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>be me
>go to small highschool
>not a robot, too lame to hang out with chad
>not a chad, but too cool to hang out with robots
>Go to college
>tons of new friends
>partying all of the time, realizing who my true friends are out of the group
>by second semester I have a core group of 3 friends, and a "best-friend" for the first time in my life
>college is awesome
analsex.rar (you get the idea)

>become curious what would happen if I stop talking to my friends
>I begin to flake on commitments
>when I would go out with them, I would ghost out at random times and they couldn't find me. I would be at home
>stop responding to texts/calls
>friends stop inviting me out as much

How did you lose your friends? Was it all your fault?

I started doing the same thing to my girlfriend, but I was able to catch myself before I fucked up that relationship.
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>was it all your fault?
Admittedly yes, I can't keep long term friendships if my life depended on it and even then I had about 2 or so people I could call a legitimate friend and not some acquaintance that I talk to because I'm bored. I never really lost sleep over it however.
i think most robots did that at one point
even biggest losers had childhood friends
once we realize we are more comfy alone it's game over
socializing is too much of hussle for our kind
we stay in our comfort zone instead untill it's too late to leave it
Nice charcuterie!

People who are trans, lgbt, queer, nerdy, chubby/fat, autistic, alternative, etc should be able to exist in society without being made fun of and without those words having negative connotations.
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There's like 2 or 3 things on your list that your statement is true for. The rest can eat shit.
Its nice to want things Anon.
i still dont understand
why use a word that is an insult for your sexuel orientation?

>somehowhad sex with a 6/10 over a year ago
>haven't had sex since
>fat manager is hitting on me
>constantly smokes me out, gives me free food, and gives me easy work

Do I fuck her? She's not really attractive, and I'm worried I couldn't get it up. I'm also really desperate for pussy.
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How fat are we talking? A bit chubby, or urban manatee?
how fat?
good hygene?
would it fuck up your work situation if it doesnt work out?
She probably weighs 240? I'm 6ft and 140, so it might be weird.

>be me
>Back in 8th grade
>was dating a short light skinned brunette girl with red streaks in her hair.
>Used to "mess around" between class periods behind some abandoned portables, was a good morale booster.
>After school her parents are gone, I go to her house.
>She has a border collied that her family adopted that has "mental deficiencies" but i ignore it.
>Start making out.
>Was romantic as fuck.
>Smooth as fuck from all the porn I had been watching, i tossed her on the bed and wrestled with her for bit.
>Was so into the moment I wasn't even nervous knowing what was about to come up.
>Unbutton her jeans and take off her shirt and do my thing.
>After some foreplay I take out my cock.
>Tease her with it by rubbing it on her slit.
>All of a sudden I hear "WOOF!"
>I get slightly startled and over by the door way is that fucking dog.
>The girl yells at it to shut up and it slowly backs off and gets out of sight.
>Fucked up the moment and I had to restart.
>She immediately stops me, and instead climbs ontop of me.
>Her hair is draped over her tits, it's sexy as fuck.
>Half of the head goes in until.
>The fucking dog frantically jumps on bed in a autistic rage.
>I rip her off me and dart to the door way, knocking over some shit on the way out.
>I loudly slam the door shut and the i hear the fucking dog going crazy.
>I later apologize and she apologizes and says it's time for me to go.
If only I had remembered to simply close the door that day....fuck
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>be me
>23 year old KHHV
>playing Project 1999, a classic-era EverQuest emulator
>hang out on the IRC channel
>start talking to this woman on there
>she's 20 and things start getting flirty
>start an LDR
>fly over to her place for a week, have sushi, go to bed
>next morning she goes to take a shower
>I join her, we start messing around
>we go back to her bed and have sex
wait did you say 'almost'
>I rip her off me and dart to the door way, knocking over some shit on the way out.
y tho
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imagine this piece of shit cock blocking you two times in a row right when the magic is about to happen

post instant redflags for boys:

> Under 6'0
> Small cock (boys with less than 7 inches)
> Makes less than 6 figures
> Takes you to a chain restaurant on the first date
> Does not compliment you enough
> Has no facebook
> Likes video games
> Atheist
> Virgin
> Too shy
> Can't cook
> Can't dance
> No female friends
> Too many male friends

If you landed at least one of those... sorry sweetie, we WILL NOT date you!

- Sincerely
All 10/10 girls. =)

You didn't make my list? Awww sorry honey, you'll have to fuck your hand instead. =)))
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i have a small dick and im posting. what are you gonna do about it faggot?
If I had the slightest chance of touching your feet I would give up all my misogynistic views
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>5' 11"
>6 inches hard
>Makes 30k
>You Mean Normiebook?
>I love videogames
>God isn't real
>I've never seen a vagina
>I hate social interaction
>I only eat fast food
>Dancing is for fags
>All women are whores though
>I have no male friends

And i'm posting in your thread. What say you, roastie?

>Join a "robot" server.
>Just a bunch of teens, underagefags giving relationship advice and this one girl trying to get attention.
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This isn't gonna help. We have this thread everyday
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>make a thread asking if a fembot could take my virginity
>Got rang by about 5 laughing 12 years olds REEEing
The discord servers are shit. Do not join

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09 - tk5gM.jpg
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He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping.
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i want to put my penis in it
I don't think it would fit.
it will when we're done

Do you think not ever having kissed a girl actually a bigger handicap than being a virgin? Kissing is like the most basic intimate physical thing you can do with a girl, and it's what leads to everything else, so I'd think it would be absolutely paralyzing to be in your 20s and not know how to even kiss a girl
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That's why we make the distinction between KV and just V.
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Kindly asking you to DELETE this thread ASAP
I'm trying to disassociate from these feelings
Well of course it is. If you've lost you virginity, you've probably also kissed before, but not the other way around

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Why do they look so troubled? What do they know that we don't?
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holy shit, someone get them on the phone NOW
I'm gonna need a quick rundown on these french folks
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You only have to type it three times, and A.I. programmes contact the Bog's to let them know, cyberspace is calling, the Bog's have been summoned

Who /comfystorm/ here?

Got the window cracked so I can hear the rain fall and everything
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Yeah, that's so interesting. Why don't you post your suicide on facebook live?
I think you have some resentment issues, anon.
All I wanted to do was talk about thunderstorms.
Its raining outside rn and I'm tucked into bed
very comfy

So, when I was a teenager in High School, I was a betafag that would get a crush on any girl that laid eyes on me. Around, my sophomore year I got really interested in fapping to my own stories rather than the usual hentai and porn videos. Thus, I made a fetish-filled fanfiction about my crush at the time.

My curiosity peeked so I found in my old Dropbox and it is surprisingly hardcore. It's part fetish porn, part revenge story actually. Personally, it's way too cringeworthy for me to fap too now, but if any of you find any enjoyment out of it, humorous or otherwise, then that'll be good. If enough people show interest in it I'll greentext the short story here.
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Please post it here anon.
Go on anon, I'm waiting
Ok, so I'm finishing up changing all the names and spellchecking. Letting you know right now.

Has anyone else ever done this? Make fap stories about your friends?

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mosquito hate thread

>tfw too hot to close windows
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You in The Netherlands?
put a tomato plants infront of your window and you will be left alone from these blood suckers
no, why do you ask?

they'll just die, i suck at gardening

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tfw no gf.png
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>tfw no gf, gf
>tfw no gf, gf
>tfw no gf, gf
>tfw no gf, gf
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>blackbot with a asian dick
>I'm 5'8 and I hate the shit
>wish I never took the black pill
>now I know I'm stuck with that feel
>woah, every time I see you girl it makes my day
>noticed that you never seem to look my way
>don't know what to say
>can't manage a hey
>so I stay alone maybe its my fate
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>just got rejected by another qt
>feeling so depressed had to smoke a QP
>maybe I'm too weak
>maybe I'm a geek
>one things for sure, its not you, its me...

>be me
>senior year of high school
>I am one of the most muscular guys at school with 17in arms and broad shoulders, Chads desperately tried to get me to play football but i suck at sports.
>But... tfw only 5'10" and a ugly mixed race reject.
>I dont say a word at school/
>Hardly any friends, but guys comment on my gains nearly everyday while girls refuse to even have me in their group.
>One day in class.
>Sitting alone, quiet like usual on my phone browsing a rekt thread with internal anger.
>Suddenly a flash.
>I glance up and see a roastie with her phone aimed in my direction.
>She quickly puts it down and blushes in embarrassment.
>She awkwardly smiles looking at her phone.
Was she taking a picture of me or am i just being delusional? if she was, was she doing it to clown on me on Snapchat or cause she actually found me attractive?

There is a literal 9/10 slayer in that class so i dont understand why any girl would take interest in me.
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End it, she was not taking a picture of you.
It's funny that manlets even think they have a chance.
why didn't you ask her

But no if you're as ugly as you say, then she was putting you on her snapchat with a caption "hope he doesnt shoot up the school "

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No sense denying it now. We all hate them, these retards who think they are "half computer half man" No you aren't, you are just some dumbass who should be aborted. People like them should never be near normal people.
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Why would you write spergs AND autists? It's like writing
>we hate all espressos AND coffee

bitch, they both coffee, espresso is just a type of coffee

>tfw OP has autism
guess I can't blame you for being such a retard
at least you learned something today, I'm here to help
You do realize you're on a board that's 80% autist, right?
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> You do realize you're on a board that's 80% autist, right?

/r9k/ is full of people-pleasers, shy people, edgy teens, etc. Autistic people are just a segment.

In fact, I hate autistic people myself. They are usually very rude to me.

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