'retard' in any form. Be kind to one another.

Thank you,
Facebook Team
I live in a pretty shitty place; but even if I didn't, I wouldn't go to parties, or gatherings of the sort, I just don't like them

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Why did our fathers fail to be there for us, and train us to be men? Did they just not know themselves? Were they too stupid? Did they not care?

Modern masculinity sucks, I hate how feminized, indulgent, and isolated things are.
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Hang on for a few more years, anon. Men are going to make a comeback. It's in the preliminary stages now.
Is it too late for us? OP here, I'm 20... my parents are divorced. I can count on my left hand the number of quality moments I've had with my father; he simply wasn't there for me or my bro (didn't help that my mother was crazy).

I did well in school, and sports. Never been out of a job. I got into a top-tier uni. None of that ever seemed to be enough for them to take interest in me. I can't socialize or date to save my life, cause no one stepped up to teach me how.
Men of our age weren't born into the best circumstances, but that seems to be changing. A lot of the institutions (university, media etc) are crumbling as we speak. That's excellent news, because something better is going to take their place, and it's going to happen relatively quickly (given how fast technology moves these days).

It's not too late for us, anon. Just hang on.

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what caused it OP
Join the club. I'm a professional DJ and I like to shoot guns as a hobby. I'm sure you can see where this ends up
im afraid now, I just started playing sets for family - earphones wont help?

So a Stacy I've been fapping to for a while just posted her phone number on her instagram.

First I didn't even know this was a thing, but when I hit the call button a German number popped up (she's german), but then I thought it must just be to her agency or something, but I figured I'd call and just hang up when they answered..

It's her actual fucking number, she answered and I freaked out and hung up, but I really want to call back so I can fap to her voice.

Pic related it's her insta and the call button.
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Can someone with more balls call and just post her audio.. I'm made of spaghetti right now

More of julia

Aghh fuck it I'm gunna try again

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Doing gods work here man

That was a while ago though, I quit 4chan for a bit. How's everyone been?
I'm feeling in the mood for donuts.

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Depression is a terminal illness. It doesn't go away and can't be cured.
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lol, just get over it bro :^)
AHAHAHAHAHA HAHA! Normies really like to twist the knife in!
Normie "depression" can be cured because it's just a chemical unbalance. The source of our depression perpetuates itself and can't be cured.

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>be me
>just found my dead aunt's amazon account
>200 euros on her account

i bought a Huawei Watch, should i feel bad? is it better than a Moto 360?
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i would have shipped you one for free if you paid the s&h costs
I don't approve of spending free money on a watch
this. people who buy watches are bigger cucks than people who actually watch their wives get fucked

Comfy night indoors posting on /britfeel/ edition
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surprise surprise 40
First for spending quality time with my best friends, the /britfeel/ boys

lightning and thunder has passed, actually watched it go past here to the north, was pretty effing cool tbqh, now back to humidity and rain, british summer as per

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Why do tall guys with big ducks lack confidence?
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Confidence comes from within. Not from the size of your flock
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The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Ducks are very aggressive dominant animals

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Let's drink together, robots.
>What are you drinking?
>How often do you drink?
For me, it's Vodka. I'm glad that I didn't go for the cheap shit this time, tastes way better. I don't drink too often but it's nice to just get a bit shitfaced from time to time
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Don't tell me I'm the only one this night...
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Drank some brandy earlier was great
now took some xanax and listening to misfits feels great
drinking is degenerate. i thought you guys wanted to improve yourselves?

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I'm getting sent off to autism camp for a week.

I have to go or I am getting my neetbux taken from me, I've been to the HQ already and it is the last place I want to go.

The staff are those fucking smiley people that think they can help you be more confident and solve some issues you might be having. I sat in a room 1-to-1 with the main smiley and I wanted to murder him. He was supervising me filling out bloody forms which I had already done like twice. Then he would ask me questions about what I had written while I was trying to write, slowing me down so that I had to stay longer.

There are 2 days where I have to spend 8 hours with dirty mongs to 'get everyone talking and start getting to know each other'. Half of these cunts are getting lifts in together so I am one of the lonely pricks that knows nobody.

Then I have to go to the mountains with the smileys and the rats for 3 days in a bunk house. I'm going to be sick, I've got an obsession with hygiene and other ritual things, but I didn't write it down for them because I am undiagnosed pussy.

The activities they are making me do sound kind of fun, jumping in rivers and shit or kayaking, but it's going to be uncomfortable as fuck with people who aren't only normies, but ratty and fucking smiley ones at that.

How will I survive? Anyone had any experience in a similar situation and got any tips? I need help /r9k/
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I don't have autism, but I've been camping before and I enjoyed it. It sounds like you're just bound and determined not to have a good time
What's an Autism camp?
Go to hell you autistic fucks, God damn sub-normals

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what kind of bike do robots ride?

how do you prevent people from seeing you as a virgin and not get it stolen?

Would girls even date a guy riding a bike?
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>used to ride bike everywhere
>neighborhood gets urbanized
>bike instantly vandalized
i hate mudslimes and niggers so much, fucking perma-neet-niggers have no place in europe, just let them drown in their little fucking boats ffs
I don't have a bike at the moment but I'd never spend 600 dollars unless I was biking across the country or some shit.
I drive a moped. Kek.

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What does a blowjob feel like? How did it feel the first time? Asking for a friend.
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It's just the best thing ever. A girl can do a lo more with her mouth than she can do with any other part. It's a multitude of great sensations. Saliva, mucus, lips, tongue, teeth, suction, hands sometimes... If you're on your back and she's directly over you, you also get the hair dangling onto you. Personal favorite part of sex is oral but there are some girls who are just terrible.
>are some girls who are just terrible.
I don't get this meme. You're getting your dick sucked how can it be anything other than amazing in every possible scenario?
It felt like a part od heaven send to the Earth. Females are divine with their lips.

Or I think so because I've never kissed a girl.

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