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I feel really bad about my appearance. I've had guys call me ugly before but also I've hooked up with girls and lost my virginity. Idk i feel like shit kill me
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>lost virginity
Fuck off normalshit
im not trying to be a dick about it
Doesn't matter, means you don't belong here. Leave.

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>Be 19
>Be extremely obese and ugly NEET KHV.
>Lurking around r9k has archived sufficient proof that it is impossible to magically blossom from basement dweller to normie butterfly.
>Since trying is futile, the human race is utter shit and nothing really matters in the universe, why not end it all?
>Current tools are a .22 barrel fed longrifle and a pellet gun.
I need ideas, bots. Drinking bleach is too much of a meme, also too painful. Noose gives me too long to regret my choices. I live in the midwest, close to a massive canyon. I think there is also a train nearby.
-Not looking for sympathy, just legitimate solutions and ideas.
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What's your BMI?
Have you tried going for hour long walks?
and stop browsing /r9k/ since it destroys all your hopes in life.
your 19, there is still hope out there anon
Has a lot less to do with the weight, to be honest. I firmly believe that I or anyone else could overcome just about any physical trial given enough motivation and drive. I just lack the self-control and discipline to ever overcome my problems. To be honest, by now I don't even see the point. Even if I was to find myself magically transposed into a 10/10, my personality would still bring an immediate halt to any romantic or professional success that I could possibly have. I'm too lazy and apathetic. In order to make progress, you have to have aspirations and reasons for those aspirations. --Again, not looking for sympathy, just reasonable advice on what a good way to end my life would be.

Take this, friendo.

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Why not anon what's stopping you from breaking this fetish
>tfw no hung bull nigger to rape my white boy throat with his uncut monster bbc
I believe this fetish stems from us being superior gentleman compared to others and we get enjoyment watching a lesser being mate with a loved one.

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>Friends with a Chad that thinks he's a robot
>He can't keep track of his schedule or priorities, almost drops out of college every semester cause he has no concept of budgeting
>Flirts with a girl that's got a boyfriend, talks to her about what they'd do together if she broke up with her boyfriend
>Plans a date with someone he says he really likes
>A day later he's trying to get into another girl's pants again
>Says he wants a committed relationship
>Have to keep reminding him that cheating is bad

How can people be this shitty? What's more, how can they be this shitty and still get so many people interested in them?
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Why are you friends with him if he's so shitty?
Your friend is a sociopath with little to no self-awareness familia
How is that a Chad? You're describing an autistic robot.

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>be autistic khhv sperg
>play guitar since early age, got it asa gift from my dad
>spend six hours per day practicing in my room since no friends
>move to another town
>post shrdding videos on fb in hope of getting a band
>some chado singer sees my bumblebee video and invites me to form a band

>im the youngest there
>we make some nice prog/hc
>feel good senpai
>finally think I will get friends
>months pass by
>guys all make fun of me since Im a sperg and never had a gf
>everyone in the band has nailed tens of hot metal girls and im khhv
>every discussion i participate in ends with "shut the fuck up anon, you cant even bang a girl" / "if youre so smart why dont you get a gf fucking virgin"

>leave the band
>dad buys me Line 6 HD500X
>only record black metal in my bedroom
>never play in a band again

why are even metalfags so fucking hostile towards us
what did they think, i got my skills because i had friends???

i hate this world
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Either those guys were assholes, or you're an insufferable cunt. Or both.
Stop pretending like you know everything and maybe you'll make some friends smartass.
why did you reveal your power level to them?

jesus fucking 12 captchas before verify fuck off reeeeeeee

Is it weird to have constant thoughts about physical harm towards others? It's almost to the point of obsession.
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Someone please fucking help me
Yeah it's p weird. Go to a doctor?? lol

don't hurt me bro lol
Yeah I have these daily. I have good self control tho so I haven't killed anyone. And if/ when I do kill someone it'll be in self defense. But I'll be waiting for that day. And I'm always prepared..

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I want to be bullied and degraded for being a lolicon virgin.
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Mmm...no you don't OP. Go talk to someone, talk it out. Have a nice day.
Id rather bullie the woomies.
But I really do want it.
Unless you know something I don't?

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I've been with her for a year guys, I fucking did it
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tell us your story op
I want green texts of how you met, how you asked her out, what happened, all of it.
Congrats, dude!
Tell us the story. How'd it all start?
Fuck off you piece of shit. Just stop posting already. You've done enough damage. You don't belong here. Reminder any poster congratulating you is a redditor or normalfag. You should know better. You've ascended. Now fuck off or every post you get in this thread is a worth one percent towards how much of a failure this relationship will be. You better hope you don't get to 100 posts.

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It's late at night and I can't sleep. Let's get an anime thread going, I'll start

Anyone who thinks Shinji is a pussy doesn't know shit. He goes through the most fucked up things imaginable on a daily basis and still keeps going. He could be a symbol for us robots: we go through rough shit through life and a lot of it is mental but we are all still here and hopefully trying our best to get by
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I just rewatched the Evangelion series and OVA's. I feel like everyone shits on Shinji when in reality they would probably act the same way as he did if put in the same situation. Gendo intentionally fucked up his son's life so that he would act in specific ways, even to the point of finally mind breaking him so that instrumentality could be enacted.
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Anyone interested in world history should read the manga Afghanis-tan

It's a moe manga similar to Hetalia where countries are anthropomorphized as cute little girls (Aghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, America are in it) and Al-Qaeda is portrayed as a group of feral cats living in Afghanis-tan's home

it's really cute and has a lot of details on world history. Highly recommended.
1.11 Dude get in the robot
2.22 Dude just do whatever
3.33 Dude who told you to get in the robot?

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>tfw u see a thot
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Feels good to see them suffer when no real man will ever love them.
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i hate thots and their thotty ways
Is thot just nigger-speak for roastie?

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Daily reminder that if you are a robot and you live in a red or orange country as shown by this map, you're living life on hard mode.
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>hard mode

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>illegal to buy sex, legal to sell sex
Someone pls explain how this is supposed to work to me, i'm a brainlet.
i believe it's so that desperate women don't get into trouble.

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Would you sniff Nathalie Emmanuel's asshole?
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goddamn I wish she would sit on my face
I really hope her nudes are leaked some day
I would sniff literally any girl's asshole

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I'm about to visit a young dominatrix (college student) for an hour long sissy abuse and humiliation session, for 100 euros

I'll report back how it went when I'm finished and home, until then ask me anything, wish me luck lads, this is my big moment
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Be careful, man.

I know a guy who visited this dominatrix one time and he just disappeared. Never heard from him again.
>it's another anon attempts to fulfill a supposed fetish and ends up regretting everything episode
Come back with a good story, friend. I was thinking about doing the same.

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me and andy.jpg
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I think about opening an Instagram page in which I'll upload everyday a picture of a pepe and I'll write stuff like
>"cute pic, might delete later tho lol"
>"lol andy took this pic of me while i wasn't lookin, silly fella haha"

The joke is that it's only a pepe, and not an actual human being.

I think it will make me quite amused.

What do you guys think? Should I do it?
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you do you famalam
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I mean I would be amused but I think that's pretty much it.
Do it. I mean, nobody is really gonna care, but if it makes you happy, go for it famalia

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> tfw no anon that wants to motivate each other to better ourselves
> no anon that wont freak out at someones improvement while screaming "normie" at the top of their lungs
> no anon to talk with daily, greet in the morning and wish sweet dreams at night
> will never share our dreams, goals and do our best to motivate the other to reach them.
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I'm here my man
Where are you from? What do you generally do during your day?
russian anon here for ya, live long and vodka

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