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Daily reminder that faggots don't belong here. Faggots can quite easily go on any gay dating site or application and find somebody they're attracted to and have sex within the day, if a heterosexual male were able to do the same with a woman then they'd be considered a normie.

>b-but tfw no bf
This is because you're not happy with any of your available options, not because you are unable to get a bf. This is no better than a roastie complaining that they can't find a bf.

>b-but I'm a virgin
This is entirely by your choice.

>b-but /r9k/ is a pro-homo board
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OP are u mad cuz u cant get any good BP or is it bc u cant transition and be the qt gf(male)?
I'm mad that faggots like you post here instead of on your containment board
This is what sexual frustration does to people. OP I can help you out if you lend me your boypussy.

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ITT: We post like it's 2006
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This thread is dumb, if you've ever seen screenshots of 2006 posting you'd know it was awful, 4chan peaked in 2009.
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>after Chanology
naw, things were better before maskfags

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I'm 18 and have absolutely no sexual experience.

Is it too late? Am I doomed to become a wizard? Most people my age have had tons of partners.
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yeah by 18 it's all over, better just kys
All the guys in high school talking about how much they got laid were most certainly telling the truth. It's over. KYS
Same here, turning 19 soon, KHV, don't know how to talk to people and have no idea how the relationship thing works
It just seems too tedious and complicated to even bother

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How many paid shills do you reckon are on 4chan at a typical given moment?
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over a thousand, probably
they know they can promote on this site better since 4chan's traffic is really huge
>How many paid shills do you reckon are on 4chan at a typical given moment?

what kind of literal fucking idiot thinks people are being paid to post here
10 or so on /pol/

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>tfw your friend thinks you're gay I'm not
>his reasoning being that I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time and don't seem to have a interest in getting one anytime soon
>I'm really just too autistic / anti social to even try
Should I even bother trying to explain myself? I don't particularly care what he thinks but I don't want people to get the wrong impression of me. He has been bringing it up a lot lately (my sexuality that is) and it's kinda annoying. We also work together, so just not being his friend probably won't get him to stop.
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Maybe he's interested? Next time he brings it up ask him what his problem is and if he just brings it up to deflect his own repressed homosexuality.

If he denies being a homo then just tell him to fuck off with calling you gay.
I guess just tell him you aren't the next time he brings it up. The only reason I say this is, I did the not bothering to explain myself thing (because I didn't have any friends anyway and I figured there was no point in correcting people who I didn't care about) and eventually it got to the point where a teacher even asked me if I was gay.
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>not gay
Now post boypussy

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This might be some of the most disturbing shit I've come across just because it's clearly aimed for younger audiences, clearly trying to expose children to this content. Plus the fact that it's gone largely unnoticed until the last few weeks but even so, NOTHING has been done about it nor has it garnered any significant amount of attention.This makes me think there is something much more sinister beneath the surface of these videos.

There seems to be 3 "categories" of ElsaGate: Disturbing cartoons, sexualized live-action skits, and straight up softcore CP. The 3rd is usually a deranged mother who is exploiting her kid and being fully aware of the pedophiles which make up most of their fanbase.

One of my theories is that the cartoons are trying to normalize violence because it's being portrayed in a comedic way. As a character is crying after having his ear chopped off, the nice cheery music is playing; the cartoon thus far has set up the scene to be funny. This conditions a child to associate violence with humor in the real world.

As for the other two, I don't have an explanation, nor can I find any real discussion about it and that's one of the reasons I've made this thread.

How could this be stopped? How would people go about in doing their part to shut this whole thing down, or at least blow the doors wide open and expose the ulterior agenda beneath it? Is it even possible?
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its just a money laundering scam. thats it.
Bumping, eager for discussion
You could make that argument for the Live-Action ones, especially since many of the producers have been doxed already. But that doesn't explain the HUGE view counts on every single video (140 million+) and YouTube's complete apathy to the entire thing.

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What keeps you from suicide?
How often do you think about it?
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The hope that i will suddenly catch a break and finally get a call back saying i got the job.
And the fact my dad would be devastated and hes really the only person i care about.

Seriously though if i cant be independent by the time he dies ill just hang myself and wait for the smell to pester the neighbours enough to find my suicide note and rotting corpse.
Mom, dad, new niece, wife, half brother, friends. Wouldn't want any of them to feel like shit or as though they're the reason I did it, which is inevitable I think with suicide.

Probably think about it once every three months.
What if he becomes a handicap you need to care about?

Okay here it is,

I probably jerk it off atleast 5 times a day minimum. Jobless and Neet.

I am going to start going to school soon, *(In September) First time doing this in a long time, *(Atm 24)

So I've gotten pretty use to fapping literally all the time. How would you guys go about trying to quit fapping>?

I wouldn't mind knowing what it was like not to fap everyday. But I am so use to it at this point I dunno what life actually is like without fapping everyday.

Give me some suggestions, in return I'll explain the shit I like fapping to plus whatever spare questions you guys have about stuff.

Additionally I'll add mention been on 4chan for atleast 10 years. So I will make sure roody poo candy ass, fat whale shout out to simple flips courage wolf girugamesh is all relevant. Kappa
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i fap atleast 3-4 times a day. sometimes i force myself to take a day off and i feel my dick is harder and it feels better but i dont care, i still go back to wanking every hour. Also i had to stop myself from become depraved so i stick to the front pages of pornsites or stick to tame shit.
you'll start fapping less when you've actually got shit to do on a day. I'd say just ride it out. if you want to get in shape prior to school, find something sensible to do that you enjoy enough to put some effort into, like a hobby in whatever form. should have the same effect. just quitting will probably make you think of masturbation more than 24/7 so you need to ease into this and feel it out.

also shit, courage wolf and advice dog take me back a bit. it's been around 10 years indeed

Yeah sort of similiar here except I just have low standards porn wise.

however high standard in the real world for bishes, which is why I am probs virgin.

Anyways any suggestions for cutting down? The feeling I have is like in Justice League where the flash started vibrating too fast and went into the speedforce, where I masterbate way too much and am in the robot force

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What would you do if you could stop time when ever you please? I would go out, look for the biggest milf with delicious tits and would immediately suck on her smooth skin as I would move my way down to her ass then I would flip her over the table unzip my pants and insert my Penis (raw) Inside of her, I would proceed to tell her I loved her while calling her mommy and screaming out "I WANT TO GIVE YOU A GRAND BABY MOM!" I would move her feet and lick the shit out of her soles as I penetrated her, then I would cum the force of a thousand suns and continue to pump my load into her as I stare into the eyes of her dear friend. I would give her one last passionate kiss which would seem like forever before I leave and unfreeze time but leaving all her clothes off and keeping the panties, what would you do robots?
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I've forced myself onto my mother before so I wouldn't need time to stop to be able to do it again.
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uh, interesting post.
I'd just stop time whenever I sleep/eat/shower.
You can't just say this and NOT provide a greentext, anon.

>tfw female misogynist
I hate being a woman. I hate my small stature, weak body, weak voice, and emotional nature. I hate female anatomy and biology. I know that I'm inferior to men and that nothing I can ever do will make me equal to them. I wish I was a man, but I'm just a worthless cunt.
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>I hate being a woman.
Obvious man.

God bless being a woman. You can to be submissive as fuck and not be a pathetic faggot. There's nothing more pathetic that 'wah I want a dom or mommy gf', but women can be submissive because it's our natural state.
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I don't want to be submissive though. I want to be my own person. But that isn't me. Deep down I am submissive. and I hate it. Why would you want to submit to someone else instead of being your own person.

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Anyone here have siblings who could say whatever they wanted, or insult you infront of your parents and get away with it. However, if you retaliated, your parents got mad at you?
Share moments where this was blatant.
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ive always been the favorite child, grandchild, and nephew. It's been so blatant my sister and cousins outright resent me for it
Looks like they got the last laugh
I put spiders in random peoples mailboxes. I travel a lot for my job. I could be coming to your town! Watch out for my mailbox spiders.

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Has anyone here worked as a sales rep or salesman?

I am going to be hiring one soon and I have questions relating to how they are paid, their commission and their sales targets.
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bump for sales anons
My dad does. He's an emotions on the sleeve kind of guy so he takes it hard when there's ups and downs in his job. It's a job that you can make money if you out the effort in.

Lot of socialization and smalltalk though. Not a robot job, you normalniggerfag.
I'm the owner of my business and I will need to be hiring one soon as I can't do it alone and I am pretty medicore at it.

My background is in construction estimating which basically behind a screen pricing construction drawings for 10 hours a day.

If you might know the answers to these I'd appreciate them.

>What is his base pay and his commissions percentage on the profit of the sale?

>Does he have a car or is he reimbursed with fuel?

>What is his sales targets compared to his salary? For example, if he has a $60k base does he need to earn $120k profit for the company before he starts to receive commission?
>Does he have to find his own clients as well as close the deals? Or does his workplace give him the clients to close deals?

Pretty much I am unsure of what support I need to give my salesman and how it's best to pay him.

In my head I thought I would pay him a competitive basepay and once he hits his own cost of employment I start giving him a commission %.

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Tell me what has become of my life.
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File: 1498286964740.gif (53KB, 524x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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barely "became" anything

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>he cries about not having one of these.
stupid kids
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>cheating chink aussie roastie
Not missing out on anything 2bh
>has a bf
>on tinder

Why not just come out and say "I'm looking for the next branch to swing to"
So is she actually looking for someone to fudge with while she's away or she's just looking for a friend (orbiter) to mess with in the meantime?

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I need help robots. Normalfags will be ignored.
>22 years old
>Stay inside when I have free time to browse 4chan and play videogames
>live with parents, pay rent
>Work at a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills, I live in California by the way
>Aunt and her roastie daughter visit every now and then
>I say hi and be polite and the usual dumb shit, then stay in my room until they leave or I get tired enough to go to sleep
>They talk with parents while I'm in my room
>Suggest that we should take a family trip to the beach
>dumb fucking normalfags, hope they enjoy themselves lmao
>remember hearing something on the news about beaches near me being shut down due to sewage/medical waste
>Thank god I have mastered being a stealth autist who is mostly invisible to the eyes of normalfags
>Think nothing of it
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>Next morning
>Go down stairs to make breakfast and get ready to go to work
>Dad says something about going to the beach
>"Oh anon you should go with us. It'll be fun. Plus the entire family needs to be there since it's a family trip after all"
>Say no, I don't want to, the beach is dumb, nothing worthwhile to do their.
>"Too bad, you still gotta go"
>Say something along the lines of or what?
>Dad threatens to disassemble my entire gaming setup and put password blocks on websites I visit
>Tell him I'm a grown man and I don't need to listen to what he says
>Mentions how I'm still living in his house despite being 22 years old so I'm not really a grown man and how I need to abide by his rules since I'm under his roof and how I probably don't want to go to the beach only because I'm a loser who would stick out like a sore thumb
>Tell him that the beach is a waste of what little free time I have because there is absolutely nothing to fucking do there
>Scoffs and tells me that either I go or I'll have nothing to do at home either.
How the fuck do I convince these stupid normie fucks that the beach is a shit fucking place and a waste of time?
>Beaches are either rocky or sandy
>Rocky beaches are shit because you have to step on sharp rocks in the water and don't want to sit on a towel that is on top of rocks
>sandy beaches reveal tiny cracked shells and sharp rocks that cut your feet up
>doesn't even fucking matter because there is no point to leaving the towel and stepping barefoot on the sand because the ocean water is cold as fuck
>homeless people everywhere
>spics and niggers everywhere
>crowded as fuck
>the thing about medical waste and sewage washing up on shore
I'm hoping for bad weather but that's fucking impossible in this shitty ass state. I need some more convincing arguments robots.
Just go to the beach with your family. They won't always be around.
Just go to the fucking beach and perv at roasties or some shit

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