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Rena (24).jpg
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Saturday cwt again

Discuss your 2D crush/lover and be kind. If you'd like to post images of her and share any feelings regarding her and what you have with/for her, this is a place for that.
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i dont think i love my waifu
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What makes you say that?

I love my waifu, Akarin. She is very nice and calming. It's reassuring to know that she is looking out for me everyday.
i dont think i can love anyone
i look at her and feel nothing
and i don think i ever did

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>look at myself in the mirror
>hey I look pretty good
>dad makes us take a family photo
>in the picture I look like a fucking deformed circus clown from outer space with a long football shaped head and the most repulsively ugly smile I've ever seen

I just don't get it.

On one hand, a lot of people say that your reflection isn't accurate because the image is flipped, but that shouldn't make you look that different. All your features should look the same, just reversed.

I'm hoping my dad was just using the wrong lens focal length for the picture and that's why I looked so ugly. But I think everyone else looked relatively normal in the picture. I don't know.
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some people are photogenic, most are not.
But why? Why can't the camera just show you what you really look like?
Also I'm tall and I had to tilt my head downward a little bit to look at the camera. Can that make you appear to have a long ugly head?

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It's prom night for alot of high schoolers today. There will be tons of teenage sex and partying tonight. I'm a senior and my oneitis is going to prom with a chad. How do I cope knowing that she is going to eat his cummies?
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Eat you own cummies. Her loss, not yours.
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OP, you will never experience a girl eating your cummies as a real teenager. You'll never experience true, naive, young teenage love and sex. This night some people will remember for literally the rest of their lives, and you will never have that feeling.

It's depressing, yes. But you have to accept it. Welcome to being a robot, you faggot.
Honestly, drink yourself retarded at home tonight. I remember the night of prom, and it was fucking painful thinking that my oneitis was going to get fucked by someone else that night. If I were you, I'd drink to soften the blow and watch a few of your favorite movies before passing out. I'm sorry you gotta go through this, anon. Sending good vibes your way.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


happy Saturday
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I miss Kakyoin so much, robots
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I finally caught one of these threads again. Proud of you my man, keep it up!
all praise cool kakyoin

btw i have to fucking use the new captcha even tho i have legacy selected??? this is horse shit

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Why is Ash so perfect robots???
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qt sociopath I reckon
kys orbiter
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I saw her teasing thread the other day that got removed, it was just pure cringe. She's an 8 at best
cant beat rose

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What is the closest to death you ever been? Tell me.
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Actually dying, was dead for close to 3 mins.

Lost lots of blood from wild dog attack.
Trying to hang myself with my shoelaces in a crisis unit. Shit snapped just as I was losing conciousness.

Holy shit greentext anon.
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I don't think I could've died but there was one time where it sure felt like I was dying.
>10-11 y/o
>autismo fat kid
>get bored one day and try to learn how to do somersaults
>try to do one on my bed
>almost finish one
>hear a crack
>sharp pain in my back
>realize I can't breathe
>can push air out, can't get any back in
>feels like I could breathe out forever
>I don't want to die
>eventually manage to get a breath in
>back hurts too much to move
>get up after maybe 20 minutes laying there
Was fine afterward but I've always had an irrational fear of any sort of gymnastics since then

Do Slavic girls like black?
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Nobody likes black
Women with daddy issues and degradation fetishes do.

Fun fact: if she's fucked blacks she's fucked dogs as well

>being a wagecuck
>thinking employers care about you
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>Thinking wagecucks care about their employers
There's a reason we steal and cheat and fuck them over every single chance we get.
This, plus there's a middle ground: Work hard to build skills and save money to have a bit of financial security, then use these things as leverage to get promoted or find a better job elsewhere.
whats the story behind the photo OP?

I found on my application for my wagecuck job from a few years ago a big "I like him! With a smile face written on it."

Too bad I burn every bridge I have because I'm mentally unstable.

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I got the ingredients
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>you will never eat sugar bits and powder in a back ally while also sipping on some fine hand lotion
Lotion? More like hand sanitizer stolen from a pharmacy
Im going to mix them up in a sludge. So far the gems taste like rock candy 8/10 and the funfetti powder is just as goos as i remembered 10/10

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Is anyone here familiar with chemical castration? How easy is it go get in the US? I'm sick of feeling no gf and I want to take a metaphorical oxycontin for my emotional pain.
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Excellent you're removing yourself from the gene pool. attaboy failure
Just go on hrt, same thing.
You're not answering my question.
I don't want to be a woman.

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Just a quick reminder that "issues" like anxiety and avoiding confrontation of your problems immediately make it clear that you're not a robot, just a failed normie at most. It implies being able to fix them, once you overcome your weak mindedness, thus not really being rotten and hopeless like you claim you are (which a robot would be). You're just scared of growing up, which is understandable as it's a hard phase of ones life. Don't blame it on being a robot though, faking that stuff is obnoxious.

How do you get over your weak mind? God, who knows. "Get over it" is all I can tell you. I do know that you will be fine though. You can do it.
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what constitutes a true robot then?
I hope you get a panic attack
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I have had over a dozen sexual partners and I'm staying on your board cry harder piss baby

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>30 years old
>no interest in hot girls anymore
>just want a plump average looking fuckhole to deposit my semen in nightly

Is something wrong with me?
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You are finding your place, a place where you can live happily in reality. Don't fuck it up.
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Fuq nigger dont encourage fat whores ree
32 reporting in, you'll probably lose interest in finding a fuckhole as well in a year or two

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How do you deflect/lie when your friends asks if you are a virgin? Hard mode: they know you've never been in a relationship.
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Tell them you hired a prostitute.
By not having any friends because I'm not a fucking normie

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What is the most fucked up thing you've ever done, /r9k/?
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was supposed to babysit my sister but ended up leaving her crying on the couch as i went to play vidya. keep in mind she was less than a year old at the time
One day...

I tried...to LIVE....
I raped my mom's friend's daughter and convinced her not to tell.

>you are teleported to your exact location, 1000 years ago

what do?

if you're in a tall building, imagine you're on ground level
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I'm pretty sure it was underwater, so probably die
be shrek because all is swamp
If I'm holding this bottle of Vodka do I still have it?

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