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What are you listening to, /r9k/?

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Such a catchy song, the normieness turned me off from it until recently.


Funky tune that Kanye sampled in one of his songs. As always, the original is always better. The harmony in the hook is what gets me.

Last thing I listened to.

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Why can't men control themselves? Why is it so hard not to turn into savage beasts when it comes to sex?
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Men can't stop raping anymore than women can stop lying.
I swear to god if you guys fall for ops bait
Why can't women control themselves? Why is it so hard not to turn into sappy romantics when it comes to relationships?

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you see this?
you know what this means anon
No talky till im done
>*slurrrrrp slap*
>*satisfied moan*
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i have to watch you drink tea?
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no wait i hamrer u!!!!!
is this a wagey ting??????

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>get up earlier to play pokemon go
>it's raining outside
>stay home and lurk r9k
>raining stop
>dress up
>rain starts again
>back to lurk
>raining stop
>dress up again
>rain starst again
is it sign from god to be comfy in house?
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>tfw too scared to play pokemon go because i live in a shit neighborhood of a shit country and can't pay the data usage
I-It looked real stupid anyways...
Put on a raincoat man! You in Perth?
Just try again tomorrow fag, don't make excuses

D-Does my boipussy look clean to you?
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Tip top lulz OP

clean and tight

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Theoretically speaking, if I started to jerk off less, could I increase the amount of testosterone?
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no because you sitting on your ass is producing too much estrogen
What should I do, doc? Go bike?
No.There is no correlation. You know that you dont have testosterone in you ejaculate right?

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>tfw virgin
>tfw kissless
>tfw no qt gf
>tfw 5'7/170cm
>tfw 16% bodyfat
>tfw only bench 72.5kg/160lbs
>tfw lonely
>tfw skin hungry

Honestly why even live?
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None of these are major issues except the 5'7. Sorry bro, that's your biggest anchor and it's unchangeable
>Honestly why even live?

That's what I keep asking myself. I'm running out of any reason at all. I feel very emotionally numb most the time.
The loneliness is killing me. If the feeling of hollowness in my chest went away at night my life would be so much better

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What are you having tonight?

>Filet Mignon stirfry with Schezuan sauce and rice w/ chopped green onions
>tfw you can cook for yourself
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>fillet mignon
>le rick and morty schezuan sauce xDDDD
honestly burger thats better then what most of your fellow murifats eat, but thats still pretty trash
whats the point of wrapping a beautiful eye fillet in diabetes bacon if you are going to chop it up anyway? doesnt really make sense 2bh
t. chef in real country
i had eggs for dinner
We bought some tri-tip to use with it, but that went bad early so we had to go get something else. All the other meat looked meh.

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> tfw have a gf
> we want to be in a poly relationship with another girl
> no other girls are interested in a couple of NEETs

How do we stop being degenerate and feeling these feels? Why does thinking of having a girl we could both cuddle, love, protect and live together make us so happy? Why does it feel so nice to imagine being cuddled up in bed under a blanket all three of us, while watching some horror movie with snacks and later playing vidya together?
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It's beautiful.
I had it before.
Best time of my life. Its the only time I felt like I had a real family. Don't listen to the christ cucks and people who never had it.

Go for it anon. But MOST IMPORTANTLY.

Communicate. Always. Keep everything out in the open. No secrets.
>muh humblebrag

literally fuck off you piece of shit.

Don't even care how the other person looked, or anything else, as long as she held communication and being open as the highest standard, while also felt good with us as we did with her. That and enjoyed spending the whole day cuddling.
A closed poly relationship is impossible without very good communication anyways, and even then it's probably set to fail, but for some reason we still want this so badly. Still, it seems others are only interested in a fully physical one time relationship and not an emotional deep connection between multiple people. I can't blame them, because we want too much.

How fucking stupid are teenage white girls nowadays?

Your entire life story, everything you've ever experienced, your entire future, and your family's well being thrown away because you used your PLUGGED IN PHONE in the FUCKING BATHTUB?

Like wtf? How pathetic!

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>Implying it wasn't intentional.
it was a cell phone. girls like her are glued to their cell phones 24/7. Apparently the addiction is strong enough to pierce basic logic and critical thinking skills
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I take my phone into the bath too jack off from time to time and the shower when the mood strikes me.

Never when it's plugged in though.
That's degenerate.

>can't sleep without faping beforehand
Here I go again
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im doing this for 7 years now
its a daily toutine at this point
at least it relaxes you right
atleast you can do that

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The following 22 seconds show why you don't have a girlfriend you fucking pathetic, weak loosers.
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>pussies, right?
>getting social advice from a youtube video

kekkkkkkkkkkkkk to the nth degree
There's no fucking way that picture is real.

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How can you guys not love tattoos and piercings?
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Its a bit much sometimes

They were probably already nice without drawing all over themselves
It can look cute depending what it, where it is, and how many she has.
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because they are shit

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>tfw becoming gayer by the day

send help
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Happening to me also. Starting to think this place is a psyop to turn us gay or into traps.
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>send help
do you wany help becoming gayer? because I can help you with that
Roasties brought this shit on themselves and are literally unsalvageable

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>best friend
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wow, a 1/10 and a 3/10

Why did you post this?
Poor cuck boi
Do you have a hard time believing girls and guys can be friends? Never had any childhood friends before?

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