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you know it's true, /r9k/.

cya, going back to /fit/ now.
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White men are such cancerous, illogical wretches that not having sex with them literally makes them criminally insane.

But men are "logical" and women are the crazy ones. Tick tock, faggots.
wow I'm such a faggot

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A friend of mine made this music video, what do you think of it?

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>you will never (NEVER) kill teenage normalfags with your bff
I like it.
It's a little short though.
It's always best not to drag things on at the sake of quality.

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You're on your way to the club, when this woman stops you and tells you to lick her asshole and smell her shoe.

What do you do?
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lick her asshole and smell her shoe
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fall in love

champion dinner
Say no, wonder why the hell Im going to a club, go home.

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I got fucked by a 320lb guy with a 10" dick last week and my ass is still constantly bleeding. What should I do?

it was the most painful experience of my life btw
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You should greentext it.
That sounds disgusting, why did you let him touch you? Did he pay or something?
Was a 50yo papa gymrat at the place I work

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Have you ever thought of kidnapping and torturing someone you hate for revenge or just for lulz?

Why not?

If you did, who was it and what would you do to him/her?
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caring about a person enough to want to torture them takes too much effort
I imagine kidnapping a sex slave is a fantasy we've all had at least once as a teenager, right?
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Some people deserve death and live, some people die who do not deserve to.
But not much can be done about it.

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I swear to christ it's like my mom intentionally chooses her words wrong when I talk to her. She has no clue how much I want to pop her in the mouth when she talks to me. Every morning she gives me an ear beating, she always finds a way to bring our conversation back to me 'being on that fucking computer' and she constantly compares me to my chad cousin.
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Move out and you wont have to worry about it. Just leave and leave a fat ogre shit on the floor for her to pick up. She'll get the message.
Your mother gave birth to you and raised you. Sounds like she's giving you good advice too. Stop spending so much time on the computer and listen to your mother you dumb little edgy cunt.
I dont think I make enough to be independent

fuck off /r9k/ normie

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I've been seeing this a lot lately. Whenever someone posts a picture of an average or below average looking girl everyone comments about how ugly she looks and how they would not date her.

For example whenever I post my oneitis (pic related) everyone comments with things like:

>why are you worshipping an average girl
>disgusting I would never date her
>why do you faggots have such low standards?

Let me make this clear, if you browse this board you are not desirable. Your looks are extremely hideous. Stop having such high standards for outer appearance and only further restricting the amount of girls willing to even glance at your disgusting ass.

If you have the luxury of choosing what kind of girl you would like to date you are a normie and don't belong here. You need to leave this board right now. That is all.
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Learned helplessness, excuse making and a comically inflated ego.

And then there is also the misogyny and the confirmation bias that is so common on this board.
Guys who like asian girls are fucking beta. Just kill yourself. You could never get a white woman.
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>m-muh master race

Fuck off /pol/
And besides I'm black so I'll take both white and Asian women thank you very much

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>Femanons, and I guess fagbots (your opinion means substantially less bc I'm not gay)
>left or right?
Do you prefer a well kempt bear mode, or a nu-male look alike, even if not nu-male.
I understand both sides, but i need to know asap.
Pic related, bear mode, and apparent nu-male all in 1.
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bear mode looks like shit and looks like you don't give a shit

nu-male is a solid look for you, sorry about your attractiveness
Nu-male is the better look by far for you. Total cutie.
Who said thats me?
Just the best reference material could find. Currently best mode.

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Do It.png
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Who else here was born in 1995? How are you coping with the fact that our youth is now completely over and wasted?
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it's not, you've just given up hth
yea I agree you are just a faggot who wants to commiserate with even gayer fags
Early 00's flash animations and games are so nostalgic, I was born in the 80's so not my childhood but I really appreciate this time.

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Is living amongst Asians while as a white person pretty much activating god mode?
>they all worship you
>centre of your friendship circle they always want to hang out with you
>girls treat you like your chad even if you're 5'9" and they can't recognise facial ugliness in white people because we all look the same to then
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Asian qts are pretty nice to be around

Especially far-east asians. The only people spouting this bullshit have never lived abroad or are trying to sell you something.
Being a white person surrounded by asians is the same as being an asian surrounded by white people.
You'll get all the people who enjoy you as a novelty and have a boner for that ethnicity, everybody else will ignore you.

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hey anons, isn't a little weird that every robot here has "7x5 dick"? Why are you lying, it's anonymous
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D-do you have any more cocks to share, anon?
But I actually do have a 7x5.5 inch dick
I measured it and that's how big it is
I mean, it isn't so unbelievable, it's just a bit over average
They're not lying to you, they're lying to themselves.

t. robot with 5 inch dick, I think

I fucked a cat
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details now anon
Your dingus must be really tiny!
Show me the proof

If you're over the age of 17 and still play video games, you are a manchild, period.
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if you're over the age of 17 and still let other people's standards define what you're supposed to enjoy, you are a cucked faggot, period.
that heavy lost weight
third post most original post

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Why are some people so self-destructive? It's like they go out of theri way to make their lives difficult.
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So that they can have something to blame their shortcomings on besides themselves.
Happiness is too hard (impossible) to attain, and humans get bored really easily. They vastly prefer drama over boredom, it's more important to be entertained than "happy."
Holy shit she looks like fucking eggman now

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Tell me about anti-anxiety meds boys.

I'm reading about them in another tab but I want to hear some testimonials that aren't written by pharmaceutical shills.

What side effects have you gone through?
How do you feel when you're not on them, or stop taking them?
Have you developed any permanent effects from them?
Are they addicting at all?

Stuff like that are my main concerns. I'm not sure I want to take them but I'm trying to look into my options here.
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I've been taking Trazodone for about six months now and it's great.

For the longest time, I was terrified of taking an antianxietal medication for various reasons. I was scared that it'd alter my sense of self, of withdraw symptoms and dependencies.

After six months, I can say my fears were unfounded. Trazodone doesn't function the same way as an SSRI; it improves your ability to process the neurochemicals that help you feel calm, rather than flooding your system with the good shit and setting you up for a crash.

The best way to describe its function is that, instead of subduing or neutralizing my emotions, it "caps" the upper limit of my anxiety. Instead of being completely overwhelmed by something, I experience an appropriate amount of stress and am able to handle circumstances accordingly.

Trazodone can come with withdrawal symptoms and tolerances- I missed a dose one evening and was a little more anxious than usual. Right now I take 50Mg total daily; my girlfriend takes 100Mg.

Don't be afraid to try something, Anon. It's vastly improved my quality of life and, with a doctor's consultation, could do the same for you.
Clonidine, starting naltrexone next week.

What side effects have you gone through?
>sleepy, dizzy, bike riding is impaired
How do you feel when you're not on them, or stop taking them?
>like I'm about to collapse from exhaustion from hyperviggilance
Have you developed any permanent effects from them?
>no but I have facial twitching from antipsychotics
Are they addicting at all?
>no but I am dependent

It's not as cognitively impairing or emotionally dulling as other medicine, and also helps with the 'tism a lot. I think naltrexone is just going to let me fill up my "dopamine" bucket

What happens if you can't take them consistently is a large issue. I am a pourfag and if I were suddenly unable to afford the medication or treatment for one reason or another (Which is looking very likely as it is but I'm not too sure what a steady prescrip would even cost) I'd be left hanging.

Taking anything that I would be dependent on when it isn't a guarantee I'd be able to have access to it at all times seems like a bad situation. I feel like I'm pretty stuck right now.

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