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If dubs my fate is sealed
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Not today pupperoo
your fate will remain open
these dubs do not lie

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Thread for discussing methods of pleasurebording and talk about how good it feels after.
share your experiences and enlighten new robots who haven't tried this method of stress relief yet.

I've found out yesterday that it works best when you lay on your back while doing it. really adds to the experience.
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Daily reminder to stay safe anons!
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day reminder to not accidentally kill yourself
that would be a shame
lol what the fuck anon

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>"women are emotional children"
>"women are also emotionally manipulative masterminds"
>"men are the logical gender"
>internet is full of macho men getting in fights because they can't contain their rage
when did you realize TRP was a meme?

my last 3 gfs have all put me on an absurd pedestal, and in retrospect it's clear I was the emotionally manipulative one each time. Yeah sure, some women are "like that" (I saw them in college too) but you must be coping big time to honestly believe AWALT.
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>my last 3 gfs

Anon , We already talked about telling lies online.
my friend please delete this.

but yeah I'm a normie now, sue me. used to be a robot til I cut the toxic bullshit.
women arent manipulative, its just that men will go to great lenghts to get sex
if men werent attracted to women they would probably treat them as second class citizens

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Why are tentacles such a popular fetish in Japan?
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something to do with censoring out penises back in the day, Japs had to find a good penis alternative to use in their erotic art and settled on tentacles as the next best thing
Those tentacles seem to appreciate the finer things in life
There's pre-20th century Japanese art of women being attacked by octopuses. It's probably just the fact that Japs are inbred island chinks who worship the ocean.

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Post what you're listening to.

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good stuff, rude english gentleman is great
on a bohemianwhispers binge
You know how l can tell you're a virgin?

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>3 out of 4 videos hot in australia are pseudo incest
what is wrong with my country
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thats the hot videos in every country my man
the squirting is more shameful
You know it's because Indians and Chinese people are getting more internet access, right? Every single Indian porn video has "aunty" or "mommy" in the title. Indians are OBSESSED with incest. Look it up... or don't, because Indians are fucking disgusting things.

Alternative hypothesis is that it's because of weird 8-12 year old boys looking up porn because someone mentioned it on MineCraft.

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Anyone else notice her "Response to 4chan Bullying" video is deleted?
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Happened in the last week then since I watched it recently
Probably a bunch of butthurt babies reported it.
It happened in the last 3 days.
I posted the video in some leddit thread about 4chan bullying like a month ago and it got like 5k views the day I posted it. Maybe that has something to do with it?

>"What's that, Anoncchi?"
>"You're still a virgin?" Don't worry, Onee-chan will help you out!"

What do you do?
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>you're not a horse gtfo normie waifu
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>"Anon, don't you know it's unhealthy to be attracted to horses?"
>"Why don't you stroke your cute penis to me instead?"
>tfw no Nozomi gf
is a bad feel

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Why do you want a gf? Do you want a friend? A mommy? To get laid?

Personally I just want a mommy (cuddled, breastfeeding, caring) and someone to tell me everything is going to be okay.
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I'm just incredibly bored all the time. I'd settle for some friends too. Just someone to hang out with or do things with. Right now when I'm not at work I either sit in my house playing video games or wander around aimlessly by myself, and its getting old. My desire for a gf goes away when I'm occupied or jack off.
I'd love to have friends, or a girlfriend, but I'm incapable of making any type of relationship actually last.
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Guys let's say there was this roastie who was in my tutor group last year and gave me signs but I was too autismo to notice. I want to lick her vag now. How do I chat to her on normiebook?

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download (5).jpg
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>mfw women can literally make money for being themselves on cam sites
>they literally dont even have to do anything besides taking off their clothing and being in their natural state.

think about that for a bit.

why do women live life on easy mode? it's unfair.
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Because men let them. All female existence is secured by men.
I hate more the man that enables it. Thousands of faceless ones in twitch/twitter who throw money at roasties playing games. It's so pathetic.
>women can literally make money for being themselves on cam sites
>by taking off their clothing
>why do women live life on easy mode?

>why do whores live life on easy mode?

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Someone be my friend or already talk to me. [email protected]
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What are your hobbies where u from
USA west coast I watch a lot of movies and game sometimes. Most of my time is spent here though.
M or F? You probably wouldn't want me as your friend if you're a girl desu. Too much spaghetti.

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This picture is of a chad who used to bully me in school, and hit my friends face against a wall and knocked his teeth out.

How the fuck could such a sociopath get a girlfriend? I live on the same street as him and have to watch them making out, I fucking hate life,any robots have tips on dealing with the chad?
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Only one thing left to do at this point.

Suck his cock
Sorry to burst your bubble but chad always wins.
In what world is this ugly kid with shitty hair a Chad

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Stop playing with your genitaIs
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But I like the tingling feeling I get when I do.
dont touch ur donger
babingo xd
Knock knock knock Penny ;D xD

>you will never hypnotise Misty into being your personal cum dump
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>tfw that stupid pokemon episode about the papparazi where pikachu thinks the camera lens is a sniper rifle and you see misty in her slutty outfit laying on the ground dead gave you a bizarre shootout fetish
I never understood hypno fetish. What if she just pretends and stabs your dick with a pen.
I like the thought of having someone go completely against what they would normally do in order to become my perfect slut who obeys me and only me.

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Anyone ever call a suicide prevention line? Are they actually useful or is it just a bunch of dumb bimbos on the other end?
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if you actually want help goto your local doctors office and get referred to a psychologist
Its a trap as soon as you call them they automatically backtrace you and the mental police are on their way.
I did once.
After a while it became obvious they were poorly hiding their contempt for me, so I gave up.

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