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tears of happiness.jpg
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>made an instagram because friends egged me on
>mfw over 100 followers within a week, despite having only 1 post and mental illness
>mfw oneitis is following me back

We're all gonna make it lads
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Instagram is not a good app if you dont have a cool awesome normie life

It will do more bad than good
How did you get 100 followers in one week with just one post?
>made an instajew because I'm a normie
>mfw over 100 followers within a week, despite having only 1 post and a self diagnosed mental illness
>mfw stacy is following me back

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Is the beta uprising still a possibility?
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well we're going to need alot of energy
Give me dubs right now
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hang in there guys, its gonna take me a while, maybe even years to plan my vengeance, but you wont be disappointed, that I can assure you.
Say what you will about Elliot Rodger, I know there's some mixed opinions on this board about him, but he did kinda prove that even if you're beta, you can still secure a place in history.

We get mocked every day, by almost everyone, both political parties think we're pieces of shit: The right thinks we're beta males who won't do anything but play video games all day, and the left thinks we're all giving up on women, and that men are leaving society in pursuit of entertainment.

What I'm saying is, maybe the beta uprising isn't that bad of an idea.

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So it looks like he really is going to be impeached
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I'm scared, bros. I think they're really going to get him this time. Why the fuck did he say some of this shit? All of this shit, the primaries, the general election, all for nothing. Because he couldn't keep his stupid fucking mouth shut. Now the country is doomed.
IF it happens if it does its President Pence unless something happens I voted for Trump no regrets hardly his fault he's been politically cockblocked on issues
politics are for normies, if you care about this shit get the fuck out.

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draw and post results

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original results
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This is how you draw kirby
File: pix2pix.png (457KB, 1350x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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results of this original posting

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Who do you respect more, a guy with no gf or a guy with a fat gf?
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i would never date a guy who dated a fat girlfriend before

khv >>>>>>>>>>> fat burners
Probably the guy with no gf. Every guy I've seen with a fat gf is a sad beta husk that is submissive and timid of his hambeast.
The one with the fat gf. He has his preferences, isn't ashamed, and is likely well-adjusted. That's not to say everyone without a gf is equal, though. Some are more focused on their career or genuinely too busy, which I respect. Some are going through emotional issues and sorting themselves out, which I also respect. Others rationalize that they have "high standards" or don't want to slut around with degenerates, etc. I don't respect them. I also don't respect people who think that they can't get a gf.
This whole thing is more nuanced than your OP but it's an interesting thought experiment.

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Why are all the girls I'm attracted to not wife material
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I used to own that shirt but it got stolen at at a hospital
Feels bad
Could they pull off an Exmilitary shirt is the question
Girls don't listen to death grips. This is a trap

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normiedom is the path to the ultimate redpill i was a NEET virgin like you, then i forced myself to live the normie life, and it has lead me back to NEETdom with a greater understanding of and hatred for normies.

until you yourself experience the meaningless existence of a wagecuck and see the bread and circuses that validate normies' lives, you cannot truly hate them. you probably even envy them sometimes. i have been redpilled beyond return by normiedom, it's all barren out there, their lives are even more disgusting than ours.
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You had a job? Get off my board asshole normie. Your kind isn't welcome here.
It's sad to say but you are right. But I need to work to afford my bread.
Here's a red pill for you. You forced yourself out, because you hate the neet life. Who the fuck wants to be some social retard who only gains pleasure from pathetic attempts at insulting the people that keep you alive (wagecucks). You're essentially an internet hobo and this thread is your bench, where you spent all day in your filth, shouting at normies who don't hear a word you say, because they're too busy being healthy and functional human beings.

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Am I beyond hope? How long will it take for me to be thin?
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What is the solution?
You are me pretty much I was 250. Changed eating habits and became a bit more active without knowing/trying and lost 40 pounds over the span of a year.
Also 230-40 isn't really bad.. more along the lines of thick which isn't really a bad thing. Can easily date unless you aren't confident about your weight which is the case for most people

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What's a redpill that every robot should take?
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The redpill that redpills will deny you happiness and success unless you have very strong willpower. Redpills lead to mental illness or at least neuroticism, the primary reasons that hold robots back. Unless you are strong enough to accept the redpill without being disillusioned, then you're better off with the bluepill.
wew 10/10 this fag knows what's up

twin towers did 9/11
Are cyanide capsules red? If so, I'd reccommend that redpill

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Daily reminder that this entire website is infested with normalfag incel trash. Yes, you reading this, there is a 99.9% chance you are a fucking normgroid piece of shit
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>Daily reminder that this entire website is infested with normalfag incel trash.

You say that like it is a bad thing.
To you faggots its not a bad thing, because everyone who isnt a chad/incel already left this shitty site years ago.
i got paranoid schizophrenia

so fuck you normies

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tfw no qt gf with hip dips
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got some more of those, mate?
Fucking disgusting. They take at least 2 points off of a """"""""""""""""woman""""""""""""""""""".
damn what a body for rape

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>tfw a white person tells you "you're a credit to your race"
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Just shades of brown
>Caucasian people
Actually diferent colours

Explain yourself
>a white person gave me a back handed compliment
>i'm still a nigger
I'm trying to figure out, could it be it's not intentionally backhanded, its more like "wow thank you for not fulfilling a negative stereotype, you helped me be less racist"

its still racist but at that point isn't it a detriment to try and educate them? don't they have the right idea anyhow?

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>be me
>19 M
>skinny 121 lbs manlet
>near-hikkikomori, no job, no friends and no car
>Gaming desktop located at room in dad's house

>dad is a 190 lbs outdoors war machine
>goes to gym every day
>was excellent student at age 19 and had no trouble making friends

>tfw gets fed with "when I was your age..." bs
>tfw dad got ballistic tonight, said "kid if you don't hit the gym with me I'll pull the plug on your desktop"
>I can't take my desktop anywhere else
>If I go to the gym all of his friends will look at me in a weird way (I know them) and I will literally melt down like a pussy

Any betas here born in an alpha family?
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>they will look at me weird abloobloobloo

Dumdum, everybody starts out as a skeleton or fatty at the gym. They aren't going to laugh at you and call you a faggot if you keep going and get fit.
Your dad will coach you into a chad. You should go. The gym is easy
>You should go. The gym is easy

No, it's really not. I can't even do twenty push-ups in a row like he does. I won't be able to withstand their glance, not even once. Especially given the kind of patronizing fucks they are.

>tfw your local high school chads also train there too

how would you feel if you found out a girl was stalking you?
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Indifferent worst they could do is kill me
I wouldn't care. If she's hot I would probably give her attention.
Would want to marry her.

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Today is the day! I have $33 in Super Lotto and Pwoerball tickets for today's draws, and I'm going to win one of those jackpots.
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good luck anon, i really do hope you win
File: powerball.png (509KB, 492x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you the same anon who have been making these threads for years? I truly hope you win anon
What state is super lotto at?

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