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Last thread didn't work out so trying again, I am;
I don't really have any standards beyond don't ghost me and have a vagina (I am not into traps sorry)
who interested?
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originalally me
what's up homie
how are you doing senpai?

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>last few days
>been feeling more depressed than usual
>spend at least half an hour a day doing only what I could describe as wallowing in self pity
>feel weaker than usual
>takes double the effort to do the things I do on a daily basis
>legs are wobbly
>fingers and arms feel stiff and hard to move
>walk is staggered and feel like I could fall over at any time

I haven't done any serious physical activity in the past week, or at least nothing that would make my body feel like this. I don't know what's happening
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I'm in a similar position. Got laid off from work about 6 weeks ago and I've hit a pretty low point right now. I wake up at noon, have something to eat, mess around on the computer for a bit, then go back to bed around 2:30pm.
Your obviously lying cause it's 8am
Maybe its because you havnt done any serious physical activity for a week. Do some excercise ya fatty

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Why is the female body objectively more attractive than the male body?
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probably because you're a dude and you're not attracted to other dudes

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It's not, female bodies are weak and mushy, they're mediocre at best, but for the most part, they are ugly.

Male bodies have much superior aesthetics when pushed to their limits.
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I absolutely agree OP

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My name is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do. I just fucking hate this world and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as l can. It's time for me to kill and it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.
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send pics of first kill
I'm surprised that's not a pasta desu. Was it any good when it came out? I'm guessing not.
what position do you want to be in when i take photo

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Do any other robots fantasize about holding hands with a cute boy and kissing them?
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Not really. I'd more interested into fucking them rough and leaving them.
All the time, small skinny boys are the cutest thing in the world to me
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That sounds a bit rude, anon. I won't hold it against you, though

i'm a handsome man with his shit together, the kind that would never even give you the time of day irl

looking for a vulnerable fembot to talk/play with

don't care what you look/sound/act like
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im a fembot

how do i contant you?
have discord?
I'm like OP but better in every way. And I care what you look/act/sound like.

>cant walk down the street with 4'11" korean girls groping me, feeling up my arms and saying "hewwo handsome!" or asking about the BWC

damn, life in Korea is so fucking crazy lol!
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where you originally from? what made you go to korea?
American but im an ugly italian with a big nose and egg head face
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dead moose meat.png
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the police are gonna track your ass down
we gotcha

Why does this fucking RETARD look better than me. literally the chad of autards. How can we win when our looks are surpassed by defects, bros?
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we can't, accept that and it will hurt less
>ow can we win when our looks are surpassed by defects, bros?
You can't. You literally just can't.
The guy has a challenger and college meth money, what do you have?

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>Get the bus into town
>Surrounded by smelly old people and ugly chav single mothers with noisy kids

I'm not even in London
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>ugly chav single mothers with noisy kids
You see these all the time. You can just see the failure,mistakes and distaste for there kids in there eyes.
This picture actually makes me feel sympathy for the plight of the Negro.
They were probably cute as teenagers, but they have the kids and they let themselves go and it's just pathetic and depressing to witness. Their ego about their own attractiveness gets converted into being overprotective of their kids and treating every guy who isn't Chad as a pedo

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>"ehhhh anon, who invited YOU to this party anyways?"
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Blend yourself you sketty damp bag of puke i will shit in your grandmas ears you cunt.
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89e (1).jpg
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It's obviously a carnivals party, so everyone can come.
>The host did

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MBTI tests
>Beginner level
>Advanced level
>Bonus test
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Repostie since old thread died

INTP (this post >>38635189)
Land down under.

Probably too late for getting a reply now.
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"Your test was inconclusive"

Th-thanks you too.

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1, Get a job. Don't apply online, walk into the building and look the manager/foreman/whatever and ask if there's any extra work needed to be done. Offer a couple weeks free work if need be. Whoever's hiring you will be impressed with your go get em attitude, they'll refer you to someone else if they can't take you on at the moment

2, Clean your room, open your curtains, dust the shelves, have a shower, turn off your computer, go out in the sun, walk in your yard or a park

3, Apologise to your parents for this brief downhill spiral, and say that you are trying to level out and reverse back to normal

4, Start watching what you eat, reduce the amount of time you spend in the dark, learn how to cook

5, change your wardrobe. Seriously, those loose jeans and old hoodie do not work. Buy new shoes, buy a casual shirt with a t shirt underneath, slim jeans and a necklace. Show that you do have character and aren't some joke that someone will post on their social media

6, Interact with people. You nod your head at someone, and they nod back, your confidence will explode through the roof. Ask the cashier if they have been having a busy day. Dog comes over to sniff you, ask the owner how long they've had it, what breed. Ask the storeperson what brand of tools they would recommend, even if you don't intend on buying.

7, When you feel comfortable enough, join a club or the likes, something that relates to something you're interested in. Book club, gun club, knitting club, I don't care as long as you are with people that will see that you're trying new things and will help you out

9, The rest is up to you. If you followed these instructions, good tidings will come to you. Almost every complaint about being stuck in the robot zone has come from lack of determination, willpower and foresight. I sincerely hope you all the best, and wish you all the luck in the world.
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This is the most retarded and oblivious thing I've ever wanted my time reading. Stop larping you faggot
>Have a good job
>Clean empty room
>Apologized to my father for being a disappointment
>/fit/ enough for otter mode but really don't want to get bigger
>tried multiple styles but not I just end up in t-shirts and gym shorts most of the time
>i do small talk if people don't look annoyed
>tried going to book club until i realized it was all 40-50 year old women
>i dont know of any gun club but i go shooting at the range weekly

None of your advice helps. I am still a 28 year old kissless virgin getting up early in the morning to browser /r9k/ before work.
i joined the cup stacking club, but things only got worse for me

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What made you become a NEET?

At what age did you become a NEET?

Are you trying to get out of NEETdom?
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1: the lack of friends and gf, r9k dont count because we're all NEETs and I rarely get the experience from them.
2: 12
3: if i can actually get a gf or some friends who are fun NEETs then maybe.
Extreme social anxiety and problems at home causing me to never want to go to school or leave the house


If I can
I never had any plans for my life and I never tried anything. I was always too self absorbed because my family is shit and abusive so I could only see the negative in life
I always spent all my free time alone but after highschool I had a lot of free time
Not really, I'm oldre now and I have to deal with anxiety on top of going down a negative spiral every time something bad happens, I don't have any control over it and you can't exactly change your life when anything can send you spiraling down
I currently am figuring out how much I can do from my home as it minimizes contact with the outside wich minimizes the risk of something bad happening
I picked up a couple skills and actually have productive things to do during the day and goals

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>tfw handsome man but can't find a gf

Life is too cruel.
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nice post OP
enjoy your ban for """"""""""""""""""""""""""breaking rule 3""""""""""""""""""""""""""
sage and reported for posting picture of yourself
Its not actually a picture of OP its a picture of someone who uses R9K and had there picture stolen.

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>tfw Chad asks you for help to not look like a dumbass in front of his new gf

>tfw you begrudgingly teach your life skills to Chad so that he could appear to be a mature functional human being

>tfw you are still a khhv at 25

>tfw girls won't even give you a chance, when they would gladly go out with a Chad who showers twice a week, is a man child all over, and doesn't consume anything by cheetos, cheerios and protein powder.

Sorry just needed to express feels.
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A manchild who showers twice a week is by definition a robot, not a Chad.

He's tall, ginger and has a decently handsome face.

He has no trouble finding gfs. They usually don't stay for long though. But he's never single for long either.
Not a chad

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