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>have twink frame and face
>lose weight to obtain true twinkdom
>make grindr account
>get fucked by a bunch of people
>delete grindr and put on a bit of weight and be normal for 6 months telling everyone you are not gay anymore
>start it again

I can confirm that being gay is a mental illness.
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fags see a 10 year old and think of her being sodomized, they are sick
I told you it was a mental illness
Who the fuck makes a meme about getting assfucked with a child?!

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How often do you think about suicide

original of course
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Only sane option
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haha pull it lol.jpg
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At least weekly, probably daily.
The only thing i fear is that there is no after life.

I really want to live, but not in this body, not in this reallity

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Should I go by Joshua or just "Josh"?
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Both are beta as fuck. Go with Joe.
You should go by Shua
Joshua is better than Josh. Josh is the name of a 14 year old, not a grown adult

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Can women actually be attracted to smaller men?
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No. Women can only be attracted to 10/10 men or rich men

You know, the filter is going crazy now because all the one word "no" responses.
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>tfw this lanky four eyed chink is more attractive than you

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I don't have what it takes to enjoy myself here. Chads everywhere making out. normalfags in groups. I'm not socially adept to handle this. Also I'm alone.
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Try beeing yourself, or alternatively imitate normies.
>Try beeing yourself, or alternatively imitate normies.

This. Did you try just being yourself, bro?

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Guys, should I facebook message a girl I met last week? I found her new profile since it looks like she got locked out of her old one.
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Absolutely, Anon. What's the worst that could happen?
it will probably not be her profile and i will move on to the next one. there are about 4 profiles with her same name
Sure, a good femme fatale heartbreaker always makes life exciting.

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Should I just kill myself im only 18 and i already think that life is bleak and pointless I wake up everyday feeling sad I spend all day with an underlying feeling of sadness I'm relatively normie and so are my friends but I constantly feel like the odd one out of the group and to an extent feel like I need their approval I am aware I'm somewhat weird but can't stop myself this post is rambling but still often suicide does seem like the best option because I can't imagine living the rest of my life like this everyday just riddled with fear and anxiety I also have no prospects in terms of work
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im nearly 20 and feel same but have no friends but thats okay.

i ahve a 12 gauge but only some 00 buck my dad gave me from the early 1990s i think

i wonder if it would kill me instantly, im scared to do it because i might live and i mean its killing yourself and thats a scary thought but if i have the choice i wouldnt wake up tomorrow

sorry you feel like that anon
11 year olds commit suicide, so why not?
Hey, I'm pushing 30 and while I can't tell you "it gets better" because I have NO WAY of telling whether that will be true for you or not, I can tell you this.

It changes.

Your brain is still developing at 18. You're an adult, sure, but mentally you're not fully developed.

The way I think now is so different from how I used to think when I was 18. Even "existing" feels different now than it did then. This is due to the fact that I have, essentially, a different brain than I did back then. In a sense it isn't even "me" anymore because I'm not the same person now I was then.

I guess what I'm saying is, it won't feel like it feels now forever. It'll change.

You're not going to be stuck with an 18 year old brain for your entire life.

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What can I say after a mere "how are you?", senpai?

Here's the context:
>for months I meet a girl (from my uni) at the bus station once in a week
>that girl always smiles at me and says "hi, how are you?"
>answer politely
>then none of us try to continue the conversation

need help senpai, this cannot continue
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respond normies
If she's not trying to keep the convo going then she's not interested
Use that interaction to your advantage. Make a witty comment about the fact that you two always greet eachother and that should be enough to break the ice.

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Hello there wagie, I'm just rehearsing Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 1 Op.11.

What's that you say? You would rather slave away for next to nothing instead of listen to beautiful music? Sad!
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>he's learning to play other peoples pieces rather than composing his own

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I'm weighing out an ounce.
All 40mins of it without the orchestra? You'll be rehearsing a while shit-for-brains. I sincerely doubt you're an orchestra member because that would be a full time job and we both know how you feel about that sort of thing.

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This board is full of contrarists. Prove me wrong.
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what the fuuuucuuuuuuuck

very, incredibly original.

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daily reminder that your waifu wants you to be kind to yourself!
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>how you would treat your good friends, your loved ones

Lost me already.
>how your favorite fictional characters treat their friends!
>enjoying media and getting invested enough that you actually have favorite characters

Still lost me

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>go to prostitute
>lose virginity
>feels about 30% as good as masturbating
wtf lol why do normies hype it up so much
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obligatory original reeeeeeeeee
Since it was a prostitute, i assume you wore a condom? That's why it didn't feel nearly as good, physically.

You haven't REALLY experienced sex until you've came balls deep inside a pussy with no condom
the normies aren't the ones hyping it.

you're on r9k, remember?

Why haven't you started killing normies yet? If you're on this board, you've already lost - women hate you because you aren't good looking, and other men are fucking them and you're alone and miserable. Why not just enjoy yourself and commit a massacre? Why should everyone be happy except you?
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cia niggers please fuck off my parents don't pay you a third of their income to bait people on a Chinese cartoons messageboard
great meme, faggot.
I'm basically Patrick, but not successful. I'm happy, but I hate that other people take advantage of other people.

I am the righteous robot

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wizard walk.png
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>not doing the wizard walk
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>not doing the wraith glide
>not doing the spectre shuffle
>not doing the normie navigation

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My laptop is on its death bed and I'd like your guys' help finding one to replace it.
My first one was a $1500 Sony that lasted 4 years. This one was a $400 HP that lasted 3 years.
I don't play vidya, so all I care about is that the computer can do basic functions like access the internet and play music and video files well, which I assume any computer can in 2017. And hopefully last for a long time. So logically it would be better to buy a cheaper computer because an expensive one isn't going to last that much longer, right?
What do robots recommend?
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Just go to amazon and look at the best sellers.
Buy a MacBook pro. It does everything you need, it just works
You can get refurbished thinkpads for a few hundo that you can beat people to death with and still be able to watch anime on.

If it's your main thing for stuff tho they're not really powerful enough.

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