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How does this bright eyed, curvy, 10/10 bootylicious stacy have a boyfriend who isn't even remotely a chad? Take a look at her instagram. She has a figure that is almost impossibly perfect. She is very fit and healthy and has lots of interesting quirks. You'd think she would be curling up around some ripped slovenian chad with a 7 figure job and a genetically perfect bone structure, but nah, just this average dude. What gives? If he was a provider and she was fucking other guys, why would she write about how much she loves him in a bunch of her posts and be proud to show him off?

>inb4 he's rich
well maybe, but neither of them seem to flaunt wealth. he must be hung like a goddamn ox.
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Her face is kind of bleh, she's a bit stocky. and she's seems to be a bit of a womanlet.

Also she's seems to be a bit of a hippy, so there's that. She's going to go for hippie manbun having Thads.
>A bit stocky
>and she's seems to be a bit of a womanlet
I thought guys didn't care about height? I've been lied to all this time, time to kms

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>coworkers constantly condescend me at every job I've ever had

Anyone else?

Why does this happen? I don't understand. Somebody explain please
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It means you were born to be a NEET.
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>Why does this happen?

you're a bit beta
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it is our natural state, you have to bear it with a grin

that mostly involves becoming this sort of inverted person where everything is an attack on you but the person you pretend to be just absorbs it all and the normies love it

its pretty soul draining but it works

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What will be the final nail in the coffin?
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>only time prenups aren't thrown out is when they benefits the woman
Really makes you think
why the hell would he even marry an ugly hoe like that. she obviously is not any prettier on the inside either.
Well he's muslim so who would want to tolerate that kind of husband for such a long time

check this green text story

>be me
>be high school chad
>hang out with other normie friends in library every day during lunch.
>awkward girl comes to the library every day because she has no friends
>Mentally pick on her by calling her my woman and shit like that.
>she cant tell what the hell is going on because all my friends are laughing their asses off
>this goes on for the next 8 months
>she thinks we are her friends and always around my group.
>I start ironically being nice to her.
>one day in my third block she hands me a note while im leaving to practice
>i take the note while not looking at her and leave.
>I have no idea what it says but im about to give it to one of my friends to read out loud in the locker room because im an asshole.
>as im passing the note, i look at the first sentence
>hey, im really awkward and i like your face
>my jaw fucking drops
>I snatch it back and realize its a huge ass note

this was yesterday and this girl kept giving me looks today. im planing to to say i lost the note and never read it.

I came here for advice, anons.
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>sperg out when a girl says she like him
Take pics of the note and post it here. I'll tell you how bad it is.
i didnt even sperg out. this was just unexpected from this person. i never gave two shits about her.

I cant take a picture of it but it says other shit like, "i like your music" and "I like it when we make eye contact" and " im tired of telling myself i dont like you"

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Women hate thread.

Because anger is better than sadness.
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Fuck these raging whores. I hope they all die.
He probably abused her from that chair
File: 1482322889347.jpg (261KB, 608x2308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Highly doubt it anon, don't be retarded.

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i want off.jpg
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>parents want me to make something of my life
>they know i want to die
>mother talks to be about it
>tell her that i don't like being alive and would rather do virtual shit than real life shit
>explain to her that i can do everything without leaving my computer
>order food, make money, be entertained, exercise
>tell her the only reason i haven't shot myself yet is because of video games
>the only reason im alive is for video games and relationships with virtual people
>she laughs at me and says "ok sure"
>she thinks that shes some master psychologist and that she knows theres some hidden reason i havent told her about, like i'm secretly gay and haven't killed myself for my lover's sake
>she really believes this
>my dad says "ok" and walks away after i tell him about it
>they think im pathetic
i want off the fucking ride
i want off the ride
i want off the ride
i want off the ride
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you'll grow up

Kill yourself and leave a note that says

"Ran out of video games"

Ultimate toasty roasty
parents asking you why you don't do anything with your life is their version of asking "when the fuck are you going to move out of my house?"

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What's wrong anon? My big boiclit turns you off? Most guys fantasize about anal anyway...
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Fixed. Now I have some work to do.
>he's afraid of a hard clit
>What's wrong anon? My big boiclit turns you off? Most guys fantasize about anal anyway...
Dumb sissy white boi.

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>one chance at life
>wasn't born as a girl
>wasn't born in Japan

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being the lazy depressed guy I am being born in japan would be a nightmare
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>One chance at life
>Was born into a world where I know what Japan is
Japan's birthrates are a conspiracy to make millions of depressed westerners

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Who here still hasn't fucked up NoFap September yet?

>be me
>going into the 7th day of NoFap
>holy shit desu, I haven't gone this long without playing with my dick in a decade
>sexual thoughts of cute girls keep entering my mind, literally dozens of times a day
>have to fight off each and every sexual thought using my mighty might and unparalleled newfound discipline
>balls feel a bit weird
>all the woman at uni seem hotter than ever
>today, the slight stare at Stacy's revealing, toned upper arm made my dick 62% erect

I don't know how much longer I can last boys, my brain really, really wants its expected dopamine release... but... I wanna say I'm emotionally feeling mildly better since I've started. We all gonna make it bros... Remember to just try and keep your mind over your cock.
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just jerk off every friday thats what i do and it works
Anon, the point of NoFap September is to go the entirety of September without jerking off.
Abstinence is unhealthy. If you never got the girls before, what will make you get them now? The only difference is that you're squirming in your seat and walking around with an erection. Wet dreams and fantasizing about fucking family members.

"My testosterone has increased due to not masturbating for 3 months, now women are magically attracted towards me and my family loves me again!" said no-one ever.

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Why are you still alive?

Be honest.
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While I don't enjoy being alive, I can't bring myself to commit sudoku.
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My parents would probably die from grief. That, and suicide is a sin, and I don't want to upset God
i want to see WW3 in person, main one.

my last psychiatrist told me i was amazing, every patient he had ever had who had been through as much weird crazy shit was either a hard core drug addict or committed sui

im like a cockroach

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robots? ha! you're are all a bunch of niggers. prove me wrong.
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Can't you're right
Orginality is key
This ol' Briar Patch has cost me nothin but trouble, and mo' trouble!
Holy shit. How have I been so blind? I AM A NIGGER!!

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How many times has the average millennial woman been gangbanged?
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>How many times has the average millennial woman been gangbanged?
Dumb sissy white boi.
haha pwogwamming XD
p.s there was a gift in the options field ; )
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Probably only a few times, but they take many different cocks individually.

I would consider fucking a fat girl, but from photos I've seen a lot of them have gross looking pussies.
What are the chances a chubby girl has a nice looking pussy versus a gross one?
Also, does it feel the same ?
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she thiquete
I only have one rule when it comes to fatties and that's what I like to call the "knee rule". Basically, if a woman's knees get to a certain point, where I can't really see their fucking knee, it's hiding underneath all that goddamn leg fat, that's when I say, "no thanks".
I've fucked two fatties and both had pretty pussies. Probably their most flattering feature.

Fucking a fat girl is fun. Lots of squishiness to grab onto. It's harder to maneuver, but it can feel just as good as skinny girls. If you want to try a variety of position, it's just not possible on a fat girl.

I like fucking both. I'd have no problem with a fat gf

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where did western society go wrong
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I'm so glad that western society itself is being criticized again. We are an evil, God-forsaken society that must burn in the lowest rungs of hell.
Does anyone remember election time 2016? All this LARPING about "saving le western society and "muh traditionalism" and "le based Trump" yet it all amounted to jack shit.
Let this be a lesson for all you kids out there - when you have a problem, actually solve it, instead of just LARPing about it.
Sexual revolution in 1960s was the start of the decline of western society. Jews pushed it to get revenge on Hitler.
it all depends on your perspective

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Why don't you even try to get a gf?
List your reasons

>not compatible with fe-males on a mental level
>every single woman besides a few white ones would hate me for holding /pol/ tier opinions, yet I'm Mexican so I can't and won't go for white women
>getting in a "relashunship" is probably shitty and unstable anyway
>I'm 5'7"
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>unwilling to throw away my resources and free time for something that will likely fail in 10-20 years
That's a main reason for me OP. Other than this, manlet, so I'm fucked anyway
I literally want to spite god.
I'm too far gone man. How would I even meet her?
I'm a friendless shut in with no future prospects. There's too much shit I'd have to fix before even worrying about a gf.

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