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>face is all red and rough as fuck
>neck is pure white and silky smooth

What the fuck man, I didn't even do anything.
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I am envious of people having clean skin without any spots and stains.
this man, of course the only skin on my body that's full of blemishes is my face, so typical.
>tfw no chin
Are we even men

Who else here is biracial? What's your mix? What do you look like? Do you hate yourself/your parents for it? How's your Saturday going fellow bastards?
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HAHA Your mom got BLACKED lalalala.
hispanic and native american

Look pretty ugly desu

Yeah I hate everyone involved for it.

Saturday is going great though thanks for asking OP
mixed race usually have uncanny valley going on until they get surgery

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>former neet
>mum threatens to kill me if I don't get my shit together
>attempt to go to a driving school, start walking groceries to the house, clean more often, etc
>gets agitated that I'm not doing things the way she likes and then threatens to kill me again
>doings things her way is to mindlessly rely on family, which just leads to more trouble
>now 20 and can't drive or get vidya due to this
How do you deal with a violent, controlling family robots?
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>Single moms are retarded, double-digit IQ, mentally damaged whores

woww! what a discovery
there is a reason why she is single, and that is because she is fucking dumb
You're a fucking robot, you have less to lose than any roastie, you should be able to win a confrontation
I'll become homeless though, anon!

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>tfw you see the disgust in peoples eyes when they look at you
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Have you tried being, you know... less disgusting?
i know this feel op, terrible feeling

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Why do /r9k/ insults sound like a child came up with them?
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because that's the mental age most people on here are stuck at
We're all children who are upset that we can't be normies.
>roastie attempting to infantalize people who insult her and thus imply they are not virile, and thus not worthy of her holes

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pls kill me.png
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What made this board become the way it is?
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It wasn't like this several years ago. I stopped coming here for awhile and came back to this. No idea what happened, or why I haven't left yet
>No idea what happened
/r9k/ didn't even hate women back then. They were mostly just depressed. Are there any boards like this anywhere? /r9k/ sucks now

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How are finals going fellow robots? Did you already flunk some? Any ones that you're worried about?
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I dropped out of college 7 1/2 years ago.
who else is a dropout here?
I don't like college but I feel safe in college

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Why am I not interested in video games at all anymore? It was like this 6 years ago, but now, I can't regain the interest like I once did.

Help me robots. Is this the end?
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Your brain is more developed now.
There aren't any good ones.

The only games that I've liked recently are Dark souls, bioshock, last of us...and thats really it

But why are there guys playing video games who are 25+ years old and they enjoy it like they are kids? Why did my brain develop and not theirs?

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Who was your favourite DigiDestined as a child?
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Probably izzy.

Agumon was my fav of the main digifriends
Izzy and Kari.
>tfw Matt was one of my first childhood crushes

Why do men so stuck on the prude-slut dichotomy? Why should women suffer because of your Madonna-whore complex?
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fuck outta here roaste elliott got shooters here
>tfw no old-fashioned or "prude" gf
what roasties believe robots think:
>if she has sex with me, she's a slut
>if she doesn't have sex with me, she's a bitch

what robots actually think:
>no woman will ever have sex with me

Are you happy, Anon?

If so or if not, why?
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Yeah actually, not doing too badly. I came off antidepressants but my friends and kinda-gf were lovely and supportive so I've honestly been feeling pretty decent. Exams coming up and I'm not looking forward to that, but it should be fine, right?
Not really, and there's no reason for anybody to need to be happy either.
I wouldn't say I'm unhappy because shes' with me and she's all I need but I could the most happy man in the world the day I get the money to see and hold her in my arms all the night.

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So my gf just gave me an ultimatum either marry her or she is leaving.

I'm 26
Decently in shape
Make $97,000 per annum

My gf is 30, I first met her in H.S, she was a hot senior and i confessed to her. She turned me down pretty harshly went to college.

I went to college, never really had any success with women there. Met here again when i was visiting my parents after graduationn and job. We hit it off pretty well and she apoligized how she treated me in H.S.

She is wonderful women, albeit she has some bad drinking habits. But she told me she has only been with 3 guys before being with me. IDK what to do.

I wanna make her a proper women, but i'm about to get promoted to manager soon and I wanna focus on my careers.

/pol/ gave me good advixe, but I wanna see some other viewpoints. What should I do robots?
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sounds like a bad deal to me
Since when does /pol/ give good relationship advice?
Don't marry her. She doesn't have good character

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>Often, an infant is depicted breastfeeding while the couple has sex.

What the fuck
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>still using shillpedia

ahahahha oh wow
It was the first thing I found.
Alternatively, the baby will suckle the tip of the fathers penis while he pleasures the wife orally.


What was the worst wagecuck job you did or are still doing to this day?
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door sales

i hate each and every living being who has ever owned a door now
Soooo.. You hate everyone?
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>be 18
>building assistant
>Boss is a christcuck
>constantly shouts at me for shit I didn't do
>doesn't even pay me minimum wage
>smiles to his clients but judges me as garbage
>threatens to fire me

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What is asian women's obsession with white men?

And how come if white men like Asian women they are "fetishizing them" but Asian roasties thirsty for white cock never get called out? is it just bitter white women realizing what trash they are and trying to shame men into being with their obese asses?
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It's common for the average woman to take a nude selfie or be in some type of pornified pic/video, yet feminists complain that "slut shaming" is rampant because cute conservative boys don't want to date sluts.

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>What is asian women's obsession with white men?

Fuck knows but kids with mixed white/asian parents usually tend to be more messed up than normal kids, plus the majority of asian women are ugly and the majority of white men who are into them are creepy blokes.
>you will never spend a year just travelling southeast Asia and fucking thirsty Asian broads


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