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What do I do

Origin of original
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I have to ask are you?
Probably show them your lolicon collection and explain calmly that you just like the cute cartoons.
Stop being a pedo

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>just got DP'd

having two holes is god tier
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>ass and mouth

You are not a women you twink fgt
>2 holes
>mouth and anus

So everyone in the world is god tier?

>just got dp'd

That means you only used one hole. Op isn't even good at being gay.
Op is stumped and will now abandon thread. Gtfo faggot

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>taking final exam on laptop in classroom
>someone seated behind me
>everything goes well (as well as it can for not studying)
>submit exam on exam software and loading screen comes up
>walk up to turn in papers to proctor's

>come back to computer and my porn is on the screen

if you are wondering what this feels like, I got extremely warm inside and my head began to itch as I ran out of the classroom. kill me pls
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I think the thing we all want to know is; what porn was it?
And yet, if you just walked up and casually went "oops" and closed it without fluster, no one would have given a shit. That what separates the men from the boys, how comfortable they are with their sexuality. Yopu know everyone else in the class watches porn right?

what kinda porn was it my m8? dont say trap porn for fucks sake

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>your age

>the number of contacts in your phone

>your life, rated out of ten

30 (only 4 of those are not work or family-related)
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37 (Similarly a good deal of these are work, school, or family-related)
no phone
3/10 I hate my life but I wasn't born in Africa with aids and I'm not starving to death

>literally just three, all family members.

I shattered my old phone and hadn't synched/backed up my contacts from college and previous jobs - but I doubt most of them were still active numbers.

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>Be 6'4
>Tough time fitting into cars without my head hitting the roof so I need a large vehicle that uses a lot of gas
>Tough time buying shoes, I wear a size 15 1/2 and finding something that doesn't look like I stepped in diarrhea, let it solidify then walked through tar is almost impossible

The only good thing is when girls say "You're so big :)"

I wish I was a manlet lads. I hate being this big.
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Being big sounds inefficient as fuck. You have to eat so much.
good one, but we all know that youre a manlet in disguise.
I wish i was 6'4 or even taller
being 6' is normie as fuck
have tallfriend
can confirm

Good evening r9k. I would like to discuss a thesis which is found to be culturally unacceptable. I am a virgin who is almost 23 years old. I am proud to be a virgin. I am not religious, however I consider myself very traditional. I have many female friends yet I believe to save myself for the person I love. I accept remaining a virgin for the rest of my life. From my female friends, I am told I am a great friend even though they consider me to be a "nice guy". I am also told I am considerate, kind, confident, very adventurous, and courageous. Despite that, I stay out of being in the "friendzone." I live for myself yet in consideration of others. My thesis is regarding why is it important to lose one's virginity? Is it because of peer pressure by culture? Being considered becoming a "man"? Is it to stop being shy and become more sexually open? Is it peer pressure from lebels, stereotypes, or refrain from being made fun of? Am I the only one who dares defy such culture? Being traditional, I believe in the traditional dating culture. I want to make as much female friends as possible and to choose one to date with the intention to marry them and spend the rest of my life with them until the day I die. I don't like the idea of sex in dating. It's as if taking something that isn't mine. I rather keep it for marriage where it cane be used to keep the marriage strong and special. If I didn't have my traditional values, I would resort to outercourse (opposite of intercourse) to fulfill any uncontrollable sexual desires. I would like to find a person who is also a virgin like me, that is why I haven't chosen anyone yet. It seems it's becoming more difficult to find potential partners who are also a virgin like me who also share the same values. I wonder if I am a one of a kind alpha male that has these traditional values and rather keep their virginity for the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.
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TLDR - Your biological purpose is to procreate.
If you are sincere I admire you. I have similar but slightly different views. I will admit that peer pressure almost pushed me to abandon my belief. Though truth to be told I have a severely limited amount of friends so I barely had the chance to abandon my view. And some other stuff.

I am not so much motivated by traditional or religious views. I just want to get to know someone well, find someone who is compatible. I am not willing to invest and give up my lifestyle for someone who is incompatible or who I don't genuinely like.

Perhaps somewhat traditional I do personally disapprove of pursuing short-term rewards whatever it is in the form of dating, food, alcohol, consumption in general etc.
By all means do it. Modern dating culture is great (maybe) if you're extroverted and can stomach being intimate with lots of new people, but I can't do it and don't want to either.

Something that people seem to have forgotten in this push to convert everyone to hookups is that we're all different and need different things.

Whether those things are new or traditional isn't a factor.

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tfw a girl pretends to be a trap
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>mfw FTMs exist
why would a girl do that
Reverse traps are cute though.

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Who here has a gf/wife?

Not going to autist rage/Normie/Reeee at you

What is she like?
Do you get along as well as you'd like?
Does she make you a better person?
Are you happy?
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wish i had a gf like in your pic
I do.

>She's alright. Hard exterior but she's also not emotional.
>No, I wish we could get along better. She has some significant problems.
>She definitely does, and I try to be better for her.
>Could be happier, but happier than alone.

>meet gf while beeing consript in local hospital.
>23yo and start studiing mechanical engineering
>25 yo gf suddenly preggo
>i in the fucking middel of one of the hardes courses possible
>finish university in light of speed, no fun, only study. litterally got grey hairs in this period of my life.
>find job
>ff son got grades to go to higher school (after elemetary)
>live with gf who is failfull but a dull goose
>no married but living togehter since 10 years.
>almost no sek cause
>contemplate suicde now and then but feel bad because it could have been 1000x worse in my life.

If someone has serious feelings for a virtual character/AI, should society see it as:

- A mental condition (delusion)
- A reasonable form of behavior
- A natural consequence of technological development
- A natural consequence of society's condition

Bonus: distinguish between how you feel about it as an individual, and how society should deal with it at a legal/moral level.
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>A mental condition (delusion)

She isn't real
So where do we buy one of these and how do we fuck them
I saw that one thing that came as an extra device and did calendars and all for you.
Is there also one for PC? Just cute little animations, no "real" features but chatting and watching her do some stuff?

Fembots, how do you feel about the prospects that you might have to eventually settle for a guy who isn't considered objectively attractive?

Let's say he has everything else in order. Not a robot or anything. Just a guy who is below average in looks. You will still have a big house with a white picket fence. Just no Chad.

Does the prospects of having to live with such a guy scare you?

Cause you know you will have to settle eventually...
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>implying women would even consider this question until they are 35

They have it stuck way up the ass to ever think of themselves as undeserving of a Chad.

Even when they settle they will still think that they did something wrong or were unlucky or whatever.
I have no problem with this. Never did.

I've loved one hot guy and two sort of uglyish-ones. If I could change the past and make one of those relationships last, I'd pick the ugliest of the bunch. We were happy together. I could have had an amazing life with him.

So then what's stopping you from finding another amazing guy like him?

Considering how most non-Chads in their 20s get overlooked you should probably have a huge selection to choose from.

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rave time.gif
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This normie from my shitty part time job who I always give car rides to work invited me to a rave party.

I've never been in a party, and I'm a social retard. I'm incredibly lonely and he sold the entire event as "for social outcasts."

What the fuck do I do robots?
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Go. See if you like it or not. Drink a bit to lose inhibitions and try to enjoy yourself.
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There will be people there hopefully your age and you may even make new friends. Go in with a positive attitude and try and get some thing out of it - even if it's just social interaction exp.

Almost all the craziest experiences I had happened at house parties.
just go you'll do fine. even if you fuck up real bad nobody even knows who you are so its fine

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>qt greasy loner boy in my class

>he sits next to a turbo Stacy who dresses skimpy every single day and has her push-up-bra'd tits in everyone's face constantly (he probably has the best view of them out of everyone in the class) and a complete Chad who I see talking to him from time to time


How do I save him?
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talk to him?
show interest?
Flirt with him?
The only way to save anyone is to kill them.

I can't just go up to him and talk to him! What are you? Insane?

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Is she /ourgirl/?
Qt swedish girl with qt accent and adorable voice
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So qt
Cutest swede
I love her
Blue bonies

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>you will never win the lottery and get to be a rich NEET
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>tfw nearly indistinguishable from a rich NEET because I'm a private investor who gives few fucks about normie life

It's honestly not that different from regular NEET life which is more or less what I had before realizing I was really good at playing markets.
i know this feel. i even bought a ticket to a home lottery for charity recently. 1 in 30 chance of winning something (there were lots of small prizes in addition to the houses and cars). didn't win shit.
You did win the lottery then if you're smart enough to make money doing nothing and have people who care about you enough to not let you go out on the street and give you money to start playing the market I assume.

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>anyone else purposefully gaining weight so they'll be considered too unfit to be drafted in any upcoming wars?
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Already in the reserve. Fighting and dying's a purpose and better than nothing.
If shit really hits the fan you will probably get cannibalized tbqh
You better go hard with those burgers man. Imagine of you cut it short and ended up getting drafted anyway as chubby cannon fodder.

Make sure you get proper obese.

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