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I think I'm about to text a girl I love very much and tell her happy birthday, but I'm so nervous. Talk me into it, guys.
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What could go wrong?
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What would reviewbrah do?
Just di it, but keep it simple, don't sperg out or send her a poem.

>"happy birthday ***!"

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does anyone hate how sluttily everyone dresses nowadays?
I see 12, even 10 year old girls walking down the street with skirts so high that even if they bend a little it shows their arse. Leggings which show every detail. High "crop tops". etc etc. It's degenerate.

I understand Africans and Amazons dressing scantily because their climate is hot as fuck, but what stops a european in a 20C summer weather from wearing a light dress that goes down to the knees?
It seems that we've regressed back to an animal state. Women are showing off their goods to the most "alpha" men. This is disgusting behaviour.

It's not like I support women wearing burkas or hijabs but at least wear something that covers you.
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Why do you care about what others do or how others behave?
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evola bump
Because I care about Tradition.

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*teleports behind you*

Let's say we finish this now, eh kid?
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*teleports above*

wasn't expecting that were you

*places seal on back*
Turns out it was just a wood clone.
>bursts out of the ground below you
>uses forbidden jutsu
*smash cut to reveal you have been inside my mangekyou sharingan the whole time *
>you thought you could beat me?
>not while I have these eyes

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You got /dopaminecucked/ like a baka desuuu

i know that feel anon nothing i do i can find any fun in anymore
now do something you don't enjoy but is worth doing
you can stay in this self-reinforcing pit of comfortable sadness or you can try to break the cycle

I want to be a girl.
I have since I was little. I'm never going to feel right or be happy with myself. No matter how well I take care of my body, or how "handsome" I look, I'm always going to be this out-of-place person. I look in the mirror at myself and all I see is an awkward, meaningless growth. Like a fat mushroom growing out of a brick wall.
When I was 14 I realized it was already too late to ever pass as a woman and started wanting to kill myself over it, but I settled for putting cuts all over my legs (first with the saw blade of a swiss army knife, then later with a razor) and venting over the internet.
I stopped thinking about it for a while once I started having to worry about real issues, but it comes back in episodes.
Venting here anonymously because no one would ever volunteer to hear this gross shit. It's an issue that's impossible to resolve, I should just forget about it.
I don't even think I'll put it in my suicide note, even though it will probably be the main contributing problem.
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you can still be a qt trap or a qt gay boi :) there is always hope if you put enough effort in it :))
traps are gay boys
yep but more feminine than usual gays :)

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Robots hates Stacies, Robots hate fat femanons, what the heck is it that you want?
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a cigar and a beer
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Homely non-fat girls
Have you never heard of the hedgehog's dilemma, anon?

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>The normans have now appropriated robotdom and made it one of their fashionable fads
>much like "nerd" and "gamer" culture, they are now also pretending to be "robots" because they think it makes them cool and interesting
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You mad cause I'm stylin on your style
what an entertaining voice to read /r9k/ posts in
thanks op
I'm pretending to be a robot right now actually

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>the feeling of emptiness starts to kick in again
Music for this feel?
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listen to anime music from naruto video games
Anything by Blackmill, my man

fulfil your emptiness with glory

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/r9k/ is always right.
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women just wanna fuck everything up for us/everybody. You don't fucking sleep with me you won't legalize prostitution so just let me have this one thing god damn
this place is like the abyss stay to long in it's sphere of influence the truth will begin to reveal itself and soon you won't be able to go back i was happy being blissfully ignorant but it's true it's all true.
>some chick writes a bullshit think-piece on a website I've never heard of.

This is why you never had a real gf. Thankfully, when the sexbots come you can stop commenting on politics and leave the rest of us alone.

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So are all women shit or do good ones exist
Are happy relationships possible or is it all just compromising and using one another
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That's not the point.

Finding the woman is only half the battle.

The other half is (You).
>is it all just compromising and using one another
relationship are more like compromising and dealing with each other's emotional bullshit because you both need each other and you both put wayy to much commitment to stop now
That's sad as fuck m8.

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The majority of African-Americans are boorish, aggressive, unambitious apes. The sooner civilised Affrican-Americans and non-American Africans come to terms with that fact, the sooner they can divorce themselves from those that are dragging them down and stop being lumped in with them.

Stop trying to defend them or justify their behaviour. Stop trying to stoop to their level to ingratiate yourselves with them. Stop lettng them drag you down in a vain attempt to pull them up. Accept reality as it is and leave the filth to their mindless rutting and over-inflated sense of entitlement.
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>c'mon you dumb ape, suck whitey's cock and we'll accept you as human beings

Only the saddest, weak minded and self loathing will actually take this kind of rhetoric seriously

Nothing funnier than seeing a coon among whites lecturing negros, a house negro
>You're either a porch monkey or a house negro

So what you're saying is there's no winning?
Unless you genocide whites there really isn't.

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How much money should I make on average so that I can support a habit of sleeping with whores on a regular basis?

I want to start sleeping with prostitutes but I feel like once I start I wont be able to stop

Also what's a good method of finding mid-high tier hookers? Is backpage legit or is it all police stings? Ive heard TER is a must. If anyone with experience with such things could give feedback or share their experience it would be appreciated.
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In the UK it's not illegal to visit an escort. Dunno where you're from but I assume 'murica?
yea and I dont live in or around nevada. ive seen some massage parlors on the side of the road and ive heard that some give full service, but ive also heard of police stings in my area that set up fake massage parlors to trap potential buyers
Go to europe/se asia

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Females and males welcome, pretty much anyone welcome, just don't act like a fag. Maybe I can get a discord boyfriend, maybe not. Maybe you can too. I'll post the link as the first post in this thread. I dont' have a mic btw, is broken
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Fuck right off, whore.

>btw guys i'm a grilllll
>pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fuck. Off.
Fuck off.

We seriously do not care. We don't care about your day, we don't care about your boyfriend, we don't care about your issues. One thing we certainly don't care about is your fucking opinions. Jesus Christ, why did you make this post? Did it benefit, inform, arouse concern in ANYONE? No. You posted this because you are a solipsistic whore who thinks she matters because guys like her facebook photos. I can hear you just now, you're thinking "but i don't have fa-" SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don't care about your fucking tumblr either. It's a site where you post pictures of yourself for validation, hell it could be /r9k/ for all that matters - you are still an attention whore. The guys that have called you beautiful on omegle have convinced you that you have any kind of worth, guess what: you don't. You're valued for a vagina. That's it. Nothing else. Why you think owning something that 50% of the human population owns makes your opinions worthy of shit is fucking beyond me.

Words cannot describe the utter amount of hatred I have for you. I cannot stand your vapid personality, the way you look so clueless all the time. You are a literal robot who lives for nothing more than getting validation from random guys on the internet i.e. us, and you think we're going to tolerate you parading your fucking boring thoughts on our board? Think again, cunt. Girls like you are the most boring people anyone could ever meet, because you do nothing but talk about some guy you met on here or what was on tumblr or your hair or some song you supposedly like or just SOME OTHER SHIT WE DON'T CARE ABOUT. Fuck you. You have the audacity to expect us to care when you never provide any interesting discourse or state something interesting, you literally just consume and regurgitate SHIT. We whole heartedly despise you, and you should never forget that.
Well what do you have to offer me as a discord girlfriend? I'll have you know my standards are very high
>Implying that you aren't a trap with implants.

What film should I watch tonight arcanine?
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watch Look Who's Back if you haven't seen it. It's bretty gud
what is the film about? anon?
On an unrelated note, I think that the robot is very good at making it difficult to leave a comment
Sorry, got distracted. Basically, Hitler somehow gets transported to modern times in stead of dying in his bunker, and it's a half comedy half serious movie about what it would be like if he was here now.

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what 2 toppings should i put on my pizza
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onions and bell peppers!
Can't go wrong with bacon and pepperoni
>what 2 toppings should i put on my pizza

Depends where you are
At dominos I like olives and spinach

But most places don't have spinach
Olives and something else might be good

Always get olives

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