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How do we deal with the Jewish probIem once and for aII?
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Open the eyes of the rest of the goyim
By going back to your containment board.

are you stupid or just a nasty jewish sympathizer? tell me which right now

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gf has been talking to me maybe once or twice a month and just ghosts me, i know shes sees my shit and just ignores me. what do
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she's trying to bait you into being material for /r/creepyPMs
she's not interested in your betabux anymore
Take the hint, dude. She's clearly not mature enough to break up with you face to face, or just doesn't want to deal with the fallout from a face to face breakup.

In either case, it's time to cut ties and move on.

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The butthole is objectively the sexiest part of a woman's body
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ok then bro ther
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I agree though I wouldn't say it's an objective thing
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I'll dump my folder just to make this a 10/10 butthole thread

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Let's judge eachother based on our pocket knives.

Pic related
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I don't have a pocket knife because I don't live in a cave in the fucking woods.

I bet you can't change a tire or do other work on your car either, and you just sit there in the corner like a pathetic cuckold while a mechanic with muscular forearms does the man's work while your girl watches with blushing cheeks and a dripping cunt.
haha what does changing a tire have to do with a pocket knife

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>finally figure out what "just be yourself" actually means
>getting laid is incredibly easy now

Oh fuck, all this time I was overthinking it and it's been this simple all along. You guys are missing out. You literally don't have to be even remotely attractive to get women, literally just dress well and be clean. The rest is all talk.
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I don't like dressing well. I like my faded high school death metal t shirts and jeans.
>literally just dress well and be clean

Then you aren't just "being yourself", you're conforming to social norms to give you an advantage at getting laid.
>Then you aren't just "being yourself", you're conforming to social norms to give you an advantage at getting laid.
So you're saying you would rather be aesthetically unpleasing for what reason?

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>just fapped to pic related

im beyond hope
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That's kinda hot tho
no its fucking disgusting
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Is there more of this? I'm intrigued

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Femanons, why would any man want you when you're pussy doesn't look like this?
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I have a feeling you are severely autistic and this is the only thing you post online, all day
op with the fucking realest questions

how can you expect to make a positive change on 4chan if you can't even clean your room

you're a puppet
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no one comes to 4chan expecting to make a positive change you idiot.
4chan is the underworld sunshine!
Sort yourself out, my bedroom is clean and I try to make this place positive everytime I post.

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In this thread you can give a message to anons in 2027.

I will screenshot replies and post this here in exactly 10 years from now.
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BRAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAPFTTTTTT oh that was a fermented one anon, 10 years is a long time to hold it in!
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What the fuck do you expect me to say?
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>do we still have to be original in the future

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What does /r9k/ think about this game? What is your opinion? Do you like it?
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Aged like wine
whats this? duke nukem?
it's a great game no doubt about it.

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>Im in the discord that maro is using to hide from you orbiters and we are going on a date soon ama
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Please stop posting i beg of you. It hurts my heart.
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Why anon tell me
Because i loved her so much.

i did shots of rum last night and i was an emotional wreck glad all the guns were hidden from me
still no bf
how are you all?
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Bump for pathetic fem thread
horrible, mom just died, im addicted to opiates.
im a boy lmao

i'm so sorry to hear that anon

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Ask an anon sitting on an Amtrak in Kentucky anything
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Are you single and prepared to mingle
I havent mingled with anyone so far, theres tons of empty seats so no one is sitting next to anyone
where are you going and for what did you decide to take an amtrak

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>be me
>pulsing green eyes all my life
>once i hit 18 it started to fade darker
>mfw 23 and its on the verge of brown

can i get it back? please bros it's my only redeemable feature and its fucking with me that its becoming brown
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I'm sorry friend. That's terrible. I've had shit brown eyes my entire life.
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>mfw stuck with SHITTY dark brown hair and now SHITTY brown eyes
i dont get how they'd change
that isnt fucking possible i dont get it
why me what the fuck
Brown eyes are fucking awesome.

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robot test.png
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Post Results

I got 103, i'm 22 years old. Guess i'm a normalfag huh
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template the original one
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Fuck I've gotten better in the last couple of years, I used to always land in the wizards apprentice.
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judge me hard

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