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how do i stop shaking when i see that special girl at work?
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Stop idealizing her. Stop putting her on a pedestal. You don't know what she'd really be like in a relationship. You should never date anyone from work. Train your mind to stop associating her with that "special" factor. Also do people notice you shaking? Is it subtle? Is it creepy?
Like what >>38375679 said, don't idolize her like shes some omnipotent goddess, also if you act all autistic and shake like that in front of her or your coworkers they can tell you have a thing for her which will make your job alot more awkward if she picks up on it, just focus on what you need to accomplish on during the workday, he'll even jerk off before you go to work you'll probably get back to center
*Whoops I meant what >>38375799 said

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how do you respond to bad embarrassing memories, /r9k/?

do you yelp like a puppy?
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My heart starts beating fast and I start sweating but then Ultimately remember I'm not in that memory
I audibly say "oh my god man you're a fucking idiot" then put my head down and try to forget
i chant something repeatedly

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What's your go-to sadpanda search term/s?
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female:masturbation yuri incest
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male:tomgirl english
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language:english$ male:crossdressing$

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That dude is only 4'9 lol
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>drumpfkin nazis on my board

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"Don't worry that I've slept with 40 men before you! It just means I love you more than 40 other guys!"

How do you respond?
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Make her feel shame by explaining precisely why she is disgusting, and move on
She will say the exact same thing to the next guy, but 41 instead
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>posting Sadie with this garbage

get out

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any robots here learning a language? How is it going?
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learning python atm
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Pretty well my boi desu
Learned Japanese because I had nothing else to do. Glad I did.

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>If a person shows a type of behavior toward small things it's very likely they'll show similar behavior in similar situations towards much bigger things as well
This is something a lot of /r9k/ agrees upon, do you personally believe it?
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>This is something a lot of /r9k/ agrees upon

>actually making claims about the opinions of users on an anonymous board!
Literally what does that even mean
I do, but stop posting obese women as ops. It's disgusting.

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>That Chad in high school who was actually nice to you.
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Most chads in my school are actually chill.
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>that chad who told you he wanted the nazis to win
I was socially retarded in high school but since becoming a Chad I make sure to be extra nice to all the losers that remind me of myself back in high school.

Recently saw a group of feral Chad's making fun of these 2 autists at a bar who were obviously making an attempt to break out of their shell and socialize. Told my gf to walk over there and pretend like she was interested in them. It was pretty cool and gave them a huge confidence boost

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Who /diagnosed/ here? What did you get diagnosed with?
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Migranes and cluster headaches (although I think they are either very mild or misdiagnosed).

I probably spend way too much money on Excedrin, because I take 2 a day if I have to go anywhere. Pretty much anything triggers my migraines, but especially bright lights and strong smells.
Asperger's Syndrome, it sucks bevaus epeople either think you're a super-genius or a complete retard.
Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified
Lactose intolerance
Scheuermann's disease

I think there's more beneath the surface but
>tfw ywn get diagnosed

What's your biggest achievement?
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Beating metroid prime
Beating super metroid under 1 hour
Getting in bed naked with a girl, sadly no sex, pretty much everything but vaginal penetration.

Being able to come off as normie for the most part

Being considered attractive

Nothing super good, but I feel pretty achieved

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Who is your ASMR-waifu?
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PPOMO. I can only really watch Asian ASMRtists, except for a select few white ones like Maria and brightgrey. It's just more comfy.
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>tfw gay
>tfw get great tingles from watching female ASMRtists and don't get annoying boners
I don't know what's wrong with her mic but her mouth sounds are LOUD AF compared to other asmr youtubers. I'm pretty sure it's not the quality of her equipment since the others i'm comparing her with have top tier equipment too

Describe yourself using the 'DUDE X LMAO' shitpost format
I'll start

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Sigh sigh sigh
I've been out jogging for 2 weeks now
and i'm still exhausted after only 20 mins
what am I doing wrong
mfw skipped by qt.315's on omegle
pic not related
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op you are insecure cunt, that wants to be validated
Secret is inclines, go find some hills.
No one knows or cares what you're alluding to.

Go validate you incredibly fragile emotional insecurities on the designated board for vapid children like you, you fucking cretin

Continue to exist.
Just endure.
Time passes, pain comes and goes.
Nothing lasts forever.
Just endure.
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You don't need to be happy,
or satisfied.
Just wait.
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images (2).jpg
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Because low level misery for a few more years is better than becoming so distressed by trying to change things that I destroy myself.

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Suck my foot .
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Do people with foot fetishes ever like fat feet or ugly feet? This is important, please answer. My sex life depends on it.
Fat feet are fucking disgusting.
And feet aren't really ugly unless you don't take care of your toenails.
No. Fat and/or ugly feet can ruin an otherwise attractive girl.

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