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"Son, it's simple. You walk into the place and speak with the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake."
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Perception roll
They never have positions open dad.
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"Did you remember to call him, "Sir," and look him in the eye and give him a firm handshake?"

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You know what to do. Post your gay, trap, and tranny stuff here.
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I'm sure most of us have seen this
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I hate being a boy

but I'm not gonna cry about it
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Here's a newer version I believe.

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>Go out to take a walk on the mall
>Spot a group of children (8 to 15 years old) walking (sometimes with their parents)
>Have to control my pedophilic urges

Help me, robots. What the hell should I do?
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stop being a pedophile.
there you go.
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I can't control myself around children
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Post cute wendys

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ITT post pictures that arouse you
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gets me rock hard, just imagining the qt blonde taking the BBC johnny depp
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The bulge ruins it
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Especially the yrn lower left

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The stag comes to embrace you, he says ask your question and I will answer
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How is babby formed? How girl get pregenant?
Why did the last stag lie to me?
rerolling cuz it is a retarded answer, also fuck this timeout.

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>fireworks are going to go off tomorrow
>people are a BBQs having a good time
>tfw invited nowhere
>alone at home
>age 27
>yet another day of reading books while I have so much energy to do shit but there's nothing to do
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26 here. I have good moments where I am motivated, and moments when I keep telling myself that it's all useless. I keep sabotaging all the hard work I do.

Right now I finished exercising, something I didn't do for almost a year after I managed to lose more than 30kg.

That's a perfect example of what I do: I work hard for some months, maybe I achieve a goal, and then I see that nothing really changed, I still feel like shit exactly like before, and I give up and go back to being a useless piece of shit. Now I gained back 6kg and it is time for me to keep my weight under control. At least when it comes to weight loss I know I can easily do it, if only I decide to do it. If only all the other things were that easy...

Sorry for the blog post
Just took some painkillers so I feel good for now
Has anyone turned it all around at this age? any anons make it?

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How do you personally dress? Why is it so autistic? Why aren't you well dressed
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>How do you personally dress
All black.

>Why is it so autistic
Black is a comfy color and it's not flashy.

>Why aren't you well dress
I'm poor and caring about being well dressed is a thing normalfags care about.
Autismo dude
>How do you personally dress?
pajamas, even when going outside

>Why is it so autistic?
I stopped caring long ago

>Why aren't you well dressed
Op pic isn't well dressed either

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that time of the day
post em
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ooh wee
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Y'all weird as hell, come on.
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Very generic results.

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one of dese banefus famalams originale
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Does anyone have a blank template?
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K thanks m8

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Who here /poor/?

Let's share tips how to be comfy with little money. Or if you no longer poor, share a comfy memory you cherish.
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>Who here /poor/?
>Let's share tips how to be comfy with little money. Or if you no longer poor, share a comfy memory you cherish.

Lentil soup
black beans with chips

I eat that delicious garbage so much
Tortillas chips? pls share your recipe for your beans.
I'm super cheap, I buy hobby type stuff used, and only at really good prices. I just wait until I find someone who will give me the price I want.

I also think about purchases I've made in a week or month before buying stuff, for food or stuff under $20 I look back a week in my head, usually stick to $60 a week of leisure money mostly used on food with friends

For bigger purchases I loom back up to a month, make sure my chequeing account has a solid amount of money too. I get bonuses points if I have an income at the time

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I seriously think I'm developing a complex.
How much does height REALLY mean to women?
Please fembots be honest with me
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I just would require a guy to be like an inch taller than me. I am 5'5 so I don't think it's asking for all that much.
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It's the number one thing. Forget about penis size, by the time she sees it'll be too late. The first thing they notice is your height. It's hardcoded into them. They want to feel safe around a big man. Puny manlets just can't provide this feeling.
I'm 5'6" so I just barely check that box.
But how much more are you turned on by tall dudes?

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>Tfw still haven't found a fetish
>terrified its gonna be something horrific and morally reprehensible when i find it
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Who says you need a fetish?

I have a sunglasses fetish, though. I would love to fuark a woman while we both wear expensive Ray-Bans
People don't necessarily have fetishes, and it'll probably be something minor, like mine where I really like girls with hair over their face.
I have one for earrings.

Oh well, at least it's innocent and not creepy and no one has ever found out. Way better than having a beta fetish like feet or being pissed on.

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>not only am I not allowed to feel affection but people roast me when I try to say anything
I should kill myself
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What is wrong Anon? Give me more details.

but you can still talk with me anon, I'll love you <3
I'm trying to become a tarp and I sent someone a message about videogames and they just roasted all my pics and basically insulted my appearance and idk
It's just depressing
I never have positive interactions with people ever

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>So this is my wife, her name is Rashida, we will have kids soon
how do your parents react?
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They would be very happy that I'm not gay.
They are liberal bernie-lovers so..theyd be all over that. I would of course force her to give up Islam. And all meat (vegan), and make sure she stays physically active and in-shape before, during, and after the birth of our many strong children
>giving up Islam

fuck you the reason she is so good is because she is a conservative muslim woman

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Chestlets, how do you feel when you see a genetically superior female?
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>Fake breasts
>how do you feel when you see a genetically superior female
>posts picture of the fakest tits ever created
A much more pleasant feeling than what I'm experiencing right now looking at this pair of artificial melons.

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