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>tfw my little cousin's penis is bigger than mine
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How big is it (yours)
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I'm 22 and 5 inches

He's 15 and 7 inches
Why you're looking at teenage boy dick

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>it appears you have many gaps in your employment record why is that?
>So, anon tell me, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
>we'll let you know
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>it appears you have many gaps in your employment record why is that?
Because I could.
>So, anon tell me, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Tremendous amounts of willpower.
Or a fire.
>we'll let you know
All that really matter is if you look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake
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>So, anon tell me, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Giving firm handshakes

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Just because she dresses like this, it doesn't mean she's asking for it.

She's dressed like this for comfort.
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She's dressed because looking good makes you feel good. She's dressing also for men just not you b
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Having 50% of your chest exposed is anything but comfort

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I think my friend just killed himself.
What do robots?
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Follow suit.
Here's your chance to lose that virginity, fuck the corpse.
Watch some anime? Masturbate? Shitpost on 4chan? Play some vidya? What do you usually do this time of the day?

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So tell me about Chad, why he always win?
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because they get more attention no matter what they do from either sex or gender or whatever people call themselves now a days. Chads day in and out naturally get people to listen or pay attention to their actions just long enough each time that they have a natural advantage over anyone else. Normal looking or ugly people just blend together unless they do something totally exceptional. Like this guy is taking photos underwater. Normal people doing that dont get any attention but by some casual observer they probably think hes actually doing something of substance
You could look like that guy in a year if you eat right and lift
Even 100 years of lifting and diet will not give you:
>wide frame
>aesthetic face
>head full of hairs

his muscles are the smaller problem in the road to chadness

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>TFW you will never go back to highschool

My parents homeschooled me and and I missed most of my highschool years. Now how in the fuck do I meet cute first and cool friends with literally no effort whatsoever? I missed the best phase of everyones life and now I will be fuckinh KHHV forever and ever. Anyone else feels like this?
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Cheer up. Could have been worse, anon. You could've actually gone to high school.
If it's any comfort, neither of us have any friends either. And most of went through high-school and had all the opportunities too.
homeschool is better an you dont have to worry about social interaction

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Should I hit on girls when I go to the book store?
How do I do it?
I'm very lonely would just like a shy bookworm gf.
Tinder doesn't work and is full of stacies.
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suppa duppa original
They're all normies and I want a weird af gf.
shave, get a haircut, shower, brush your teeth and wear some clothes that are not 2 sizes too big and that are not graphic tees on black cotton. Take some flattering pictures of yourself in daylight in a public place and make a nice tinder profile. Everyone uses tinder now, including robots. Do not hit on women in a fucking bookstore, its weird as shit.

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Reminder that Garrison used to think like this. Y'all fucking broke his poor brain into being a nazi now. Fuck.
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>playing xbox

they're all on steam
then he realized it was way more profitable to embrace this audience because the leftwingers who care about online hate are never going to like his shit anyways.
>>>/pol/ is in that direction my dude

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what will you be doing during this time anon?
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Probably getting drunk and playing video games. I have a ton of shows I need to catch up on too.

Does anyone have the rest of this photo? I can't find it anywhere
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Now delete this thread, you bumped some other valuable thread off with this
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>valuable thread
There was a second panel with wojak looking through the peep hole

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uselessly sweating.png
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>be me
>be 25
>at work
>working with a woman who's 40. she's single, has no kids, and lives alone
>one day I'm sitting in my chair, working away, and she sits on my lap
>carry on working, acting as if she isn't on me
>few seconds later I ask her how she's doing
>she gets off me and says "not bad. i just wanted to see what you'd do"
>she sometimes buys me bags of chips (even though I don't spend any money on her)
>she asks me if I like sci-fi movies. I say yeah. She asks me if I'd wanna go see a sci-fi movie with her
Does she wanna fuck, or does she just wanna be friends? I can't tell.

I'm a 2/10 with a babyface and gyno, and she's like a 6/10
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Of course she wants to fuck , or do you think she wants to see your yu gi oh collection
Go with her. Whatever it is, I wager it is more interesting than whatever you're doing right now.

Don't forget to tell us what happens afterwards.
Well I act and sound like I'm gay (not intentionally). Maybe she wants a gay friend?

But every time I've gone out for a social event, I always come home wishing I had not gone.

Fixing to pop these bad boys in the oven
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What did you add to them? I mashed mine for breakfast but still have around 8lbs of them I have to eat in a week.
it doesnt look like you put any oil or salt on them at all
Italian seasoning and garlic powder

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What is a good job for a person who is very dumb, but very good at lying/ manipulation and appearing very smart?
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any sales job or retail clerk at a boutique hobby store
Glory hole operator
Ideally, one who advertises as being near the airport on Craigslist.
best bet is probably starting as a clerk or cashier then manipulating your way to the highest spot in the store

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Hey GUYS today is national kissing DAY
ITT:list all the girls you have kissed
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here is the list
How can you list all of them like just think of all the sluts you make out with drink in the bars
Here's my list:
Your mom

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You know what?
Life is not that bad
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I'm glad you're enjoying life
Please give some of your happiness to me
This is a good thread op thanks for making it
>have enough food to never die because of starvation
>have a shower so I can be clean and smell good every time I want it
>have access to the internet, therefore i have enough music, enough games and enough movies to never get bored
>can learn any skill that can be learned thanks to online tutorials
>can create stuff so other people will enjoy it
>the only problem is that I can't act like a normal person in social situations

desu it's not that bad.

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