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Haven't it in a while

What's for dinner robots 08/14
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Probably miso soup with tofu. That's probably it.
Papa Johns for me. Plain cheese pizza with garlic sauce.

Anyone else here /garlic sauce/
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I have a theory that I definitely don't wear a fedora btw that we are literally the same person. you and I, the I aka the ego, is identical. We feel we are individual but we actually aren't. prove to me my theory is wrong.
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well you see, we are both individuals, therefore we are both individual to one another. case closed
I dislike that image because it enormously oversimplifies the issue. Most people aren't scientifically literate enough to even know what 'being the same species' entails. It's purposefully inflammatory while trying not to be informative.
go back to pol you fucking nazi

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Is 5'10 an acceptable height for a girl?
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It's a little tall.
I prefer a girl 5'2-5'4 but there are A LOT of dudes who like tall girls. A lot more then I thought
Dating someone who's just an inch or two shorter is kind of nice

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Write a letter to someone. Vent, let it all out here.
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To me.

Fuck you die.

From me
To Blake

I love you and hope youre well.

to c
idk if im gonna kill myself or not but if i do ill miss you

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ok that will be $10.50 plus a tip please.
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potato rat.png
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>plus a tip please
Sure, here's you tip, my fair lady
it was a bad idea to drop out of high school to raise Jamal's son, get your GED dumb fucking whore
I have never once in my life actually heard somebody ask for a tip. That's rude and honestly I would probably be slightly offended by that and not give them anything extra.
>it was a bad idea to drop out of high school to raise Jamal's son, get your GED dumb fucking whore
>implying everyone who works in fast food is uneducated
You're an idiot. I've worked these kinds of jobs while IN school. Part time jobs are a good way to make money while studying full time. You'd know if you ever had to work a day in your life while in school.

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Alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel something
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Thats a very masculine arm desu
Strange, alcohol usually takes feelings away
Seriously? Did you already try to cut into your arm? You should really feel something.

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>no facebook
>no instagram
>no twitter
>not even a reddit account

Anyone else
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Bonus feel:
>when your oneitis has over 500 fb friends and 300 instagram followers
>tfw even your thread is non-existant
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Yes, I wouldn't enjoy my isolation if I had to deal with social media.

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>4 days into college
>already isolated myselfrom all of my dormmates
think I'm boutta do it boys
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Woah is that Sammy Gunnz?
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>just started college
>thinks he should be a superstar by now
do it
Yeah it's Sammy boy.

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>You are autistically trying to get all your predestinated items from the store.

>This girl blacks your path

>"Eh white boi. U know where tha magnums at?"

What do you say?
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I take her back to my house and ...
Probably with the rest of the condoms
Point her over towards the pharmacy corner where the birth control is

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what does my 4 month old gf mean by this?
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>OP here again

sorry me a dum dum
me no understand weemen

plz halp
She's pregnant
organo comment
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>my 4 month old gf

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If women are having more sex than ever before then why are there so many males who are virgins?
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Who knows?
It's a secret to everyone.
I'm not a virgin. Really what I realized is women respond to bullying and aggression. Not desperate aggression but the more domineering personality type.

I'm average at best and I've had 12 sexual partners over the years. I can't remember if that's above the average but it's been enough for me.
what id give to drown in Laura's giant tits. just smothered between gasping for air, dying with a smile on my face.

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Why does every liberal hate white people? Literally, EVERY SINGLE liberal/feminist that I met hates me for being white. They dont listen to what I say. And I am not even right-winged, I am more neutral, I dont even care about politics that much.
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I'm a white liberal and my gifriend is a black liberal feminist. I don't know what you're doing wrong, but you're obviously not doing something right
maybe they just hate you because you're a man ugly pathetic permavirgin? :^)
Nice bait shlomo origjnal

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i despise this
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beta cuck retard

why it's pretty good senpai
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>white beta can't handle spices hotter than luke warm water


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What are some of your dreams that you know you will never achieve?
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knowing exactly what to do in life
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Key lime pie :,(
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Not dying alone.

Are you le ready for le cool and quirky autist man?!
If so, give me a HECK YEAH, you crazy penguins (I call you all penguins, coz you're cool :p)!!!
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I geniuly hope this is good I don't really have high hope's though.
Their probably just go over the quirkiness and not the actual serious parts about or their fine some way to tune it down so it not "too sad"
They did it, didn't they?

Now normies will start saying everyone of us is autistic, because you helped them push this stupid meme by spouting "autism" "I'm autistic" in every fucking sentence, they did it we have truly lost the war now.

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