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I want to socialize, but it seems pointless since everyone is a giant piece of shit.

>1: Equivocation (everyone is as bad as I am)
>2: Projection
>3: Kill yourself (in a way he thinks is very clever)
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Thats The beauty of Omelge, Anon. As soon as you've had enough, disconnect and never see the stranger again.
Well sometimes an interaction between a "piece of shit" and a robot makes both of them a little happier of fulfilled

Just try anon
Yo same, op. I feel like I can never have a real connection with anyone

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>tfw hung like a mississippi nigger
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Hey you dumb nigger kys
Nice humble brag faggot. Now fuck off.
Fuck off, you dont know what it's like

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>hikki neet
>looking for nearby jobs
>have no license or bicycle so must walk
>find one that is 30 minutes from neighborhood
>ad says $10/hour cash for cleaning tools & equipment
>ad says you must have a drivers license (no driving involved but im assuming for competency)
>called # to ask about position
>no one answered
>called a second time and still no answer
>scared to leave a voicemail

i want to try applying for this position despite not having a drivers license
its not an attractive job since its minimum wage and the job ad is 2 weeks old but hasn't been taken down... i might not be able to answer that call back if people are in the house, should i call but make an excuse like the phone being a shared phone and that he should contact me by email? that's my preferred choice, should i do it now?
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>should i do it now?
Yes, being proactive is never a bad thing. Though keep your expectations low, good chance they will just send you away when you don't have a license.
yeah im going to mention i dont have it but that i have a readily open schedule to work whenever they need me (i hope there are overnight work-times).
i feel that if they were really in need of help they might overlook it, hopefully...

im going to call again and leave a voicemail
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Do it now and you've been very productive today for your standards. Celebrate by fapping to You-chan and creampieing her.

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but i can live without you if that's what you really want

(i don't want that)
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Right in the feels.

Which isn't very original.

Remote. Exacto knife.

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Uh oh wtf is this lads.?
why is Britain upside down?
Why is it so hard to hold the camera right?

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I think my crush likes me. She sat down beside me in class the past two days, said good morning to me, and talked with me throughout the entire class.

How do I make the most of this situation and not fuck up?
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Ask her if she'd like to go for a drink sometime.


go back to >>>/soc/ you fucking normal
No girl has ever done this to me. I am a robot, and have no idea how to cope with a situation like this. I need advice from robots who have been in similar positions, not from Chads and Brads who have access to prime pussy every day of the week.

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Well /pol/? Why do you keep being dishonest about your bigotry and racism?
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and what it means if you are alt left?
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>Alt right bitch about shit like this
>Are racist and admire Nazis
Explain this to me
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you post a thing about pol on r9k because your thread probably got 404'd so now you come here and whine about muh "nazis" to a bunch of people who don't care good job faggot

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Does /r9k/ like where they live? Why/why not?
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Live in a suburb in the east coast of the USA.
It's incredibly boring, you have to drive to get anywhere within a reasonable amount of time, the food is fucking terrible and expensive. Fuck US suburbs.
I was born and raised in Dallas. I live closer to Fort Worth now. I miss Dallas. How was I supposed to wake up if there are no roosters crowing in the morning? How was I supposed to go to sleep when there are no gunshots to tell me the night is over? There are no good tacos here. Sometimes I go back to Dallas just to hear an accordion or two and see a few Confederate flags or streets named after confederate soldiers in the middle of a non whire neighborhood.
Rhode Island

I hate living here, mostly personal reasons. I was born in the Northwest and have wanted to go back since I was a kid

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I have hair on my pens shaft. Of I shave it, they grow back prickly in like 5 hours.
I was never meant to have sex...
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Let it grow in and burn it with a lighter will not be as prickly will not hurt and will not get ingrown hairs
Pluck it
I get the same thing. Its only on the left side and goes up almost all the way to the head. I just let it grow now since it itches if I shave it.

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What is the root of "tfw no gf"? How do we start treating the source instead of the symptom?

There must be an answer.
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I consider suicide.
Shame and subsequent self-enforced social isolation
Inoperable I'm afraid.

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Should I meet up with my ex after not seeing her for 2 years, she has a new bf now.

pic related
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wtf are you doing on /r9k/ you normie piece of shit
No idiot, are you stupid?
Someone delete this /soc/ tier garbage please

Friend is going out with a girl who I blew my chances with, she's so fucking perfect as well. literally best grill ive ever seen 10/10 virgin and best personality. literally want to slice my wrists. I also lied saying I'm not against it because I don't want to be that guy.
how do I not off myself?
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shoulda told him
I honestly doubt he would stop, seeing as of the situation I'm in with her and me and him having a really bad friendship so I just tried to be the good goiym but its killing me
**I was in with her**

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i only want to know if you forgive me or not
nothing else
but please
forgive me
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this seems like something that I could have write..and something that maybe I should tell to a certain person
what's your story?
i met a girl from /r9k/ who was perfect in every way and seemed like the only person in this awful world that i could every actually connect with

but she is gone now
i ruined everything
if i were different i could have been the person she needed in her life
spelling errors abound
i am desolate
i am desperate
i am completely broken without her

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A girl told me today I was getting a little annoying. I hate it when people have the nerve to talk to me like that. Who do they think they are? These worthless and pathetic creatures are not even filthy compared to me. They should just shut their stupid mouth and not get on my nerves with their mental degeneracy. Disrespectful rat in human form. And something like that has a right to live? Why is this world so unfair? I've been thinking about this fucking incident for two hours now. My day is pretty messed up now. All because of a useless idiot who can't keep her cheeky, pitiful mouth shut and thinks she can talk to me like that. She can't do that. She'll regret this. This whole day has been a fucking disaster. Life is nothing more than a cruel repetition of terrible events that take away all joy. No one has to suffer as much unmerited suffering as I do. Well, just another disappointing day in my miserable life. I don't deserve this. I'm better than that. It's as if the world has made a deal to make my life as awkward and unhappy as possible.
Anyway, how was your day?
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I ate pizza today. It was nice.
Sounds like you've had a good day. I'm happy for you. I just wish something like that would be accessible to me.
I can tell you really are annoying. I agree with her.

i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you
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Quit being a needy beta orbiter faggot then
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This is Snake. Who are you and how did you reach this frequency?
snake this is N i am on an unknown course I NEED YOU TO HELP CORRECT MY FLIGHT PATH

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