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>im too ugly for a bf
>uhh i would only make you more depressed
>you wouldnt like it to be with me
>uhh i think you would not like how im truly am
>proceed to get fucked by chad and everythings alright
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What are u gay? lol
i see that with femanons here
guys comment on a girl bitching bout being lonely
then a guy goes
please be my gf
and she says shes too ugly or something
implying a guy here wudnt fuck anything thatll allow him
show face or body op
you cant be that ugly

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>Loneliness is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. Loneliness typically includes anxious feelings about a lack of connection or communication with other beings, both in the present and extending into the future. As such, loneliness can be felt even when surrounded by other people. The causes of loneliness are varied and include social, mental, emotional, or even physical factors.

It's another one of those nights.
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and what do you expect from us?
or are you just here to rake (((you)))s to soothe your fragile ego
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All three.

I'd give you 'em.
Loneliness can't be cured by self-pity and wallowing. Only by meeting new people can you possibly meet someone you enjoy being around.

To remain idle is to die. You don't have much to lose, OP.

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in a relationship of about 6 months

went out to drinks last night with another woman who i've known strictly in a platonic way. she is in a serious relationship of 3+ years

it got too heavy. serious flirting, etc. to the point where it felt inappropriate

felt guilty. told my gf this and she is absolutely distraught. i didn't think anything through and now it might be over. she is very, very upset

i fucked up badly

what do i do?
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Fuck off this board for being a Norman scum that's what you do
Give her some room, and only discuss this when she wants too. No need to push a problem. When was the last time you talked with her?
an hour ago

tried calling. she didnt pick up

I have a dilemma. Despite my efforts, I'm extremely lonely. However, I have known the solution for a while. I need a yandere gf. The only problem is, I have no idea how to acquire one.
I believe I meet standards that many normal girls require, but I need to know the steps and standards needed for yanderes. I'm tired of trying with normal girls and thinking that they are capable of love. If any chads/successful bots can help a lonesome anon, it would be appreciated.
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Normalfags are going to advice against it. Robots aren't the kind of guys who'd have a girl crazy for them anyway. Stick to 2d.
I'd imagine you'd need to find some loner depressed girl that somehow isn't a slut, and then be the nicest person to her. You need to become her oneitis.

Yanderes, like all women, only go for Chad.

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What's the creepiest thing you have ever done r9k ?

I still keep a pic (an actual printed pic that I stole from a school wall) of my middle school crush and I'm almost 20 now and still think that her 12 year old self is cute.
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I dress up as a woman and convince myself people love me
I play movies in my mind of me being successful/appealing to women while I'm sitting alone in my room with no friends.
Probably just stealing panties I guess

It's really easy to do in uni and I don't really respect women so why not

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This is going to be my last day on 4chan after a number of years. It has been fun but it is time to leave. I encourage anyone else who is looking for a new start to also consider leaving. I will miss this place. Goodbye robots. *crys*
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>inb4 you're here forever
Bye faggot.
:'^) oregano
See you tomorrow, original Anon.

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What weird websites do you go to?

>besides 4chan
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What is the Oracle forum?

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>living anywhere but in the blue

Why would you do this, Anon?
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because overcrowding would be astronomical
Because I'm too poor to live in la
Why would anyone want to live in california. Overpriced, full of mexicans, and full of horrible selfish people.

I'll stick to Oregon thanks.

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>tfw ive fallen in love with a fast food chain character
>also happens to be a loli

Fuck why does this always happen to me
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she's no loli
idk anon
I think we are all just destined to live like creeps
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Are you the guy who wanted to fuck ice cream?

Will getting a landscaping job make me less of a pussy so I can fight chad and get a qtgf?

I'm not fat btw
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Landscapers are pussy ass bitches tree work is for men

I live in the suburbs we don't have trees
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Hort industry fag here.

1. It's incredibly hard work for not a lot of money.

2. If you show even a hint of weakness, you'll be mercilessly bullied by the gang of Mexicans you'll undoubtedly be working with.

3. Take up smoking or dipping if you haven't already.

gl lad

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don't ask faggot, break the rules
What's the easiest way?

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>live in upstate ny
>it's the worst place in the world
>has the highest tax rate in the country
>rural area
>way more isolating than any other place
>people here are extra evil like literally demonic
>it's winter 800 days out of the year
>coldest winter in the country
>the apartments in the college town here are 750/mo for a 1br
>a room in la is literally the same cost
>more expensive than most major cities
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Yea glad I moved away from that peace of shit region. I used to live in the city but mummy decided for some fucking reason that moving upstate/LI would be better and cheaper. The dumb bitch didnt even take into account that she would be spending a fucj ton to get to her job down in Queens and completely fucked my social life.

Keep your head up, OP. Save some cash and find a cheap apartment in the bronx or queens and be comfy.
Maybe you'd like to live on Cape Cod or Cape May or something.

Live the beach life.

Neither of those places are even that far from NYS.

What are you people considering "upstate"? The parts of upstate NY I've lived in are chill as fuck.

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Anyone else tried the jelly diet?

>400ml of cheap fruit juice = 35 calories
>7g of gelatine = 16 calories

That's only 51 calories per meal! I've been eating three jellies a day so only taking in 153 calories a day and I don't feel hungry at all.

There are lots of different flavors of juice to choose from to mix things up for variety. It's tasty, cheap, and ultra low calorie but has some sugar so gives you energy.

I've been at it for two weeks and already lost 5 pounds and I feel great. I also take a multivitamin and calcium tablets for extra nutrients.
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>400ml of cheap fruit juice = 35 calories

Why not just eat the gelatin powder?
>tfw keto
>Eating burgers all day long.

I'm lol @ ur life OP

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How will people react if I killed myself? Would they pity me? Would it impact them at all? What about my enemies?
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When you leave this earth you wont have to worry about those things anon, you'll be forgotten after 3 weeks tops.

Your parents will use the opportunity to brag about how much they loved you.

Enemies won't give much of a fuck, unless you used to bully other kids, you didn't do that did you anon?

If you're doing this for the pity might aswell have a slow and agonizing death you piece of shit.
Youre giving depression a bad name, im embarrassed to tell anyone im depressed.
we'd stop existing :(
>What about my enemies?
best friend killed themselves and later some cunt we cyberbullied gloated on their facebook page.
They'll be happy, honestly- it's not like they'll start feeling sorry for you or regret anything.
Your friends will be fucking pissed off and despondent. Your parents will feel gutted and then guilty.
You might inspire a couple of other suicides in your community.

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describe yourself in three words or less /r9k/
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kiss-less handhold-less virgin
Big gay idiot
miserable tranny masochist

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