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If the double standards were reversed, and society said that women who are really close with their friends is seen as being a big lesbian, women would all collectively be like "fuck that" and rebel against it and say it is stupid

So why don't men do this? Why are men more concerned with following the status quo than being able to be close with their friends and freely express their emotions without being called gay or made fun of?
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cos you are literally being a faggot weakling homo reject of male human nature
I'm a woman

And I'm sorry but I don't view men who are close to their friends or freely express their emotions as homosexual or weak

Maybe like 50-75 years ago it was totally fine for men to do this, before being gay was normal. And now men are so obsessed with not seeming gay that they repress their emotions and friendships, even though no one gives a shit at all and only thinks you're gay if you say you are and actually date men. It makes zero sense.

>inb4 women won't date me if I have emotions
That is such retarded logic, it's like saying that women shouldn't have jobs or do what they want to do in their lives because then men won't want to date them, who gives a shit? Why would you tailor your life around being able to get dates instead of just doing what you want and living your life how you want to?
healthy male friendships don't revolve around being emotional and needy. as men, it's a psychological requirement for you to build your own life. healthy male friends are people who have their own lives but find comfort and comradery in each others' company. this is something neets and people who live online don't understand because they're too far gone from being able to take care of themselves and live their own lives.

men cannot live their lives how they think they want, there's only one path that leads to a healthy and desirable conclusion, and that's not being a clingy faggot and running your own life

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Friendly reminder that if you have
>had sex
>held hands
>spoken to someone of the opposite sex regularly
you are not welcome here
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>tfw welcome here
What if I did some of those after I started coming here?
I don't give a fuck about your opinion OP

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tfw no big soft kissable belly gf

belly gf general, post bellies, talk about bellies, share belly pics, gifs and webums
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But I do have one...I'm making her lose weight though from 230 to 200. I've posted pictures before here but don't want them all over the internet let alone this place
These threads are awful and I say this as someone with a fat fetish.

How do we save Barron?
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>super male vitality
Nobody cares and neither should you

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Since I'm not in school anymore, where would be the second best place to perform a mass shooting? I don't have any weapons nor enough money right now to do one, so FBI calm down. I wouldn't want to kill old people or middle-aged adults, because they've been through too much to die to a shooter. I'd want to kill people under the age of 25, those who think they have a chance at life and may be starting a career, only to have me cut it off. The average normalfag doesn't deserve to live in the slightest, and I want to cleanse this world of as many as I can.
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Just play some GTA you demented fuck
just wait a few months and your mind will calm down and realize what an immature spastic you are
>I don't have any weapons nor enough money right now to do one, so FBI calm down.

Right, like that makes it all right

come join our discord funzone, we got cuteboys and stuff
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>whole discord is everyone sucking this guy schaden's dick
Lies,shit discord.
If you go in you'll be bullied and branded as a cuck.
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I'm so happy I could almost cry

>be me
>install tinder about a month ago
>swiping swiping swiping
>get a few matches, talk for a little while, most just end in a mutual loss of interest
>match a qt
>chat for a little while
>she's actually interesting, intelligent and insightful to talk to
>she's displaying an actual interest in me as well, I.E. no one word answers, she actually asks me how my day has been, you know?
>time to move to the next level
>start flirting
>it's getting heavier and heavier
>ask where she wants this to go
>says she wants to meet up
>arrange a day and a place
>mfw I've got a fucking date with an interesting, intelligent, funny qt

I'm not going to say I've ascended just yet, but I actually feel so uplifted. I have a fucking date, this is the biggest rush of my life
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Congrats man, hope it all goes well.

And nice digits
cool op

Don't fuck this up anon

What if we are living in hell? If our life here is looped for eternity I could have typed this message a trillion times before and not know. Death simply resets it and you forget. What if we were already judged?
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Probably, anon. I've had the exactly same experience for about a month or two now. I've been on a full coping season much of the time. Further evidence for this assumption are the several religions which preach about reaching either gnosis, nirvana or moksha in an attempt to escape this cosmic game. Not sure, however, if you meant hell as in the christian sense.
write a book faggot

this is pretty obviously an ebin "challenge" sim
>no aliens
>max entropy
>limited energy
>IQs capped

whoever's playing this is the kind of guy to settle on an island in dwarf fortress
can't say I blame him

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While walking through a market on vacation, you notice a small stand selling cameras. A camera- and-case set is selling for $310. The seller tells you that the camera costs $300 more than the case itself and that the case costs the price of the set minus the cost of the camera.

You decide you'd rather wait on buying a camera and opt to just buy the case alone. You hand the seller a $100 bill and see his eyes light up. Think fast now! How much change should you be getting back?
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None! The shopkeeper will give you back their bullshit currency as change.
$95 obviously original nalt
I think it's 80 bucks

Price of the set: 310

Camera is 300 more than the case and case is the cost of the set minus camera price

Price of camera is 290
So case costs 310-290=20 bucks

You gave him 100 so he should be giving you 80 in change

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>is it in yet, anon?
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how small do you have to be to receive such question?
6.5 inches sad face
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I wish baiters tried to be more convincing

Red flags for women

>She wears blue/grey contact lenses over her dark eyes
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yup, it gives me a creepy feeling.
people are going overboard with their vanity.

some women i look at them and my first impression is fright. it looks like they're walking around with face paint on.
>Makeup every day
>Doesn't shower everyday before leaving the house

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>dyes hair
>naturally dark features, but dyes it blond


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who else /stilllovingher/

this one is gonna be long

>be me
>be 16, beta, shy, chubby guy
>be in highschool
>meet guy from through another friend, let's call him Kevin
>he is a beta af weeaboo but also plays vidya so we become friends
>he invites me to hang out in ts3 and play with his friends and gf, let's call her Natally
>flash forward about 20 months
>developed a great online friendship with every one in our little gaming comunity
>Natally invites her cousin to come hang out and play with us, as she's going through rough times to cheer her up and stuff
>who the hell is this new, crazy girl, what's she doing in my ts3 server?
>don't really like her at first, seems too normie and talks a lot
>flash forward a couple of months
>we all start thinking about meeting irl
>plan everything, we'll be meeting in my city
>flash forward another month, now summer 2012
>meet with kevin, natally and cousin in natally's home as we all live in the same city, to go pick up the others that are coming from other cities
>get there, ring doorbell
>qt3.14 opens door, beautiful smile, big hazel eyes, dark red hair
>she jumps to me and gives me a hug
>"Hello Anon!!"
>"I'm Natally's cousin"
>think to myself "w-wow, a-am I in love?"
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>every day we spend toghether fall more in love with her
>she kinda starts flirting with some other guy of our online friends
>think "ok anon, here we go, time to suffer for another girl"
>spend week with friends, have a great time, but have to see her flirting with the other guy
>everyone returns to their cities, ok maybe now I can have a chance
>ask kevin and natally if we can go out with her cousin some time
>natally figures out I like here, so she gives helps me
>natally's cousin (let's call her Lily from now on) is in a relationship with some asshole that treats like crap, doesn't love her and is way hotter than me
>become Lily's close friend over a couple of months
>meet one day with kevin, natally and lily at natally's place again
>go to natally's room, she and kevin start playing games Lily and I lay in the bed talking and shit
>first laying looking up, just like friends nothing more
>after some time we are facing each other
>start spilling some spaghetti "i-is she fl-flirting with me"
>she starts caresing my leg
>literally shaking
>"holy fucking shit anon is this happenning righ now?" think to myself
>she comes closer to me and we kiss
>maybe best thing I've ever felt
>we kiss for some time and I finally have to leave
>happiest day of my life
>after a week or so she leaves her boyfriend for me and we start dating
>she actually loves me wtf
>she's just amazing and I'm completly in love with her
>after a year and a half or so her personal problems start to really mes with her
>she has kind of a shitty life besides me, she's poor, familly all messed up, her grandpa dies, etc.
>relationship goes on, but it's not quite the same now
>flash forward another 2 years
>relationship has gone worse over time, even almost broke up a couple of times
>we meet another couple through a friend of lily, don't really like them but lily does so we spend some time toghether
>lily starts hanging out with the guy, think it's kinda ok, he's with a girl
>2016 new years eve, i'm going out of town with some friends and spend a couple of days out
>lily tells me that that guy has invited her to spend new years eve with him and a couple of friends, think that's fine
>come back after spanding those days out, she seems weird and distant
>she tells me everything is fine
>later that day find out that guy left her gf before newyear's eve
>"ok now I don't like any of this" think
>literally 8 days after new years eve she tells me that she wants to break up
>tell her to think about it for a couple of days, think we can save the relationship just like a couple of times before
>worst two days of my life thus far, we didn't talk
>after two days she tells me she wants to talk with me
>she comes to my place
>she breaks up with me
>worst day of my life
>literally screaming in pain, crying while hugging her like the beta I am
>ask her if that guy has something to do she tells me that he doesn't
>"yeah, how long do you think is it gonna take you to star dating him?"
>"anon I've told you he has nothing to do with this"
>2 days after that she starts dating him
>tfw she did to me the same that she did to her previuos asshole boyfriend
>depression kicks in, don't talk with anyone, spend nights alone getting drunk at home, even if I go hang out with friends, just be there silently and get drunk
>cry myself to sleep every night
>don't talk to kevin or natally almost ever
>eventually start getting better after some time, friends making me go out had a huge role in my recovery
>flash forward a year and a half
>gather the courage to text her
>waiting for her to answer

I'ts been a year and a half and I still love her, anyone else relates?
You have terrible taste in women. she was spewing red flags from the start

>she's going through some rough times
>she kinda starts flirting with some other guy in the friend group
>invited to spends new years with him and a couple of friends

to me, it sounded like a train wreak from the start.

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Tell me about your sexual daydreams, anon
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>getting seduced by the hottest chick from your high school during a house party and fucking her upstairs with dull music blasting through the walls
>losing your virginity to "the girl next door" type of girl in your comfy 90's room
>hate fucking the shit out of that annoying 5/10 girl you know
>having a monster dick
>laying it on her tummy first so she can see how deep it'll go
>teasing her with tip
>jokingly saying 'oh no it don't think it's going to fit'
>making her beg you to put it in
>cum over a nice (girl)tummy
>sleep on tits

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>tfw no trap bf to lightly bully you
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>Tfw no bf to lightly bully me over public vc in games
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>tfw no steam/discord bf to bully me and call me names
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>tfw brown trap bf bullied me last night with his benis

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I want to kiss a girl
I want to cuddle with a girl
I want to have sex with a girl
I want to talk with a girl
I want to laugh with a girl
I want to experience what 99% of the population accomplishes almost naturally

I'm tired of spending week after week alone
I'm tired of being "the weird guy" who never had a girl
I'm tired of missing out the best things in life in my best years
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So what are you going to do about it? You clearly have a goal in mind.
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if you want something, you must sacrifice to attain it, especially something of that nature.
I try to improve myself by working out, getting more confident, having fun hobbys and becoming more interesting to girls in general but nothing seems to help. I feel happier since I stopped wallowing in self pity all day and do something instead. Still the results are zero. Another year will pass without a gf or sexual relationship. It's frustrating.

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