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so what exactly defines a chad?
Does he have to be blonde? Does he have to be American? Does he have to have a big dick? Does that mean if a guy is a 9/10, tall with a great smile, great eyes and face and body but a 5 incher he isn't a chad because his cock is too small? I see a lot of people on here claiming this and that are chads and i dont think they know what chads are.
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Chad just needs to be extraordinarily attractive, far beyond regular normalfags.

When you're so attractive that a girl has approached you or asked you out or something like that then you're Chad.
He gets laid easily, and doesn't even know how much pussy he gets.
Chads are defined statistically.
They're the top 20% of attractiveness of any male population.
There's no hard definition based on observed or unobserved traits.

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>breeds out your lineage

heh. nuttin' personal, whiteboi.
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>"breeds out lineage"
>shlomo has to pay these actresses a lot in order to show up in this porn
damn... how can white bois even compete?
yoo that girl works at the coffee shop I go to all the time... WTF....
I'm not white, and unless he cums inside, it's not kino

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Is it true that MAGA hats are the new fedora?
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No its the new kick me sign
Years from now hipsters will be wearing them ironically.
The fedorah cannot be replaced.

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>tfw my dad browses /r9k/
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What in the fuck. You serious?
hi son
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>tfw he actually does browse 4chan every once in a while

He's always ranting about Jews and minorities. It's the strangest fucking feeling knowing someome you know browses this shithole.

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>My Ex is pregnant
>I am NOT the father
>She is gonna be a single mom
I have all these weird feels.
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Stop being such a pussy. Man up and help the poor woman. So what if the kid is not yours? Dont be a manchild
Why would he help a woman who clearly doesn't love him anymore since she's his ex and whose child isn't his?

Why not just sponsor some orphan instead? They'd probably be more deserving of the help.
>not helping raise a proper and healthy child
stop being a boy, be a man. help raise the child to be all it can be, it needs a man in its life.

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Rin > Emi >> Lilly >>>> Misha >>>>>>>>> Hanako >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shizune

This is objectively correct.
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Pic related is the objective rating. Even approved by /ksg/
can't argue that
I agree except Misha > Lilly.

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You wake up with in a room filled with 49 men, and all of you are naked with your hands cuffed behind your back. None of the other men are up, but you can tell they're alive because all have pulses and are breathing. There's a window near the ceiling, and from the looks of it, the day has just begun.

What do you do?
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I want to one by one break the legs of the other men in their sleep so they cannot attack me.

Then I'll look for a door.

Your hands are cuffed though. I'd say we're fucked because we have no way to escape without a key.
They will wake up screaming, and all others will hang up on you, I'd assume.
Will they attack on site? What is their intention? I would quietly make my way for the window

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>finds me funny
>is always near me
>smiles at me
>jokes w/me
>reciprocates playful touching
>fidgets like crazy around me
It's obvs she wants to go out so what's the matter? Screenshots incoming
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The first screenshot I was talking about lasers from the product scanners
Laser tag sounds kinda weird on a first date to me, but she didn't immediately shoot you down. Maybe that's the only problem. IDK tho.
If she dances around your words, drop her immediately.
You have a life too dont let some bitch drag you by a leash.

Be honest here fellas, everyone on r9k is a normal person who has at least some friends and inst that ugly. I mean really, nobody can stoop that low in life right?
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sure, if you say so

off to NJ lacks
You see, kiddo, that's where you're wrong
>some friends
Closest thing is someone I occasionally see at uni. Sometimes we'll eat lunch together if we are both in between classes.
>isn't that ugly
Not sure if I'm ugly or not. Woman don't see too interested in me.

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I've got a pretty huge dick but I'm useless at approaching women.

If I sat next to a girl on a bus and 'accidentally' flashed up a picture of my cock on my phone, would she initiate?

Have I stumbled upon some in here?
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>If I sat next to a girl on a bus and 'accidentally' flashed up a picture of my cock on my phone, would she initiate?

You guys fucking crack me up
I guarantee you if she even notices, one of two things would happen

1. She'll notice it and think you are a fucking faggot who downloaded dicks to his phone

2. She'll notice it and think you're a creepy/get you kicked off the bus
>would she initiate?
Yes, she would initiate a restraining order. Wow sometimes you guys are clueless

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I went outside today and now I feel great. I thought this was a meme?
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Who knew sunshine was good for you?
I don't
I go outside all the fucking time and it doesn't change shit.
We'll maybe if you weren't so closed minded you might actually feel better? Hmm?

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I know that for cigarettes people inhale normally, and for cigars you're meant to only pull the smoke into your mouth, rather than inhale it into your lungs. My question is, why don't people ever do the opposite, ie. aside from outright nicotine junkies, if you have a nice cigarette, why not just pull the smoke into your mouth rather than directly inhaling all the carcinogens etc. into your lungs?

And I suppose a side-question for anyone who's read up on the medical aspects: what are the health detriments of smoking cigars (as in smoke-in-the-mouth) vs. cigarettes (smoke-in-the-lungs)?
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Mouth cancer vs lung cancer. People would inhale cigars too if the alkalinity of the smoke wasn't so high which will fuck your throat raw and make you sick. For regular smokers there probably isn't enough nicotine in a mouth hit for a cigarette to satisfy but if you're a casual do whatever. People either don't care or look down on smoking and what weirdo would be watching you smoke to check your inhale technique. Don't be a faggot that smokes to look cool. Do it to soothe your schizophrenia
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>he doesn't smoke
i inhale cigar smoke because otherwise it's just being wasted. fuck cigarettes though

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wagecuck lifting.jpg
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I have a busy week of masturbating to prepare for
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kek, I live in a country that doesn't support fucks like you. We let them work or die. Heck even in americlap you gotta be a legit mental case to get money. Bragging about being a literal retard is fucking hilarious.
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Fuck you NEET I'll carry you to your doom
your rage is more hilarious


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most pathetic depraved disgusting things you've done?
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Drank my own cum at the orders of another man.
I drink from the same straw that my friend or relative used
fapped a few times to people insulting me and talking down to me in threads on here

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ITT we discuss mental illnesses and different problems we have and deal with.
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Have to see shrink once a week for 14 sessions then back to twice a month for PTSD with psycboric features and MDD also anxiety all that shit I think therapy is a joke for me but might as well try
>I think therapy is a joke

Me too anon.
I cant stop being self destructive. Whats wrong with me?

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