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How old was the youngest girl you' were ever interested in?
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never got the chance to get interested in younger girls, I don't meet them very often
but I don't have very strong restrains against it, I just obey the rule of clock
I was 7
How is that not original!?
In relation to me or just in total? First oneitis I had was a few months older than me when we were both 15-16. Current one is two years younger and I'm 22 now.

How do cutters deal with public scars?
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Just try my best to hide them. It's some shit I regret doing everyday.
Bandages and hoodies.
They don't, they show the world because they're attention seeking faggots. They only regret it and start to hide them once they actually grow up and become adults and realize how sad it was that they were begging for attention.

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Heinz or branston? edition
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Plz let me stay.
nah m8 the boat 4 u
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Can't really taste the difference to be fair
Post waifus

What is a cool thing to say after fucking someones else gf?
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>if you tell anyone about this I'll fucking kill you
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"b-b-but we're still friends right?"

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Onii chan, it's too cold in my room.
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Really? Let's swap rooms for the night then, mine is a fucking oven, especially in summer.
Sorry, I guess you're just going to have to freeze to death because it would be creepy if you stayed in my room.
Bitch I know you pooped the bed again

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How do I make myself cry? I feel like I need a good cry. It's supposed to be healthy and relieve stress.

I can't remember the last time I cried. I feel so dead inside.
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Bump pls help me cry bros
>the white race will be the minority sooner than you think
It hink about the happy times in my life, which were so few and far between and so very, very long ago. I then think about now, how i'm a useless waste of space waiting for my mom to die before my eventual shotgun suicide. Usually gets the job done.

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Hi! Welcome to my first tutorial where I'll teach you how to talk to a girl in class, on a date or anywhere else.

1. Ask a lots of questions - Girls loooove to talk about themselves. Just smile and nod and think about the next question in the meantime.
>So how's school/work doing?
>What exactly it is that you do? Your job sounds so interesting!
>You have a great figure! Do you lift?
>Your family sounds so interesting! Are they as interesting in real life?
You won't even have to talk! Sometimes, you can add some info about yourself and be like:
>I want some McDonald, but it's so unhealthy! I like to eat healthy, do you think we should go to McDonalds sometimes?

How to take her out?
>I'm such a coffee/tea lover! I'm addicted. Do you like coffee? .... No? ..... How can you not like coffee? You just haven't taste the right one yet! Do you want me to show you?
>You are so nice, do you go to a gym? Do you think we could work out together sometimes? I usually have to go by myself...
Just be nice and don't be too pushy if you don't feel like it.

Look into her eyes. You probably won't because you're scared little shit. Well, just look at her forehead, right between her eyes. Smile at her and keep the eye contact. If you will talk about something with your friend, keep an eye contact with him and also sometimes look at her so she would know that you are telling the story to her also!

Don't compliment on her looks. You can tell her she is nice though. Girls don't want to feel like your sexual object. You should usually compliment only one part of her body: ie. eyes, nose, hair.. not the whole face! It's too cliche.

Don't be afraid to crack jokes. Try to smile and seem interested when she talks about herself. Just fake the look that you care SO MUCH about what she says about her ugly smelly ass cat or her boring friends.
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This thinks works if you are ugly?
>Just smile and nod and think about the next question in the meantime.
Don't do this. Pay as much attention as you can, remember as much as you can, maybe even take notes asap afterwards. Bringing up something she mentioned a long while back will potentially earn you anal sex.

No of course not. If you are under 6ft you have bigger problems than just being a social retard.

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>you will never ever experience taking a qt virginity
>it's too late
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>that pic
fuck we cant go back
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I fucking hate this place

kill me
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>I was here for a moment. And then I was gone

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How are we gonna destroy the James Webb Space Telescope?
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Accidentally sneeze on the lens, such insufferable damage will permanently disable this installation.
>How are we gonna destroy the James Webb Space Telescope?
We need to find a way to get it away from the scientists
>pretend to be scientist
>walk into facility
>go near telescope mirror
>sneeze on it
foolproof plan honestly

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Would you rather have everyone you know see your all of your 4chan posts or everything you've masturbated to?
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Posts because those are atleast funny fampai.
I have jerked it to some very uhh niche shit and it'd be far harder to explain than a simple
>holocaust never happened but it should have
posting streak.
4chan posts.

I never shitpost too badly, since what I fap to, would seem degenerate even for most of you faggots.
>large portion of posts were HPM memeing on /gsg/
Dunno if they would understand the autism desu

why the fuck are these yellow nigger spics even allowed in this country? pic related.
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I want my mommy republican gf, stfu
she's a fucking sandersbot
She's halfway /ourgirl/ still. I'll take it.

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Have you taken the Brap pill yet, r9k?
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Post more fine asses
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its the hardest pill to swallow for many

Thicc Braphogs intimidate betas
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I like asses
But i dont wanta bitch farting in my face
Youre beta if you take that sitting down

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Who else loves to piss off normies??

>go into school's bathroom
>whip out peiner and piss all over the sink and mirror
>piss all over the floor and walls
>pull out tons of toilet paper from the dispenser and put it everywhere and loads of it into the toilet
>lay toilet paper on the floor and shit onto it
>pick it up and use it to fling the shit onto the walls

Take that wagies.
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>pissing off normies by doing what normies do all the time
You're really dumb ohpee
If you really want to piss off a normie, start dating one, and then break their heart and harass them.

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How does a short, balding, large man...
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Get to put his dick inside this?

Is there hope for the rest of us?
because he has a fun personality
Because she's crazy and has an insane amount of health problems

Why do you think it's hetero to like traps? They got dicks after all...
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Genuinely interested in this.
sexuality is not a binary concept
that presumption is an arbitrary and limiting abstraction
there is no such thing as heterosexual
there is no such thing as homosexual

there might be sexual range personally expanded around things you will copulate with
No I'm pretty sure you're gay actually.

Take any other sort of aspect of human behavior and you couldn't bullshit about muh non-binary rainbow

>so I went to a Mosque to pray today
>oh so you're Muslim? I thought you were atheist? Did you convert recently?

>so I ate some lamb the other day
>oh so you're omnivore? I thought you were vegan? Did you change your diet recently?

>So I voted for Trump in the election
>etc etc

you get the idea, hopefully. you silly closet homo

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