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Post the name of the high school you went to.
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my house

i was homeschooled
you know how we do when we do

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Let's try to have actual discussions and shortlist this time guys.
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The dream is alive and blooms in the daylight

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Do other robots exist in my state, Florida? I never see any.
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>I never see any.
no shit
Isn't Florida where Jersey Shore is?
why is she wearing anal beads

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what's le this XD
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I believe sand
*grabs bulge*
No its my peepee!!


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>tfw you JUST fapped to "that" again
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I swear that nigger has heart disease.
Just look at them swollen fingers.
if by "that" you mean male succubus porn then yeah i did and I'm not even gay.
Gonna fap to this now thanks. Anzu is ultimate qt. Wish there were fakes of her.

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comfy thread

wednesday feels edition
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nice pixels, anon. I can't see shit

but im down for a comfy thread
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why do these keep dying? does /r9k/ not care about comfy anymore?
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great feels senpai
>dropping out of uni (Im not American so it doesn't matter as much as it means to usa-eans)
>last quarter of college, then
>give no fucks because I'm leaving
>have an amazing time not giving a fuck

Thing is, I've done this 5 times already before this. I love leaving behind everything and moving on. It's partly because it's the way I grow most as a person

And amazing comfy feels coming up after this. I will be likely living as a modern hermit in a forest. Not a wilderness hermit, but one maintained by people. Like in the Romantic eras of Europe, there were plenty households who simply had someone else living in them, in total seclusion.

I'm also WEED LMAO af right now so i probably just talked about nonsense

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>female robots exist
fucking lmaow
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fembot here btw?
It's true, the experience of an ugly woman is the same as a normal man.

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I've been fucking myself in the ass for 80 min and still can't get a damn prostate orgasm! Did I get fucking memed?!
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men don't have prostates you fucking spaz
>prostate orgasm

you mean shitting?
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LMAO you fell for the anal jew, OP

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>One chance at life
>Born into family with no QT sister
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I'd sniff her feet
im still salty about this, OP

would have fixed my stupid ass life
I would unironically scrape the dead cells out of her toenail dirt and freeze them to eat over my tendies. Sprinkling is best. Feet pride.

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What's the state of r9k's underwear in?
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I have one pair and it's more rips and tears than actual cloth at this point.
you call those testicles? you sure you're not a trap or who's been neglecting to shave.
>wearing underwear
I'm in just sweatpants

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The nigger living next door is playing loud music and it is 5 am. What the hell is the matter with these people?
They are animals.
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One lives across my house

they are quite loud
Goddamn, do I know the feeling. The one's next to me how been threatening me ever since i called the police on them.
shoot them

if you tell them you have a gun to make them back off they might shoot you first

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anyone else get really excited about going to sleep simply because it means you don't have to do life any more?
going to sleep is always the highlight of my day
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Sleep is good because, despite how terrible my life might be at the time, I can at least have great dreams.
Yes but I always wake up;_;
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>tfw can't sleep as long as I want
I wish I could sleep days, weeks, or even forever.

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Work Neet.jpg
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How do you get neetbux in burgerland?
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If you're autistic that definitely helps
#1 Be a Non-white
#2 Disabled physically/(maybe Mentally?) incapable of any type of work
Those are about the only two i know of.
What do you do when you already have them but they make you go see a doctor for disability determination?

bots, what the hell do you guys do for lunch? i can't cook, i either burn it or undercook it. i only eat a shitload of take out, i'm too autistic to get up and cook for my self when i'm hungry.
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Cooking is learned over time. Watch more food network. If you burn or undercook things you need more practice. You should be practicing everyday but our generation is used to ramen noodles and easy shit recipes when we should be learning more every day instead of getting take out.
>Watch more food network
how does this help? i look for recipes online and it doesn't really help because i never remember to buy the ingredients when i go shopping and i'm too afraid that i'll fuck things up and i also don't like a lot of things so i rarely try anything new. i feel like cooking shows would be even less useful than reading recipes because you would have to write down the recipe. what do you learn from these shows?

not OP, by the way, just someone who only started cooking regularly in the last year.
>too autistic to cook

But cooking is literally following recipes with specific step-by-step instructions. It's like an autist's dream.

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Does anyone else play any Shower Games?

I like to put a washcloth over my face then sit under the faucet, timing how long I can last
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I like to turn the hot water all the way up and see how long i can stand in the water before moving out of it
I think you literally just described waterboarding.
I like to put the removable showerhead against my ass and fill myself up with water, then see how hard I can squirt it out against the wall

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