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My 23andme DNA test says im 4% Japanese, feels good man im already planning my holiday. AMA
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I'm 4% jew. Does not feel good.
my mortal enemy, i fear the samurai
mine said im 4% ashkenazi
let my Japanese pride anime powers overwhelm u, i now identify as a Japanese man

The woman i once loved has finally done it. Ontop of being blamed for my best friends death and going through court for it atm among a million other problems. Abusive family. Poverty. Major physcological problems. She hasnt even waited a week to tell me the baby is hers and im not welcome at her home. I just broke up with my girlfriend i was incredibly happy with for her. And the only thing i had keeping me going was the baby. Which i will have to go through a court battle, and inevitably lose being a man with major criminal history and substance abuse history. So im live streaming my suicide. Facebook style. Im adding back all my family who have helped along the way. And of course. Her <3. Her name will be revealed to those i deem that actually want to watch this. And not whistle blow. My email is [email protected] . There will be no limit to acceptance. But its happening today.
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It's like a movie

you sound like you are free of responsibility now and can go anywhere you want

yet you want to off your self for attention?
Not for attention. To hopefully inflict some of the pain ive obtained over the years back onto those people.

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I'm trying so hard to detach myself from the concept of women and relationships, but every time I see a certain girl in my uni I just wanna curl up and die, how do you guys do it?
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>how do you guys do it

By staying inside as much as possible
-29 year old kissless virgin NEET
>gifted people do well in life
yeah no shit, your OP image kind of states the obvious. I mean why shouldn't charismatic, courageous or gifted (ie. worked hard to develop a skill) people do well?

The first two are born privileges and fair enough, those people get a leg up, but the others are all personality traits or things you can work on and so of course they give you advantages.
Without gf you have no motivation to work on them.

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He is right, you know.
There are legit problems that come with liberalization of society, it's just that people wouldn't understand this so those who knew encoded everything in religious laws instead of producing actual arguments. We are not religious anymore, so these laws are obsolete, but the arguments still stand.
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I know he's right, but we're just in a transitional phase before we evolve to something else. Technology has changed things so that men's labor has become practically useless. I have no idea what we're going to evolve into, but all the men opting out and not reproducing shows a large amounts of genes are going to be discarded to make way for the new ones who can survive in this new landscape.
did you miss the part where women are now graduating college at a higher rate than men and are earning more than their male counterparts? Men have become obsolete.
Schools/unis cater to females. Most teachers are females and male teachers are discouraged.

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So I just became a wage cuck. I got a job in a warehouse, and my fat ass sweats ALOT.

I Keep getting chafed under my arms and on my thighs where they rub together. Obviously the maim source of the problem is I'm fat as shit, but being realistic, that's never going to change.

I use aquafor to relieve the already chafed skin, but what can I do to prevent chafing all together? This shit is unbearable.
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Take this as an opportunity to lose some weight you dumb fattie.
Invest in a good pair of compression shorts and put gold bond powder between your legs at the beginning of the day.
t. Fellow fatbot
I was about 300lbs when I started my janitor job. Thighs rubbed together so bad, it was awful and painful. I used gold bond medicated lotion during my down time and let my legs air out while I was at home. Eventually either you're going to lose the fat in your legs or the skin will become tough enough you won't chafe. It's going to suck for at least two weeks, but you'll be fine, I promise.

Use this opportunity to eat better and take care of yourself, and your warehouse job should make you reasonably /fit/ just doing regular work. I was walking 8-12 hours a night and lifting heavy shit while I was at it, so I got stronk, you will too.

tl;dr - just give it time, your body will get used to it.

What is the slang of this board and what do they mean, add more if i missed some

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Gtfo new fag reddit is calling fucking cuck.
Consult an online meme encyclopedia like the rest of us did if you want to belong.

-t. oldfag (been here since 2015)
ive been on 4chan since 2010 but i havent really been on this board much

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Schizophrenia is the after effect of breaking the social conditioning we've received since birth

There is no cure, enjoy your time while you have it
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How do I stop the constant paranoia, senpai?
How do you stop the initial paranoia? you can't your mind thinks your body is in danger and is trying to warn you of a danger ( most likely irrational and non-existent danger )

How do you stop it from sticking? cold hard logic and facts, rationalize everything as far as you can and judge for yourself if it is likely, possible or plausible as a truth

Every time you get paranoid just lay down the solid facts, try to determine the probability of it being true or not and remember no one does thinks without a motive,
if you have a paranoia of someone or some group stalking you ask yourself what do they have to gain from this, if you cannot find a proper motivation it is most likely not real ( remember for some people "just to fuck with you" is a motivation, weak one but motivation none the less )

TLDR; You can't stop it, you can just deal with it with rational thinking
Paranoia is a form of obsession. Just spread the obsession around.

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Is it possible to move to another country and marry an online gf?

>talk to girl from richest country in the world
>she's beautiful way out of my league
>she comes from a rich ish family I think
>she knows I am a poor peasant from a small farm town and poor family
>guys in her country propose to her and she says no
>she's a virgin and only had one kiss
>she owns a nail salon and is successful
>she thinks her new business will make a lot of money too

So how the fuck do I do this? I joke all time about proposing to her not being serious and we talk about sex and she's agreed to give me blowjobs and handjobs while we wait to have sex and I kinda prefer those. We never stop talking or run out of things to talk about we literally text all night and then all day and she never ignores me or anything. She comes from a country where girls can't act like sluts and have to obey their parents and only lose their virginity to their husband and the country is beautiful

What do I do? I mean we just started talking and it's not that serious yet but we talk a lot and I've never had conversations with a girl like this i tell her stuff I've never told a girl before and I really want to get away from my evil crime ridden country at the same time. She's the only girl I've talked to that doesn't talk to a shit load of dudes trying to pick out the alpha and right now it's all fantasy and I'm not even sure about it but is it possible?
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>I mean we just started talking and it's not that serious yet

Anon, if you've only just started talking but she's already agreed to give you blowjobs and handjobs then I suspect she may not be quiet as pure as you are imagining.

This. You're too gullible op
>Is it possible to move to another country and marry an online gf?
In my dreams, yes.
I don't know how the hell it works in real life, though.

But seriously, I think you should at least try. As you describe it absolutely depends on her.
If you think you have a chance you should visit her for month and then see how it goes.

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So why do manlets dress like total faggots again?
Pic relate, it's what manlets think looks cool on them.
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>None of them is white
What are you talking about? They're effay as fuck
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I thought double digits were always right.
looks like i was wrong

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who here /misophonia/
i got it real fucking bad, threw an ash tray at mom knocking her out one time because she was chewing with her mouth open

it's getting so bad I'm getting impulses to gouge my fucking eyes out when i hear someone breathing heavy

this is torture
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I think I have it as well. It is hell. One of the most disabling things I can think of aside from outright paralysis.
what triggers your jimmies?
Itt special snowflakes who claim to be sensitive
Euthanize yourselfs

What do you imagine the average robot on here looks like when you read greentexts?

>skinny white guy named evan
>fatty named eugene
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And you?
Probably taylor or somthing
>Hugh jackman looking turbochad, reads each greentext aloud in maniacally cackling tones from his oculus Rift which he wears as he squats 700lbs
>not Henry
That's a more appropriate beta name.

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Am I still a normie if my gf is an autistic weeaboo?
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maybe not if you teach me how to get one
not him but ive found gf material here on r9k

you just gotta know where to look. post in femanon threads. you just need to spend all hours of the day on r9k.

sometimes you cant tell the gender of the person writing the posts (you can obviously tell this was typed by a man) , but once you get them going they start using lol and emoticons a lot

so in summation my fellow bot: have an eagle eye and check the site all day. my discord is Grink#5210 . keep me appraised of your success or lack of thereof

You don't want one mate trust me so many mental issues

How the FUCK do you talk about other people with people?
I get real anxious when I have to mention other people and avoiding all this has caused me to end up here.
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Forgot to add:
Now I fucking have to talk about a girl with my dad or I will fuck everything up. I just can't do it. I've been crying on my bed for some days now because this is too fucking hard for me.
>Now I fucking have to talk about a girl with my dad or I will fuck everything up

what is the context here
>get out of the basement after many years
>still live with my parents because I have no job yet
>find a girl
>we have quite much everything in common
>she asks me to visit her and her parents
>it's a 2 day trip
>I have to tell about the trip because I can't just disappear without a word

This feels harder than it sounds. I have pretty much zero skills on talking about other people, I even avoid mentioning other family members. Usually I just say "the people that live in [insert city or street name here].

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What cartoon characters did you guys have a crush on?
Wednesday Edition
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both of the girls from teen titans
Raven and starfire, they were nice esp raven.
buttercup from ppg

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>still not out of bed
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>still not out of depression
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>still have yet to get to bed
>still way to high to sleep
>Bag isn't empty

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