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>mfw on April Fools all the boards were saying /r9k/ should merged with /soc/
>mfw all the boards were laughing at the mere thought of us suffering
>mfw the other merged boards and even /litfit/ were making dank OC belittling us
Why can't we ever be left alone? Isn't it bad enough that we have filthy normalfags and women here every damn hour of the day screwing with us?
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But you are alone.
just be glad we did not have to deal with the normie boards
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I'll fuck you up.jpg
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No, because you're still here contaminating our board with your dating escapades and talks of friends and socializing garbage

Looking for a buff, 6'1 Hapa by the name of Solari / Celery. Ran out of the house 4 days ago and I'm afraid he's lost, as he's a new pet to the household. If found, please contact prompty on Skype or Steam.
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He is known to frequent this board, women for asian men tinychat, and music uploading sites.
He looks familiar. I may have seen him on an r9k tinychat about 5 or so years ago.
he is a frequent of both the Tinychat habitat, and /r9k/ habitat. One of the most distinguished wild animals of those areas, in fact..

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You're not a normalfag, are you?
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And what would you do if I happened to be one?
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Surely I would ree
I've got a 10 meter manilla rope tied to a hangman's knot in my backpack and I carry this backpack with me at all times

>your glasses will never be 100% clean
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i want to fuck a twink who wears glasses
You are talking about me...
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>your teeth will never be 100% clean

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>former high school classmates call me out to a bar
>go out I don't know why
>from 7 people 2 are not married (but they have a long relationship)
>I am the only one 28 kissless virgin
>people talk about everything, career, travelling etc.
>I am just sitting there in silence
>one of them asks me what am I doing in free time (he love dragon ball when we were in highschool)
>"well I watch tv shows and..."
>"what kind of tv shows?"
>oh finally this is the part when I can interact with normies, I can surely put up a topic what he likes
>"Well I watch Dragon Ball Super. Do you watch it too? What did you say when they finally manage to bring back Vegito?"
>I clearly saw the disgust on his face, like holy shit anon is still watching a japanese cartoon for kids
>"Cool" he says, and starts to talk with other people
>sit there in silence for one hour drinking then I went home realizing what a waste I am

How can you live in this normie world robots?
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>>"Well I watch Dragon Ball Super. Do you watch it too? What did you say when they finally manage to
bring back Vegito?"
Welcome to normalfag social networking. If you can't do something interesting or have resources to further their goals, you'll be cut loose.
well you knew where you were going so it's your fault really

H3H3 just uploded a video with proof that their using photoshopped images.

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Not really surprising honestly.
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don't post these kikes on my board ever again
we don't care
get out
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The alpha/beta name rate thread disappeared. lets start a new one.
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what about Patrick?
My name is Aaron. Am I beta?
Is Jonathan beta? I highly doubt it's alpha

>tfw born 6'2"
>blue eyes
>not a Melvin

I mean, attractiveness isn't everything, but it sure does help.
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What is a "Melvin"?
You're probably a Melvin, Melvin.
Then why are you here? What do you get out of being here? None of us care about your life.

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what's your ideology robots?

mine is contrarian
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I'm a Nazbol
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How do I get a gf with huge tits?

It's all I want in life. I will never truly be happy with my life if this never happens to me.
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Well if you aren't a Chad then just give up OP
But I see non-chads with big tit chicks all the time.

What's the deal?
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Just getting any gf seems hard enough, let alone one with huge tits.

>Scaring beta males by talking in full blown ebonics
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>mfw I talk to old white ladies in Ebonics
>mfw I speak regular English though

They get so confused and awkward
Why can't you niggers just fuck off to Africa? >>35978386
>mfw I speak regular English though
>They get so confused and awkward

Yo we aint doin nuffin

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How do I get Marky Jane Thompson from South Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States of America to become my gf?
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I don't know, how do I get Loreto Figueroa from Concepcion, Chile to be my gf?
talk to her mate just

Papa Johns offers 40% off your pizza today to celebrate the start of the baseballs season.

My order is only 10 dollars.

How much should I tip the delivery driver?

assuming 15-20% is normal, but even though the order is cheap they still have to drive the same amount. I'm thinking of bumping it up to 25% and giving $2.50.

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Sage goes in all fields, originalino
bumping the thread up to the top of the catalog

>tfw every time I try talking to people, I sound like a fucking Melvin!
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Has anyone told you to just b urself?
whats a melvin?
please explain what a melvin is, thank you.

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4chan phoneposters.png
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>4chan has always been shi-
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>4chan has always been an ocean of pis-
Smartphone weren't as ubiquitous back in 2010 though. I got my first smartphone in 2014 ffs.
I came here in 2010 am I oldfag yet?

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