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>TFW you can never have a gf because you're beta and submissive to the core so it doesn't matter how ugly you are because women only accept men who can take control and make her feel safe
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tfw you're an otherwise attractive man and it hurts women with how much you ignore them
do you like super fat bossy girls?
Depends on how she carries her weight and styles herself. There are fewer things worse in life than a warped misshapen blob of a woman with short hair.

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hmmmmmnmmmm....... hoo went pley geym?
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Ayme two sad
suck on my nut sack pls
hrm... wot sems to be the prerblem?..

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>feels like a piece of food is stuck in my throat
>only a minor nuisance so I ignore it
>wake up this morning
>still there
>less of an appetite than usual
>probably due to me swallowing so much saliva
>annoys me all day
>decide to try to take a photo of it
>have to stick my tongue out as far as possible to see it
>not on the back of my throat, but right on my tongue
>pic related is the clearest image I could get
>looks more like a lump
>looks fleshy, so probably not foreign and actually connected to me

What the fuck is this thing on my tongue?
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What the fuck is that

Originally mortified
its actually pretty normal just know it out with some kind of stick or have a doctor do it if is more severe/infected don't worry about it
oh wait if what you say is true and it is fully connected to you then that could mean a problem with you r lymph nodes in the back of the throat

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How come I never see any threads about George Sodini, AKA the original Elliot Rodger?

>On a website registered in his name, Sodini chronicled over a nine-month period his rejections by women, his involuntary celibacy and his severe sexual frustration. "Who knows why? I am not ugly or too weird. No sex since July 1990 either (I was 29)," he writes. "Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Girls and women don't even give me a second look ANYWHERE." About his problems with women, he wrote: "Women just don't like me. There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one." In 2008, Sodini posted online videos, in which he discusses his emotions, along with a tour of his home, the latter which was a homework assignment from "a self-help seminar [he] had attended on how to date women".

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Because he's what a true robot looks like and robots only want to make fun of ethnicbots
>No sex since July 1990 either (I was 29)," he writes. "Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982

This guy being a fucking failed normie is why
>failed normie
Even Elliot could have gotten laid once if he had lived to 29.

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I don't understand why I behave this way. Just a few minutes ago I had this experience. This is one of many times things like this have happened. I'm actually literally terrified of speaking to women

I'm fairly good looking (or so I've been told) so in some cases women will come up to me and try chatting with me and I respond horribly. This just happened
>be me
>going down to my dorms laundry room
>had just jerked off and still had some jizz on my pants that I just attempted to wash off
>wearing Star Wars pajamas
>pulling my bed sheets out of the washer
>see two girls come down to the laundry room
>I immediately start pulling my stuff out of the washer as quick as I can
>bring it all over to the dryer
>one girl turns to me after whispering something to her friend
>"hey! what's your name?
>I start feeling myself shaking noticing they're talking to me
>put on a fake smile "oh I'm anon"
>"nice to meet you anon, this is Tiffany, I'm Holly!"
>"ughh nice to meet you fellas." I said as I was moving as fast as I could to transfer all my shit
>"we're trying to make new friends here, so it's cool to meet you."

I literally immediately closed the dryer door, put it on perm press, and start power walking out of the fucking room, I muttered "yeah, see you guys around" and walked right out the door. I'm positive they kept wanting to talk, I left right at the beginning of the conversation because I was so afraid to speak to them. On my way down the hallway, I turned around and saw one of the girls shrugging to her friend, probably wondering why I acted so abnormally

Is there any hope for me?
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>is there any hope for me

No, there isn't, mate.
I know honestly. I couldn't even talk to them for more than a minute without freaking out
Aw man i know this feel too. Everywhere I go girls want to talk to me but I get completely choked up and can only respond to them in a professional manner like at work. Anywhere else and I want the conversation to stop immediately

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What would you do if you woke up as Snoop Dogg?
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>tfw you smoke weed so dank that you hallucinate 25 years of life
Smoke weed and send money to my family.
See were I he keeps them wacky hats.

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Post yours and judge others'.
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I'm guessing OP has a lil trouble sleeping n needs some ASMR.
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Screenshot (187).png
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I watched a single fucking Monty Python video embedded on /tv/ months ago and now it doesn't leave me alone.
I haven't slept without ASMR for nearly 4 years now.

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Why are normies so competitive and have superiority complexes. Why cant they mind they're own business???
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Being competitive is a good thing though.
why is being originally competitive a good thing?
Because its biological for males. You compete with other males for females to ensure your genes passes on.

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>he thinks Code Geass is an "intellectual" anime
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>he posts like a virgin
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>he thought Kill La Kill was going to "save" anime as a medium
>implying it didn't
Ryuuko saved anime.

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hakase weini.png
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I don't post much here, I'm a lurker, I'm a robot, but I want to share what happened to me last weekend. I need to tell someone, I have no one

last weekend I got really drunk, REALLY drunk. I didn't really wanted to go out but I did it anyway. outside a bar I saw two women drinking. I was walking with my drink hidden obviously because its ilegal to drink on the streets, and sat on a bench to watch them. I'm not joking but the two women came to where I was and started talking to me. They were cute but the taller one drived me crazy, she had the greatest tits I've ever seen. They told me if I wanted to party in their apartment. I knew it was a dangerous area of the city so I told them why don't we drink where we were, but they insisted and told me they had more drinks on the place. So we went there

The taller one sat beside me and noticed I was constantly looking at her tits, and she told me if I wanted I could touch and grab them. I did, I licked, touched the tits of the tall girl while the other one was looking. I was cautious of not getting trapped or assaulted. Things started to get heated and she told me to pull down my pants, they brought down the light, and she told me to accommodate in a certain way to start fucking, she gave me her back and I started fucking, while the other grill came and inserted my dick inside the other girl, and I fucked the other one too.

After it, they both went to the bathroom for some minutes. They came back and told me to stay in the same position. When I was going to start, the big one grabbed me by the neck and told me to stay still. While she grabbed me, the other girl started to fuck me. They were males. I got raped by both. One grabbed me while the other one raped me. My anus is sore and hurt. The worst thing is they didn't used condom. I haven't spoken with anyone because I have no friends here, and my family is far way, in the south. I don't know what to do
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whoa i aint reading all that shit senpai, ill give you a bump though
You need to get tested for HIV, go to a hospital.
Goddamn, I'm sorry to hear that anon. He's right though, you could have aids.

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How the fuck do you hit up prostitutes on backpage wtf why do they keep ignoring me. Even actual whores won't talk to me.

All I say is whats up i want to chill they ask how long give the price and then stop replying. I'm not saying anything explicit either
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because you are even to beta to arrange sex
Never ask about the price. You call, say "I want to make an appointment at x time for a half hour", then you find a time that works. Leave the money in an envelope in plain view, DO NOT mention the price or ask about the price of other services.
If you're talking to them like they're prostitutes they aren't going to respond. Naturally they are going to want as few potential records of their illegal dealings as possible.

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Hello my dudes.

Take this survey, let's all get to know each other a little bit more.

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> Nothing, please don't acknowledge me desu. I didn't think anybody would actually read this.
I read this.
Please be my cool film junkie indie music friend :3
Oh, by the way, if you just want to see people's answers here they are

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Please also post something here so this thread doesn't die, I worked really hard on this :(

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Why don't you go to Japan and fuck some Asian girls?
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poor white man.jpg
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Im not white for starters.

Japs and by extension gooks hate nonwhites
Do I look like Chad to you?

If you're too beta to fuck girls in your native country, you're too beta to fuck girls in Glorious Nippon.
I'm ugly and I can't hold a conversation in english, let alone Japanese

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Do I have a mental illness?
>Look at something I need to remember. (A number of a gas pump for example.)
>Let's say it was 8
>Go inside to pay with cash
>Remember the number 8 in my head
>Don't trust it
>Walk to the window to look at which pump my car was at
>It's 8
>Walk back
>Still doubt it was 8
>Decide to "take a chance" and say it was 8 anyways
This happens to me a lot in many different ways. One time I literally walked back and forth 8 times to remember a short word that was on a crate at work. It's like I don't trust my own brain. I think it has something to do with knowing anything is possible.
Am I just simply retarded?
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Nigger that's called shit memory
You have brain fog from cranking out 8 loads to manga every day. PS people can smell it.
Sounds like OCD m8, I do the same thing. I don't trust myself and constantly check things. I also have obsessive thoughts. It's absolute hell, I'll probably end up killing my self.

What tier is your major Robots?
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I'm computer, but mechanical should prob be god tier atleast. It's so fucking broad.
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Oh, it is, well. I'd honestly put on par with "Unbelievable tier" thinking about double majoring desu.
political science xd kill me now

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