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>having a small dick doesn't matter
>a girl's past doesn't matter
>you can trust roasties

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this jew behind the camera for Dogfart is really annoying
Thanks I found that really easy to masturbate to
the worst part is that she's a filthy degenerate slut and i hate everything she stands for yet i still jerk off to her

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I am being 100% serious.

What have black people contributed to the world?
Any inventions?
Ideas that profoundly shaped the world in a positive direction?

I like watching football (gridiron not the cuck yuropoor version) so that's one.
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potato chips I think. that's about it.
The free labor that was necessary for the U.S. and other colonial empires to develop? Gotta give some level of credit for that.
>inb4 called a lefty/cuck, etc.
Oh, apparently they made peanut butter also.
They're pretty good slaves, or so I hear.

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Does it even matter to try to be a good person when CHADRONE exists
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he's an agent of /pol/ trying to take down international banking syndicate by corrupting their already corrupted daughters.
no one would suspect a beautiful mixed race felon
he looks white
Nah, he's mixed. He looks like Steph Curry, if curry wasnt a bitch

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What did she (male) mean by this?
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reading chinese cartoons, what are you underage
>not reading chinese cartoons
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Nobody does bro. We all use animu shitty reactions for laughs, the only one actually reading/watching this filth is a handful of autistic weebs

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Could someone post the link to the r9k map? Thanks in advance.
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>It's the "anon makes a thread about newfag shit with a pic of Sam hyde" episode again
>the r9k map
wtf is the r9k map?
You mean the zeemap for gay hookups?
I'm not going to faggot
>newfag shit
>has been posted on and off on r9k for years
Okay whatever you say. Are you excited that school is starting back, sweetie?

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So now that it's obvious that the world is going towards a Hegelian union of capitalism and communism with total control over everything, how exactly can one even plan to start living outside globalism, /r9k/?

There is nothing good to hope for anywhere anymore. Trump winning has not caused a shift in the cultural zeitgeist that was expected.

Do you think you can live outside society? Are there any countries where there are still normal people who aren't indoctrinated into these insane ideologies? Or is a house in the woods the onIy option (if you're rich enough, and only for a few years until it all becomes too much regardless)?

What kind of a life can one have in this world outside the mainstream that could still be considered worth living? I wish I could go to the US and have a nice homestead and hunt and fish and farm with a wife of similar mindset, but that's just a pipe dream. And doing it alone in a shitty country just seems pointless.

What is one to do if they're not their kind of people?

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You can definitely still live outside society

But you should also reexamine your motivations to do so. The internet had made the nation state obsolete. Science has proven race is a social construct. To choose to hold on to these ideals because they make you feel good is no better than a religious person choosing to maintain their faith for the same reason, it's wilful ignorance.

Why not just choose to be a part of society and come along for the ride?
Thanks for the suggestion but I'd rather kill myself than sell my ass to Satan, sorry.
By living on a farm, growing what you eat, limiting your expenditures, and living how humans lived before all the tech stuff(not cut it out but limiting it)

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>just woke up
>it's noon
I'm enjoying my cup of covfefe, how about you?
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Just lying on my couch wondering if I should go back to sleep or not.
I wonder what is wagie doing now?
Pretty good. About to get off work in 30 minutes.

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How many years have you been on 4chan?

How many years is too many?
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>How many years have you been on 4chan?
>How many years is too many?
i've been here nearly 5 years

honestly 1 hour on 4chan is enough
i wish there was somewhere better to go
when its not a bunch of trolls/shills its retards posting the same thread everyday, and then there is all you sadcunts
but its the only unfiltered discussion i can find even if often warped.
the rest of the internet is numales, chubsters trying to be the next boogie for some reason, and betas who try to tone police everyone interesting. and i guess worrrrstar kind of people

>you're out on a Sunday stroll at the park with your gf when this dude slaps her ass and says "whatre you gonna do about it faggot?"

wat do
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Throw a piece of chocolate on the floor. His body type shows he's incapable of refusing sweets, he'll attempt to pick up the chocolatey goodness but will never be able to because of the fucking truck tire sized stomach he has. He'll fall forward and cry in disgrace, calling for mommy to get the forklift to pick him up as no amount of power generated by any amount of humans can lift up this literal flesh based wrecking ball. The local news will ask why this level of obesity is allowed in today's society but it will be cut short as the cameraman zooms in on me, slapping his ass on live t.v. shouting "WHAT IT DO JIGGLY BOO, LOSE SOME WEIGHT OR YOUR HEART WILL KILL YOU" then picking up my gf like the piece of meat she is, take her home, and give her pussy a good drilling.
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qcb3 that fat piece of shit
I dunno, I haven't really fought any bobs except in treasure battle.

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diner old men.jpg
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What do they talk about everyday?
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Real man stuff that we never be able to relate to
Their loser sons and what to do about them.
The Jewish problem and what must be done

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>tfw no one ever posts in your threads
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im here now anon. you can let it all out
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why doesnt anyone ever reply?? i post my feels here but its like even in this place im alone and no one cares or understands im so tired of being alone man sometimes it feels like i dont even exist
hey now its okay. take a deep breath and drink some water. i feel alone too. we all do and thats why we're here

>I love going down on women, I feel totally in control and like a true alpha when doing it
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Eating pussy is like sucking dick: only fags and women do it
That looks pretty hot.

t. cuckold
I love the pheromones that come from eating pussy. It makes me hard and makes sex better because it makes her more wet.

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Do girls know that getting choked is dangerous and you can easily die because of it?
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That's what makes it so fun.
You can't easily die from being choked, faggot. Maybe if you had an aneurism in your brain but you'd be likely to die soon from drinking too much coffee anyway
No it's because it restricts oxygen to the brain triggering a dopamine release.

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Honestly can't think of anything that would make me happy. What do I do now?
This realization scares me.
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Just give me a pity post and I'll let it die
You could travel or whatever. Or you could just kill yourself and get it over with.
Life is pain, distract yourself with work/hobby/whatever throw yourself into an obsession and wait for the end

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infp people please post in this thread

other types welcome i guess :3
no bullying allowed tho
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your a stupid fag >:(
infp tranny here
i cry a lot
and i want death to take me
it wouldn't be that bad though if i was
there is worse stuff to be

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