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Why are adult men obsessed with teenage girls?
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It's the epitome of female beauty and top of that society tells men they can't have them so they have the taboo factor making them even more attractive. Teen porn is such a massive industry for a reason, men want teen girls.
I want to put my nep in nepneps nep.
Men are pedophiles so they will fuck even children. That's why we have laws to stop mass child rape.

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Welcome to frogs and Feels Irish bar! Drink those feels away!
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up da ra
finest pint of america piss please
ILL have a gin martini thanks

Soon I will be taking programming classes, although I suck at math and have a bad memory

Up da RA!
Here you go lad!

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How to I make my penis smaller? My thread on pol was deleted
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It's pretty small already, why do you want it smaller?
hrt or suicide
With a glansectomy

kek I just made this what do you guys think
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OP nice selfie normalfag
>call other people normies while having snapchat on their phones
someone what true but htey call other people normies if they donjt like their """dank""" meme
>comform mindlessly
bit vague and subjective

Not funny or insightful. Somewhat true but comes off as bitter. Would not save

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will there ever be a beta revolution. poor people, serfs started revolutions. will ugly people ever take action again the chads ?
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No. The beta revolution is against women and marriage.

Fuck that shit.
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Soon, brother, soon.
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
No. A revolution needs alphas to lead it or it falls apart.

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Should i lose my virginity to a fat girl? im 22 and at one point thought I was gonna die a virgin. shes not ugly and she has big titties but shes like a 6 at best.

should i just say fuck it?
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i want to fuck spongebob in all of his holes and then shove his dildo nose up my butt. Does anybody else know this feel?
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>fat firl
>a 6
Sounds like you're into fatties to me.

Just do it, Ahab.
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I dont like fat chicks but she aint that bad

>Met a girl from Southern Europe in Overwatch
>We start talking
>We talk every day for about 6 months
>I tell her i love her
>She tells me she loves me too
>Finally i'm loved by someone
>3 months pass everything is bliss, someone finally loves me
>Things start going downhill the next 6 months
>She keeps saying im clingy
>I am
>We fight a few times but we always end up okay
>I decide to meet her in France
>I tell her im going to try to get money to travel to France
>I work in McDonalds 2 months to buy tickets to France and back
>With the help of my parents i have enough money
>I buy tickets
>I tell her i bought tickets
>Suddenly she isnt acting the same as she usually did
>Two weeks pass
>I'm going to travel to France in 15 days now
>I tell her id like to have sex with her when i go to France
>She immedietly breaks up with me
>Two days later i heard from her friend that shes with another guy
>My parents hate me because we spent so much money because of a girl that doesent even love me
She doesent even want to apologize for breaking up with me. She said my parents are illogical. All that money wasted, all the time, and she replaces me.
Because she couldnt deal with me anymore.
She couldnt wait 2 weeks to tell me.
She had to affect my parents aswell.
And my future.
I want to kill myself robots.
When i told her that she just said ''dont do it''
She gave up after everything and dated someone else 2 days later.
How the fuck can someone move on that fast.
I feel dead inside.
My dad is yelling at me saying ''Why are we paying so much for you to meet someone who doesent give a fuck about you''
I'm on the edge of ending it robots.
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She never wanted you from the start. Meeting over vidya is a huge red flag. Also choosing a tourist destination like France to meet is another. She was probably with the guy before she met you.

You basically got swindled out of a ticket.
> Met in overwatch

why are you mad when she replaces you with another fucking nerd?
Lol. You took it too far.

Sorry man, it's a bitter pill.

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Room rate thread. Post em robots
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Also my bedroom.

IPA sudas. Katinas ok, 6/10
Ipa is good tho

Has anybody ever shushed a girl with their finger on their lips? I find that shit funny.
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i did to ur mom

she was all over me and i said

hush now

let your pussy lips talk

then we sex
Lol, so true and funny. XD
i know right mate

can i call you mate? i mean i fucked your mother but we are still mates arent we?

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If you don't live in LA, are you living?
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not good

miami and nyc also work

chicago and atlanta are ok if you're coming up
Went to L.A a few days ago, easily the worst place in California, the traffic made me want to fucking kill myself. Only a good place for the museums and concerts
It's funny cause blacks are leaving LA and moving to the south

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>do benin in vagina no condor
>duck looks like this

I dont think it's herpes. Am I fucked boys?
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It shrunk too?
I just have small meat
It's probably balanitis. Go get some anti fungal cream and put it on your dick and it should clear up. Worst case it doesn't go get tested in 6-8 weeks for STDs and HIV.

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If you're a hugless and/or kissless virgin tell me why you're.
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Ugly, terrible at socializing, don't like normie actvities like drinking and being obnoxious faggot chad, boring, have terrible anxiety and can't relate with most people anyways
Recluse till university where I started to regain my social skills. Managed to get a job and such that's well paying. But lack confidence in going after woman cause of I guess anxiety and fear of getting laughed at during romance where they'll realise under the charade that I'm useless at talking about normie shit, romance or having sex... Because I never have. 25 btw, not unhappy.
im a cuck

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Can someone explain the "thicc" meme to me? Why does everyone want a fatass nowadays?
Is there a real reason behind it or is it just a trend started by girls who look like manatees and guys who can't get any better.
I prefer athleticallly/healthily slim girls, but I'm not trying to push my beliefs on anyone or trying to make myself superior. i'm just curious why a trait traditionally considered ugly (being fat) is now praised and idolized, even by some of my normie and chad friends who can do better.
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wide hips symbolism high fertility and easier birth, me personally i hate big asses, there's a difference between having a good figure and having a bubble butt. i think it's idealised because of the popularity of rap culture
The phrase "thicc" is another negroid generated slang ''word'' such as "senpai" and "boi" and since anything the kangz make up from their "music" to their slang is instantly a hit these days the mainstream masses just use the word. This is a result of the further niggerification of 21st century America. But to answer your question I can assure you most guys don't like landwhales they just play along with the trend.
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I think its just simple sexual dimorphism. Curves are a big part of what makes woman stand out from men, so bigger tits and bigger hips and ass is more attractive. Of course there is a balance, too much fat and you just look like a whale, but as long as its in the right places its only a plus.

The model aesthetic is mostly promoted by the media because the fashion industry is run by woman and faggots, so they think girls should look like prepubescent boys.

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Fuck me Anon, whoever you are, please fuck my ass. Put your cock in me, use me as your personal cum dumpster.
Fill me with your semen.
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Fuck off
You are probably a size queen like the rest if the homos who post here
I would actually worship any cock as long as it's white/pink and gladly accept it in my mouth, throat and ass.
My girth is 6 inches though, I think that'll destroy your ass.

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>women would rather date a neo-nazi with a swastika tatoo than you

what the fuck is wrong with roasties?
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surely these girls realise that a profile with photoshopped pics of a model is probably a catfish
Nothing new actually
Wymen luvz teh bad boyz
this is a hell of a neonazi lol
memes aside, if the image you were using was on some results of google image backtrack search some of those responses are ironic, but we get your point man

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