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Decent looking robots, why haven't you settled with an average chubby girl yet? They will try harder, be loyal, and give succ 24/7. Stacy or Melanie will just cuck you in 3-4 years anyways, you know it to be true.
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because I unironically enjoy being by myself
I can cook, clean and do what the fuck I want while keeping all of my money to myself
I like thicker girls anyway.
>never leave the house except work
5/10 girls only sleep with 8/10 or higher

if you are an average man you are fighting for the 2/10 scraps

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Why haven't you even tried being yourself? It actually works
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Because "myself" is a bitter drug addicted loser
People don't like black dudes who are unattractive incels. Where their hobby is to play video games and watch anime.
what the fuck are you talking about?
im myself everyday i can't be anyone else

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Search the file name in my folder and it doesn't come up edition
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Post in non chink thread

I'm not using that chink one
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It isn't about the posts. It's about sending a message. We need to take back britfeel and give it back to us, the people.

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I just found out that a teacher I used to have back in high school was the sole murder victim of a guy who shot up a local mall.
It's kind of fucking surreal knowing that a guy you've known randomly got murdered and is dead, gone.
Anyone else have something similar like this happen? Where someone you've known is gone, death or something else.
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When I was 11 or 12 my family was driving home from dinner and we pulled into our neighborhood and the entire area was surrounded by cop cars and helicopters and everything was shut down. We lived in a very nice, old neighborhood where the crime rate was essentially 0% so this was very out of the ordinary.
Turns out my fellow 11 year old neighbor and friend was stabbed to death along with his babysitter by the babysitter's ex boyfriend. They found him in the hiding in the closet with 10 stab wounds, his N64 was still on pause. Watching the body bag get wheeled out of the house was the most surreal I've ever experienced and 15 years later I still remember that night clear as day. I've been in the military for a while now and have seen death and violence from combat but nothing will ever hit me as hard as that night.
Holy shit. Talk about a loss of innocence
It fucked me up pretty bad. I didn't play any shooting games or anything for a while because it made me feel sick to the stomach that even though it was just a game I realized for the first time what death really was

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>literal autist
and yet /sp/ is going apeshit over him right now, his wife is a 10/10, and he's overwhelmingly wealthy. What the fuck is your excuse?
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Very simple. He's lucky.
don't bully messy fgt
How is he holding that shirt up with one hand?

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Any tips to resist the urge to fap? I didn't yesterday and I am trying to push it out for a few days so that it feels great, but I am currently struggling against the urge right now and I might lose.
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Go out and get a life, there is no other way, keep being busy and getting tired. do something else when you have urge, go for a run or something
Visualize Chris-chan with the blow up doll, and god help you if it doesn't work.
Been a long time since I unfortunately stumbled upon that unholy masterpiece, I don't remember it that well.

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What do you think of David Firth? I like him.
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I think he is a very talented animator
jerry jackson was better than salad fingers

I like him, but he complains a lot on twitter, and I disagree with some of his political opinions.

Other than that, I've been following him since 2010.

What's for dinner robots 04/23

It's a California burrito and 3 fish tacos
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poptarts and chocolate milk
Can you start posting morning threads to show us what ya poop looks like in the morning?
how is four loko frost? my roommate had it the other day and just said it tasted like if they made red bull alcoholic...

also im just eating rice and keystone ice

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How much would you pay for one night with her?
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nothing, shes like 12.. officer
Why would i want to hire a prostitute? i want a gf/wife.
$0. Because I like my money.

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moot thumbs up.jpg
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Moot thread? Moot thread.
Post rare Moots.
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moot is one rare twink




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Listen up robots, or at least some of you who still haven't given up on trying to get back to life.
Read this fucking wall of text https://whoism3.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/confessions-of-a-reformed-incel/
It's long, but you will find some truths in it. You will find the truth about
>just be yourself
And all the other shit you were fed, the shit that for some of you is the reason or one of the reasons for your lack of success with woman.

>If you want a qt3.14 virgin 15/10 gf ignore this post
>If you are ok with a lonely life of a robot ignore this post
>If you're going to hide behind social anxiety or other excuse ignore this post
>If you think you can get in 2017 without become your best self for yourself ignore this post

But for those who want to try to change things, read it, maybe it will give you an idea of where to start.
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>If you want a qt3.14 virgin 15/10 gf ignore this post
>its another casual sex/slut acceptance thread
your type will be the death of marriage
Oh I'm not getting married, what you said is exactly why. Well that and the possibility of all my shit taken away on her whim.

This thread is so that you take the advantage of the slut culture we live in.
If you want to of course which is what I said.
If you haven't secured a wife material in your early 20s you would be marrying an ex slut who is about to hit the wall and desperately wants to secure a provider.
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i dont think you understand what I'm getting at, whore

>I cant make decisions well enough to find the right girl
>guess I better give up and feed the slut culture to ((fit in))
>tfw anon who lost hope makes a thread like this

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Who /gangly/ here
>clumsy as shit
>long delicate bone structure
>horrible posture
>back hurts all the time
>feel awkward and out of place in my own body
>always tired
>incredibly weak
>manlets on here want to tell me I'm privileged just because I'm six feet
Where are my lanky bros
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I'm here brother. I feel you, i feel all those feels that you feel. On top of all that, I'm skinnyfat and have fucked up acne that could easily go away if I was bothered to do something about it. Being lazy fucking sucks, I hate it. I hate being lazy, it only makes me want to kill myself even more fuck me.
My brethren, I fit all of these points. We should make a club for tired lanky autists with bad posture.

Also have you seen the Spongebob episode where he meets his cousin Stanley? Literally sums up my existence.
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On top of all this I'm bald and I look like a mouth breathing retard.

Why does this board act like being tall automatically makes your life easy? My friend is only like 5'8" and he's a borderline Chad.

So I have a small dick, a little above 5". I've know this for awhile and have come to terms with it and finally decided to put myself out there. This was my second date with a girl I met off tinder. First date was really fun, ended in a kiss goodnight. Second date, we ended up at my place.

We started making out. Things were getting a lot hotter as her clothes came off. I was about to go down on her and she stopped me and said "you first" before enthusiastically taking off my pants. She seemed so into it but when the pants came off, everything changed. She just had this sort of dissapointed look on her face. She grabbed it and played with it for a few seconds and just suddenly said "I'm really sorry, I have to go". My heart sank. It was like every worst fear of mine was confirmed. Stupidly, I asked her why. She took a few seconds to respond, I could see her choosing her words carefully before finally saying "we're just not compatible , I'm really sorry."

I don't blame her but damn I just feel so inadequate. Thankfully, we don't have any mutual friends so my she can't tell anyone I know but i still feel so embarrassed. I'm not really sure why I posted this or if anyone can give me any useful advice. I just needed to tell someone
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Were you soft when your pants came off?
No, I was fully hard.
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>So I have a small dick, a little above 5".
That's not small, it's average. Are you sure you just don't have an ugly dick?

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Post'em sad birthday pictures.
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There's the birthday boy!
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sad asian man.jpg
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filthy frankpf
Does anyone remember that cake one anon's mum made for him that had a fondant version of him with his laptop on top of it, and they served it to him in public?

File: IMG_3080.jpg (134KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>college psychology class described people who are autistic as being "in their own little world" and not caring

Isnt this the same as being self confident? It pretty much means anyone whos not a complete normie is autistic to some degree, and everyone has their fucking quirks, they just learn to hide it

Fucking liberals and their education system, man
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>Isnt this the same as being self confident?

Not really, self confidence =/= a lack of self awareness
There's a big difference between being secure in the knowledge that people like you and that what you're doing is good and correct and hence acting uninhibitedly, and being completely oblivious/uncaring to the opinions of anyone around and doing the same
No. Autists don't understand, confident people don't care. There's a very large difference.

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