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Hey guys what's YOUR definition of being a (fem)bot? Someone who's a complete shut in?
Someone who just goes through out their day without interacting with anyone and just getting to point A. To point B.?
Last question, is it possible to be a (fem)bot and still be social? Like putting a facade because you're so numb to everything so that no one can know how you really?
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A girl who posts on r9k and does not mention her gender to get attention.
At best doesnt mention her gender at all.
as a fembot, i agree with you completely.
Girls and boys arent much different overall.

Should i hit my dude weed lmao bong again and play Zelda, or use a sex toy and go to sleep? This is after a stoned 2 hour overwatch session
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Keep smoking that dank herb, my man!
What do you owe anyone? Invest in yourself and make yourself happy!
This might be a little surprising to you OP, but no one cares
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I literally cannot explain how lame drugs are verbally or over the internet.

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Blacked is the best. The production is superb. If white bois want to compete they are gonna need better production value than their generic porn with shit white men fucking women who looks like shit in horrible production. And White men fucking white women is basically nothing, have no contrast, no dominance, and since white men are mocked as cuckolds and losers, white non-dominant loser men fucking white women only while are cuckold for blacks and loser for other races and the white women is valued above the white male, looks pathetic.

White men fucking white women pornstars after being cuckolds, losers and valued lower than black men like alpha male in porn industry above the white male, is pathetic. White men are shit in American porn, and white men try sometimes to portray themselves as jokes but never behave like dominant men, seems that the porn of white males are afraid of have the best women of other races to fuck, the white male is not worshipped since they create any random narrative but never around the white male.

Whites only produce generic basic bitch porn with white women

The girls are all beautiful yet with none of that slutty look that most pornstars have. I just imagine I slipped into a chocolate pudding pool and I can see myself as the one fucking them.

They get the best white women, have the contrast fucking the women of other race, are the dominant men in porn industry fucking women of other races, the men have big dicks, muscle with the best white women and the narrative is the best white women or asian seeking, wanting to be fucked and worshiping black men above white men with their narrative of seeking women, undesirable, generic, non-dominant basic bitch only with white women and demoralized by white women for other race.
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wtf I'm a /pol/tard now
Did the white dude get in a bad motorcycle accident or is that thing on his leg STD related?
All of the people in that pic look disgusting.

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>Be me
>Acting fake as fuck
>fitting in (sorta)
>keep cracking jokes and making people laugh
>many more people join the bystanders
>start making jokes about depression and suicide
>people laughing harder than before
>one girl isn't laughing
>she says "You're not fucking funny"
>I say "I know right! You don't have to be funny to want to fucking die!"
>everyones smiles turn into pity
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I thought it was funny anon, but I guess normies will never know
You're not funny anon. People smile around you because you're pathetic and they are trying to give you a reason to live.

Maybe you should just submit to your urges and turn in. If not, stop fucking whinging on my Laoation Croquet Forum and shitting up the place.

Alternatively, if you absolutely have to keep complaining about your totally mundane, unoriginal life, you should try checking out wizardchan or even reddit. Those communities love self obsessed teenagers who think that their pain is unfathomable and hasn't been experienced by literally anyone else ever.

You know what? You're just as bad as those fucking tumblrina's who all compete in the oppression olympics. This entire board is full of dumb fucks like you carrying on about how THEY are the most depressed despite being above average intelligence and how the normal world doesn't make sense to them. This board started as a meme and moron's like you flocked to it thinking everyone was being serious.

It's worse than fucking /pol/. You're not special, you're not different, in 5 years you will remember this moment and go "wow, I was a fucking immature little brat, I can't believe I thought life was hard then."

Until then I want you to walk to your garage, hop in your car, pull onto the nearest highway and then when you're doing 90mph wrap yourself around a light post. Maybe being horribly disfigured will give you some real perspective on what it's like to actually live a life of suffering and having real disabilities to hold you back from participating in life will validate your inability to socialise whilst also garnering pity from everyone around you. Because that's what you want isn't it? Pity and attention? Plenty of that for burn victims in wheelchairs who can only eat after their meal has gone through a food processor.
Oh, and if you actually die, good fucking riddance, nobody here will care, your parents will no longer have to worry about supporting you and you can stop being such a fucking burden by stomping around yelling at people how sad you are. People don't crave your presence, it's tiring to be constantly have to be a good person around you. But we don't whine. We strive to be better, stronger people. Maybe if you stop feeling sorry for yourself for one fucking second you will find that you too have the constitution to be better than the useless retards that populate /r9k/.

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What a poison to dream of and wrap my head around
I see you in the hallways and I'm curious what you think of me
Am I dirt to you like so many others are to me?
Maybe you can use me then to grow
And I guess I'll never know
But you can't stay mad forever
Unless you decide to live in the past
But that would be your own problem
I want to write to you over the summer
While my back breaks on a thoughtless commitment for something I don't really know if I want
But the pain of your rejection would crush me like a bug
It's a fitting punishment really
I'm an insect after all
I guess I have 3 months to make my choice
Maybe it will be impulsive
Maybe I will think about it forever
But then I would be living in the past too
And that's my own problem
Is there really no other way to do this?
I didn't know what else I was going to do
Opposites don't attract
And I don't think trees and flowers can grow in gunpowder watered with gasoline
It's self destructive
I hope my skull cracks and I can find the answer
A breath of fresh air might help
I haven't had any in a while
But that's my own fault

Hell, everything's my fault...
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how come that owl doesnt have any eyeballs?
Its sleeping
File: normal-radius-ulna.jpg (28KB, 1050x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's an owl pretending to be an alien

your mind is tricking you into thinking to be an owl but it alien through the lenses of your eyes into photon manopulations

>raised by single mother
>drop out of sixth grade
>mom "home schools" me
>do nothing but play vidya, jerk off to g/fur
>crippling depression at 16, gain more and more weight. No change for six years
>Decide to finally sit down and read Mein Kampf
>Holy shit
>Hitler was a god among men, understood how society ought to be
>National socialist women were humble, modest, and caring. Good mothers
>National socialist men were hard working, manly, moral warriors
>Realize the international Jewish community is the reason why society exists in its present state
>Jews are behind the corruption and perversion of the west
>They stole the amazing life you would have had, had the allies accepted national socialism
>Get fit, get a job. But nothing will ever make me fill fulfilled

>Inb4 /pol/tard get out

/pol/ itself is corrupt. They unironically believe that Trump is working for us, when in fact he is a pawn of the Jews. If you really want to know why Stacy has unrealistically high standards, or why Chads head is so far up his own ass, you need not look further than the Jewish question. Adolf Hitler fought for common folk like you and me.
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Any other national socialist robots on /r9k/?
Ah, I guess not. I shouldn't be surprised, jerking off to ladyboys and animal abuse isn't allowed in NatSoc society.
I don't care about nation socialism since this society has gone to far into degeneracy. But NSBM is tight.

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>not tonight, anon. mommy has a headache and has to get up early
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Mommy, why are you like 20 years old?
who is this chick
shes hot as fuck

>tfw lurked for 8 years
>tfw too shy to post
this is my first post. please respond
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I know those feels man, its alright. I did the same thing
it would be an honor to respond to you lad
but you should leave while you can, R9K will turn you gay, go visit /fit/ /pol/ or /fa/ to save yourself, im not even joking.
h-hey anon :3

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>Hey anon! Fancy meeting you here!
>Wanna go for a jog with me?
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Nah, I'll just by myself. Thanks for the offer.
if by jog you mean sitting on my face and suffocating me with your thighs and butt then yes ill go jog with you
I'm a 5/10 but I have muscles so maybe...

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So here's a question:

Why do girls moan when they're fucked? Men don't do shit like this but girls - always.
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What? I moan, grunt and talk dirty when fucking
First of all men do moan sometimes. Gay bottoms usually moan. I think it's a submissive thing.
It's to get men to hurry up and finish, they actually don't like sex and fake it. It's like when you mash a button to fast forward conversations in games

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my girlfriend just dumped me guys. can you help cheer me up?
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Tell anon what happened. How long were you together?
It's not too late, anon. You can win her back.
Just keep apologizing to her and appeasing her.
6 months. She just wasn't feeling it I guess. She said she doesn't know if she could be happier. Hypothetical stuff, it sucks. I loved her though, very deeply.

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His stats
>21 years old
>5'6'' inches
>106+ lbs
>blonde hair

>19 years old
>150 lbs
>black dreads

Do any anons have good advice.
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>how can i look like him
im so mad yohio didnt get to perform hearbreak hotel at eurovision
Yeah. Do you have any advice? He's so hot.

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>look at other people talking
>their eyes are relaxed and they are smiling
>when i make eye contact with them hey seem uncomfortable and awkward
>no matter how hard I try to make them feel comfortable and act normie, they almost look at me with pity
>tfw im pretty sure i stare too hard or maybe just really ugly
>tfw I will never lead a normal life because of this
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Yeah, I'm the same except people just seem to hate me for whatever reason.

We'll get people in here blaming us to infinity but I just can't do anything about it anymore. Perhaps this was the fate I was always meant to have in life.
just be yourself
it's not fucking hard
you're trying too much
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anon the truth has been revealed to you...the ancient secrets have now been told

File: 1458624021667.jpg (46KB, 456x488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey shia i know you're reading this you big retard.

you're an idiot. you're deadset just the biggest fuckwit. the reason i act the way i do is to spite people like you. i do it to for the reaction and nothing else. sure there's going to be a couple idiots who take things a bit too far but that's how it is everywhere. and in a community filled with spergs, like no shit it's gonna happen. stop generalizing the community. the moment you do that, everything just collapses on itself because you're just perpetuating the exact inequalities you are 'supposedly' fighting against. you're a hypocrite of the highest degree.

you get angry so easily. if you were actually funny, you might have actually gotten somehwre but ur not and now ur a meme. it's all a joke. a fucking joke senpai relax.

look at the people who support you. they have nothing going on upstairs, and being able to call them out for it feels fucking beautiful especially when you and the rest of society reward this behavior. they are retarded and need to know it.

can you for one second just stop trying so damn hard. like i'm all for trying to be ur best and that fucking narrative whatever but ur just doing it wrong. people dont like being screamed at. if anything, you've just made things that much worst. now 'chanboys' just hate u more and the division just grows even more. it's irony to the tenth power. and you may as well have started it you fucking moron.

now i'm just more hyped up to be an even bigger shitlord and now i'll feel even less remorse doing it. it's gonna feel great. maybe if you didn't ironically place barriers with your whole he will not divide us bullcrap this might not have been the case. but you couldnt, you didnt, and now your paying the price, you goddamn idiot.

you are not a nice person. you just scream a lot and think ur some fucking messiah or something. try a different approach. fuck i hate u cunt.
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I don't even know who you're talking about. Some tripfag?
shia labeouf u jabroni
Oh. I don't pay attention to Hollywood garbage. So does he browse this board or something?

Have you ever unironically REEE'd irl?
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in the safety of my home i reeeee'd at a gum package that showed a picture of a man and woman having a picnic with "enjoy the little things" written beneath it
There's been a couple times where I've lost my shit and started throwing stuff around and screeching. Maybe not honest to God REEE'ing but something awful close. As I've gotten older my tenuous grip on my temper gets worse.
Like the other anon said I don't literally REE, but for all intents and purposes, yeah. It can get bad.

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