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Have you ever thought about letting a man fuck your ass?
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Yes but I'm a nigger so it's impossible to be gay.
cute trap, yeah. no man Man who is bigger than me and handsome rather than cute.
men no
trannies yes

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Haha, guys! After me!

Now watch me whip
Watch me nae nae
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae
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Why do many americans seem to like these stupid dances?
That's a dance?

I used to see that shit all the time back when I taught middle school.
and nigger culture

>tfw finally summoned a succubus
>cummed in my dream
why don't you call a succubus ?
it's not what you think.Its just wet weird dreams
how do i did it.
>i just tought of a succubus before sleeping
>just called one from my mind (come succubus you can have my energy ) shit like that
it actually happened i had an erotic dream and could cum in it.
i had erotic dreams before but i never could cum in my dreams until last night
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damn anon who's your dealer
never did drugs m8
not even weed and alcohol
it's pure autism
Ive actually camw in my dreams a couple of weeks ago, shit was intense.

But i didn't do your cringy 15 year old demon summoning bullshit, it just happend on its own

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Young men do have the shorter end of the stick compared to women, but the situation reverses later on in life. Older women tends to be lonely and devalued by society like young men can be.

So instead of living like a bitter fag, how about dealing with the world with a cautious optimism? Knowing the cards you were dealt are actually pretty damn good at the cosmic level.
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Yeah but I have no talents or good looks or connections so what good is waiting till later? Women get to be wanted for fucking free, even if it works against them later.

What do I have? What do I get? Oh just be cautiously optimistic? Fuck you and your whore of a mother.
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Be a person you don't hate. That'd be a start.
>just be confident bro
Yeah, fuck right off with that shit. Being confident and loving myself didn't stop the whore you want me to see as an equal choose Chad.

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>already wish I was 17 again

Anyone else have this feel?
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wow kid wait untill your 25.
I know, this will only get worse. I dread every birthday, knowing these days are getting further into the past.

anon save me from this hell
I wish I was 15 or so. I've basically got the same amount of life experience now as a slightly less social normie teenager.

I've never felt this way before...
I've only known her a month and I already think she's the best person I'll ever meet. She told me she loved me when drunk. I don't know how any of this works. Love is a foreign concept to me. I don't want to fuck this up. Help.
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Love is nothing more than immense amounts of lust. Funny how most people find their "true love" within 100km of where they're living.

If you don't want to fuck it up, don't fuck it up.
Always thought the same... how many girls do you think are out there with whom the regular guy can fall in love with?
>how many girls do you think are out there with whom the regular guy can fall in love with?

Not entirely sure what you mean by this. How many girls are with guys that have the ability to "fall in love?" I don't know. Some must be good at playing the game.

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You'll never be this alpha.
Get over it.

(Secretly crying)
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literally who? suicide boys?
>these faggots

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Nope, way better.

Sucideboys ain't shit compared to them

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>Studies have shown that the most important way to achieve excellent performance in fields such as sport, music, professions and scholarships is to practice. Achievement of excellence in such fields commonly requires approximately 10 years of dedication, comprising about 10,000 hours of effort.[1]
What the frick have I been doing with my life?
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Gladwells a hack.
This is a shock to literally no one.

seeing the shitty 10000 hours meme repeated as undeniable gospel makes me want to kms

Who here /abused but didn't/don't give a fuck/?

Tough anons only ITT
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>born into poor family
>parents are abusive alcoholic white trash that got physical with me because they wanted to "drop out and get a job" to pay for their shitty home
>got a job but refused to give deadbeat parents anything
>get kicked out
>spend rest of my highschool years living in a youth shelter with pretentious staceys who "ran away" to scare daddy and sissy boy faggots who got run out of home for their extreme faggotry
>mfw listening to these soft fucks cry about how shit their life is because "insert problem that is entirely my fault here"
>strangely enough I know work as a youth counselor at my old highschool
>a lot of kids have problems I can relate to and I do my best to help and encourage them
>but every now and then I gotta deal with some special snowflake who thinks the whole world's against him because of some benign family problem and have to pretend to acknowledge his "depression"
>mfw trying to resist the urge to strangle these fucking kids
That is called survival and adapting. Have you ever heard of stalkholm syndrome?
Consider finding a new profession.

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Fellow robots, I need life advice right now.

>A few days ago I signed up for a sexdating website, just to see if someone out there could legitimately be interested in me.
>Few people looked at my profile, but no messages

>Except one

>Talk to some old lady who wants someone to care for
>Chat a little bit, try my hardest not to spill my autism all over
>Currently debating how and when I could visit her

Now here is the crucial part
>I'm 20
>She's 70
>I'm about to forever give my future wizard status to a witch

My dick tells me to stop being a beta cuck and get puss, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to cope with my virginity lost to someone for all we know could be my long lost grandmother.
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Just make sure she doesn't have a stroke when fucking her
>>>37829512 (OP)
>Just make sure she doesn't have a stroke when fucking her until she signs over her money

I wouldn't bro, it'll be gross and you'll regret it, I know you're desperate to lose your virginity and it'll happen, do you really want it to happen like this?

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What are some good robot movies? I'm bored and have nothing to do, but I don't want to watch normie shit
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I think Taxi Driver is agreed upon as the essential robot movie.
also driver
binge watch dark matter from SYFY

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anergy helper.jpg
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>can't get a job even though I've got a masters degree
>everyone telling me constantly YOU'RE SO SMART YOU'LL FIND SOMETHING :)))
>a whole fucking year passes

Why won't anyone fucking do ANYTHING to help me except give me these worthless 'buck up kid' pep talks? Even the career services people at my college won't fucking respond to my e-mails. I'm so fucking tired of reading about how MUH MILLINEALS WONT DO WORK, I want nothing more than a job but nobody will even interview me, the job market is ridiculously competitive. I can't even get interviews for the shit jobs I used to work because I'm overqualified now. I haven't gotten an interview for a job with less than 100 applicants yet. I make top 5 every time on those but it doesn't fucking matter. Not #1? Go fuck yourself maybe we'll call you for something someday, good luck with life faggot.

I should have just fucking dropped out and become a NEET 10 years ago instead of wasting 8 more years in school, it wouldn't have turned out any differently.
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And in which meme degree did you get a masters.
Masters in what?
If this is dubs, your degree is in African Dance Studies
its part of the system anon everybody expects you to start from the bottom (now where here) do you have ANY other job experience ? if not than you really need to get some. work retail for like 6 months and you'll be good

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>tfw you're trying to lose weight
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>tfw all you eat is pizza and junk food
>tfw your BMI is still underweight
who /pickyeater skelly/ here?
You're clearly not if you're eating all that shit, fatty.

6'1 130 pounds here, anon

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>tfw just failed my 5th job interview after graduating university 2 years ago
>go on linkedin or facebook and see former classmates all starting a career, forming relationships and getting married, buying houses, ect...
>still live with my parents because the only job I could find was a dead end low paying labour job

Who /failed normie/ here? I never should have fell for the education and job meme.
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Fellow traveler here. going to end it soon
Sorry to hear that lad. Look on the bright side, I haven't got a job at all.

19 years old, left school at 16 and have never worked.
Botched an interview last week. Applied to hundreds of jobs with no responses. I am totally fucked.

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Omegle bread

>talk to girl
>tells me her ex and her is red pill af
>even though he says ignorant and obnoxious things like "gass the kikes" (even though if you are red pilled you know no kikes got gassed)
>Talks about not liking muslims
>gets killed by a muslim

isn't this just pure karma?
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Kikes where gassed the true red pill is hating Hitler because he didn't gas enough of them.
lol they weren't though, go look up david irving
evening felllas

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