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How do I tell if I'm "that guy"?
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You develop a sixth sense
Its one of those "If you have to ask" things. To normies at least, if you're not one of them, you are "that guy".
Honestly, if you're wondering if you're "that guy", it's most likely you're not.

"that guy" is not self aware, and even if he is, he's too selfish to give a shit.

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Any of you have recommended books or book series?

I got a copy of this for my birthday last week and im enjoying it so far
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good taste op. I have the exact copy.

Most of the books I can recommend are high school tier. I've only started reading novels again recently and I usually just read the first and last chapters along with a summary in high school so I've been catching up. I enjoy Vonnegut and Orwell. Right now I'm reading red dragon and that's pretty good (pic related)
Anna Karenina

A bit of a trainwreck but a really well written one
Are you in middle school? That book can only possibly be good to middle schoolers.

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>I was never told the rules
that's how it feels, doesn't it?
like everyone else knows what you're supposed to do and how to do it. robots just didn't get the message, i guess.
Don't kill people
Don't steal things
Don't rape (unless she wants it)
Don't get caught doing drugs

and then just do what you want because nobody knows what the fuck they're doing and they just want the rent to get paid.

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Why the hell is /r9k/ so gay?
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I wish I were stupid and depressed enough to become a tranny. I have a good face for it.

Self fulfilling prophecy.
it's your fault for posting gay lewds

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How difficult is it to score some anxiety drugs from a psychiatrist? I've never been to one.
I'm tired of being afraid to talk to people.
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Depends. What country/state do you live in?

Psychiatrists would usually prescribe you drugs on the first visit, but that also entails a waitlist
Really easy if you have a proven years long history of anxiety that is resistant to ssri/snris and therapy.

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>woke up to mom yelling at me because I stole some of her pain meds again
>26 y/o NEET

I hear I can hang myself with a belt and a door knob, is this true?
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All you need to do is pray my child.

-Pastor Anon
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>tfw found moms stash of hydros and used all 120 of them

She was pretty pissed when she found the empty boxes.
What is your current situation that drives you to stealing meds?

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the thread kinda died yesterday so i'm going to try again a bit earlier this time.
you know the deal with these kinds of threads. just talk about whatever you want, let out what's been on your mind, and i'll reply to you.

anything goes. just let it all out anons, i'm here for you.
and so is gondola. he's just going to watch though.
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I live near a forest and the place i love to go to when i'm sad is getting bulldozed for some company
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i feel like i'm a burden to everyone around me and I just want to be dead
but i care too much about my family to ruin their lives by going through with it
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that's sad anon. i wish i lived near a forest. going out there when it's raining, hearing the raindrops falling on the leaves. it sounds so comfy.
i'm really sorry about that, honestly. maybe try to find some other places to go to when you feel sad. i'm sure there's somewhere.

i can relate with that a lot. i've heard people say that it won't matter once you're dead, but it still bothers me.
living causes them pain, but dying would make it worse. it's a tough decision. i wish you the best friend.

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>steam circlejerk threads
>discord circlejerk threads
>trap/gay threads
>"""""fembot"""" threads
>cuck threads
>momcest threads
>subtle pedo threads
>christians trying to brainwash desperate anons threads
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>its the christians who are trying to brainwash people
>being so brainwashed you feel a need to chime in and white knight for Jesus
This, I remember kicking back here on Friday nights to talk about the normie holocaust, now it's all faggot shit.
Why have they ruined every board?

>Mike Pence resembles a that handsy uncle who touched most of your male siblings inappropriately
Anyone else get this vibe from him?
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can confirm. he fucked my ass.
the most flagrantly homophobic people are actually closet fags, so that makes sense
He resembles that uncle who shocked the gay out of my gay male siblings

My pc is dead at the moment, so I'm going to share some pictures with you guys on my mobile. Bump if you're interested.
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Don't bother. Bye now
Hendnfnjs sjcnfnejej

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Why can't you get a girlfriend this cute?
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Choose only one.
At that age no longer enticed by the prospect of candy and/or puppies.
She's not really asian, she's from Ukraine.

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Are chemtrails making me like boipusy?
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No, you're just gay. But so is most of 4chan these days, so it's cool.
You stare at traps on your PC more than those damned chemtrails.
learn what low pressure from the airflow over a plane's wings is

You see a woman being abused by her boyfriend in public. What do you do?
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>being in public
I've seen this happen several times. I always fantasize about stepping in there and defending m'lady, but I end up just walking by or sometimes just watching and having a smoke.
Walk away and laugh to myself about it later.

I unironically don't care, at least he's keeping his bitch in line.

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>gf said if I poop the bed one more time she'll break up with me
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It's hard to believe she didn't do it after the second time
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Can you greentext a story pls
typical roastie quick to persecute any man that deviates from the idea of a 10/10 chad

Things you do that would get you btfo if anybody knew

>I like to watch American dad and I love Roger
>I like to buy makeup and hoard it but I'm not a fag or trap
>last year I spent $2000 on IMVU points for my fake imvu girlfriend
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I have several animal bones that I collect.
I eat meat raw at times.
I find fat chicks hotter than regular girls
I jerk off to my female friends
I came onto a picture of an ugly bbw
I use opiates to get thru work. Ppl talk shit but jusus christ im the best employee ever when im poppin percs.

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