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staying cool.png
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>Be me yesterday
>Having a birthdayparty of a friend
>He invited me and 4 girls of our class
>One of which i have a crush on
>When we all meet at same point i can hear a voice in my head
>Today or tomorrow i will confes my love
>Party starts
>Out of nothing i start to drink like a fucking beast
>2 other girls were fucking shit faced
>while my friend, my crush and the other girl were sober as fuck
>Sober girl leaves the party
>The others and me are staying the night
>The 2 girls who are shit faced dont sleep at all
>I am almost asleep and out of no where
>I have fucking whipped cream on my face
>In a confused rage
>Hear the sweet voice of crush
>Stand up
>Heart beat pumps
>I say thanks but wanted to say more but leave it for now
>Clean my self go back to sleep

>Wake up
>Again hear the sweet voice of crush
>Goodmorning anon!
>2 shit faced girls still shit faced
>They didnt sleep all night and keep pissing me off
> Crush looks at me and knows what i am thinking
>''Fucking bitches''
>The day goes on and we leave
>Me and my crush and those shitfaced girls
>At the bustation
>The only thought through my head was commiting love
>She walks to her bus
>The only thing i sad was a soft bye
>In a rage and sadnes storm
>Message my friends i coundt do it
>Get home thinking about messaging her
>Messaging her talking about the party

Gonna confes my love.

>Send Message
>Btw i wanted to say this at the bus station, but i was nervous sry i have to say it this way. I really like and have feelings for you, i hope that this doenst ruin our friendship.

>Wait 15 minutes
>She messages back
>In a huge stress i open it
>I already thought you liked mee Anon (thanks to an other friend)
>I really think youre a suoer nice guy ut nothing more, i rly like you as a friend.
>Keep messaging to show that i would love stay friends and to make it less akward
anyone have advice how to handle this?
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>OP goes to party
>Gets drunk
>Walks QT to bus station next day
>Texts her
>Gets friendzoned

Unlucky OP

Keep trying or just resent women forever and become gay or something

well, in this situation you have to think about if you have a chance to change her mind over messages. You dont. You need to keep on doing as you are and act cool.

After however when you meet her in person more, this is when you need to try and turn that friendship into a relationship thingy.

Nothing good can ever come from "confessing your love".

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>tfw no husky to Iove
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As in a dog? Do you live in a location in which you can't own one?

i've got something husky for you to love!!!

*unzips pants and removes fat 4 inch schlong*
>parents won't get me a husky

Do most guys truly in their heart of hearts have an objection to raping strangers? Really? I'm not talking about someone you care about getting raped by another guy. I am talking about you raping a stranger. (also don't be a retard who compares rape to killing)
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maybe if i knew she enjoyed it.
what i mean to say is i would object to it if she enjoyed it. haha

(In a very original way)

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voice chatting helps me through stress
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I hope you die, you disgusting discordfag.
please do not bulli
this isnt discord thread
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technically isn't discord thread

also r9k is here for robots to support each other, let us reeeee quietly in support

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Holy shit you guys aren't robots. You aren't hideous virgins you're just massive pussies you make me want to puke.

If you get a SINGLE match on tinder you're a normie. Fuck you.
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if you even own a phone you're a normalfag
I don't have any irl friends and have very limited interaction with family. I am a true robot.
What? Literally everyone has a phone. My parents paid for one so they can call me. If you live alone and don't have a phone, that doesn't make you a robot, it makes stupid. What are you, gonna use a lane line?

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>tfw you don't have to make organizing folders and name your files because you have a perfect photographic memory and you remember the exact sequence of characters for each download
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That's somewhat useful, I suppose. Are there any other traits about yourself that you like?
I have a lot of them actually, but my assburgers holds me back enough not realize anything in life

t. finance MSc. with honours
Also total fucking bullshit. Photographic memory isn't real. Look it up yo.

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Why didn't you get prepared for summer, anon?

All you had to was get /fit/ and you could be living your fantasy right now.
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no I fucking couldn't lmao, I have no friends to do anything with
I'm still a manlet and ugly. Also I have no friends anyway.
>All you had to was get /fit/ and you could be living your fantasy right now.

that's not true and you know it, I've seen practical autists get fit and all they can do is spend their lives wagecucking, be confused and they mentally don't change

women desire a multitude of things from a man

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What would do you do in this situation?
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Laugh at the tourrets guy, then feel bad for laughing.
>Public transportation

I'd rather not surround myself with normies and disgusting people.
like, who am i supposed to be? just watching this go down?

id just shrug

"hmm who'll i sit next to the timid shy guy reading a book or the open, confident-looking Chad"

makes sense who she'd go with, but if she sat beside the beta i wouldnt be too surprised either

Loosing my virginity to a girl from my highschool tonight (final year, both 18) and I might escape being a robot. Only problem is that puberty started really late and my dick is 4.5inch long 3.3inch girth and I don't know if she will just laugh at me or some shit. What can I do to make it look better? Still growing though so nothing that could harm it later on. Will post here with an update once I hopefully transcend into normie-dom. Good luck, fellow spergs
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Yes she will laugh at your tiny cock. You're 18 so that's what you're going to have for the rest of your life. Having sex once doesn't make you a normie.

> Having sex once doesn't make you a normie.

There's where you're wrong.
Don't listen to this idiot >>37307630
Don't matter if your erect dick is 2 inches do her! I repeat do her!

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How the fuck am I supposed to lose my virginity when this is the standard?
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Why she's measuring it outside her ass? It will only get like 1 or 2 inches inside her butt even if the guy is 9" in size...

Why are women so retarded? Also I bet she did this for her faggot husband that has a shitty fetish.

White trash is just too inbreed to understand simple measurements I guess.
nobody here really knows that's why the meme keeps on cropping up.

The answer is to brainwash women to love us just as they have been brainwashed to hate us.

She likes a particular race because of dick size and not something else? there's more going on then dick size obviously
Consider the following:

It would be EXTREMELY difficult for someone to draw that on themselves. Someone else wrote that on her body; so whom?

1. A cuckold who wants there to be more cuck material on the net
2. A black guy who wants there to be more BLACKED material on the net
3. An arrangement was made to draw this with some other party for one of the above two reasons

Doesn't seem like a big deal, it's just a shit fetish material piece.

If you think that this is somehow representative of what you need to lose your virginity you're retarded, but more likely a cuck.

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last night i just realised how sad i really am

I went out with my friends to a big party everyone had to go

i somehow stumbled upon some friends smoking some weed and they invited me
i have smoked before but it was never really a lot so i didnt feel it that much

but this time was different
the guys made some big ass joints with pure weed in them
i took like 10 big huffs and the world changed
the pressure i usually feel was gone
i actually smiled
i was fucking smiling , i hadnt smiled passively in years and years
and then it dawned on me how trully sad i am
how trully desperate and cynical i am
those 2 hours felt completly different
you could almost say i was "happy"
i cant even remember how that feels but i guess what i felt last night seems very appropriate
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Have you tried other psychedelics? Shrooms and lsd?
no not yet and i dont know if i want to try them
i tried weed because i always thought of it as a non harmful drug, much like alcohol.
>i went out with my friends
i lost you there

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I keep having really weird, fucked up dreams
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Same, anon. Really fucking weird dreams every night, multiple times a night.

The weirdest, fucked up dreams I've ever had.
green text them it is the only way to heal
become religious and everything is the devil, even your dreams

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What are you doing for your waifu?

Monday night me and Saber will fly to Paris. I'll taker her to Versailles, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and a lot more.
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wow, that sounds good. however paris is a sharia zone now
I already bought the tickets. It's one of the last things I want to do with her before I go to Avalon
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saber banner.png
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You can't be with her, anon.

Her avalon is much more distant than yours...

also lol at the thread banner

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It is insulting when a girl treats your penis like a small animal?
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yes. do you think they would do that to Chad's big penis? ofc no. dump her
What if your dick is huge and she still calls it cute and talks to it and pets it like a hamster?
Or like, what if she tickles your balls and tries to compliment them by calling them adorable?

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I am a non-White from a third-world country (which I'd rather not say to avoid bantz, but I suppose you'll figure out anyway) and I started lurking 4chan when I was still seventeen. The content on 4chan has very little cultural relevance to me but I still kept coming back because I perceived it as "cool" and "redpilled". The boards I visited were mostly /pol/ and /r9k/. The way 4chan works, it makes you feel that the opinions here are the supreme truth and everyone outside it is an idiot. So anyway I fell for all the White supremacist propaganda and started to hate myself for being a shitskin. I started spending hours pondering about racial politics and lost interest in my actual life and surroundings because I thought there was no point of doing anything anyway unless you're White.
The education system in my country (which is affordable only to the urban upper-class) is very stressful and rigorous. The exams and curriculum are made as difficult as possible, very similar to the situation in Korea or China, and you need up to six-seven hours of study a day throughout the year to succeed. This I was completely unable to do because I wasted time on 4chan and thinking about racial politics. Eventually I fucked up my entrance exams really bad and decided to study at home for another year and retry.
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Now staying at home made sure I never left home and spoke to anyone besides my family and people on internet. So my peer group became the 4chan people rather than students from my own country. I used to spend hours sometimes at night talking to people from here in online chat forums. Some of them were nice but most of them were extremely race-conscious and were often disgusted and repulsed upon learning I was a shitskin. Since I never went outside, I forgot what my country was actually like, and I allowed 4chan to reinforce the image of my race as that of filthy barbaric subhumans. Anyhow, you get the picture. The more time I spent amongst the 4chan redpilled crowd, the more I lost touch with reality and became engulfed in self-loathing for being a shitskin. Is there anyway I can fix the situation I am in? I have almost become a NEET now and all I do all day is think about race and politics and have become completely socially useless.
You're scared to post this thread on /pol/ so you prefer to post it here and tells to everyone your feelings through this blog post.
Suicide is the only solution.

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