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I got an interesting story for you ok....

So usually I just lurk And I've been gettin along for awhile now.and then this crap shows up out of the blue on my local CL. Let's go back some years....

In 2013 I set out to find someone I met. She turned out to be my dream girl and I realized what a horrible mistake I had committed. In fact you should never commit this mistake ever in your life if you think you met "the one" and that's pass her up when you do meet him\her. I did it because I was broke, had no job, no car and lived in a room for rent. I didn't want to bring her down.

Anyways when I did go looking on CL missed connections, strange posts and things started happening. First it was the posts and eventually lost my mind over it in 2013-2014. I became paranoid, but then two strange things did absolutely happen for sure. The first thing was I got spied on by some girl. I was hella out of my mind when this happened, but I had my wits and luck with me still while I was talking to my friend at the nearby theater. She actually moved back and forth and looked at me. Then one night I go out for a walk back around the theatre pavilion to get my thoughts out and suddenly two guys in guy faux masks show up to follow me.and then the girl...

Shows up again. I head to Starbucks bathroom for sanity check. I know I'm not well, but I also know something else is wrong. At the end of the day, a few months later I got stabilized on some new meds and forget about it. I move to a new area and get better.

Except for that Dream Girl....

So once I settle down into my new place of living, I start looking for her again. I finally find her.... Except I'm crushed to find out she got married and got her dream job. Ok no sweat, but being me I had to go through the 5 stages of grief. I conatct her directly on FB, but she doesn't respond. Then I make some posts on CL in the area she lives. Things are normal, but then again...
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Type faster original faggot
This story is so gay it gave me AIDS.
I wanna hear more this is juicy

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Holy shit what a difference

No wonder its called wageslavery.
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Jul 22 was my day off btw

I miss being a NEET
oh no, you can't be a sedentary blob anymore, how horrible
>I miss being a NEET
What the hell do you work as? traveling merchant?

This guy shows up at 3:00 AM at your house blithering about gay frogs in only his boxers, what you do?
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Let the man in. We need to devise a plan to get rid of these gay frogs at the source.
Welcome him in because i like alex jones
>first, let the man in while attempting to calm him down
>offer him some loose-fitting clothing and ask him if he wants something to drink
>sit him down on the couch and listen to what he has to say
>if these gay frogs turn out to be a real threat, assist Alex in any way possible
>if they are not, offer Alex a place to sleep and a ride anywhere he needs to go (within town)
Is that good enough, OP?

Haven't seen one of these a while, and thought it could be fun-ish.
I'll start with a classic (for oldfags at least)

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From a show I've been watching lately

I'm just a little person.
One person in a sea.
Of many little people.
Who are not aware of me.
I do my little job.
And live my little life.
Eat my little meals.

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When was the last time you even talked to a girl? Do you robots even try?
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Tonight at training. Adorable little girl and I taught her how to make a fist. Gotta be careful though because she's a real huggy and gets close type, and that's unprofessional
>tfw actively avoid the women at work

Uh anyways the last actual conversation I had with a female was a few months ago, we would talk for hours over the phone. Not anymore though.
High school. She actually liked me (and said so), but I was too much of an awkward, socially anxious loner to accept, so I avoided her and we grew apart and I don't talk to her anymore. She was really nice, but given that pretty much every 3D person pisses me off or disgusts me I'm not sure if what I did was wrong. Maybe I'm just going to be forever alone for the rest of my life, who knows.

Nowadays? No, I don't try.

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Since Chester died, I've noticed that people who weren't fans of LP before are now magically fans. The same people who were making fun of LP for being edgy and melodramatic are now the ones singing his phrases. I'm not even a big fan of LP, although I do know a lot of their songs.

>Wagecucking at a restaurant
>Chester is kill
>Talk about it with coworkers
>One of the Staceys claims to love LP
>So does one of the Chad bartenders
>Numb is playing on the radio (in the back of the kitchen) later
>Singing it to myself while clearing dishes
>"What's that song anon?"

In the end, it doesn't even matter.
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This is true for any celebrity death these days
Suck my hole asshole
Is it nothing but virtue signalling? What is wrong with just admitting that you don't care for some celebrity?

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>when chad treats you like a child
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Just let him fuck your butt anon
>Hey buddy

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>when chad treats you like a rival

Okay, first time on /r9k/. Tell me something. How does the forced originality algorithm end in the reputation of this board? You know, the one where everyone is a socially awkward kissless permavirgin incel who whines all the time about girls being horrible. Help me understand.
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Lack of a single defined topic of discussion, really. It eventually ends with people talking about themselves, and I'd reckon that most people on 4chan aren't models of mental health. That leads to the board getting a reputation for being miserable, and since misery loves company, more and more sad people flock here.
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>Okay, first time on /r9k/. Tell me something. How does the forced originality algorithm end in the reputation of this board? You know, the one where everyone is a socially awkward kissless permavirgin incel who whines all the time about girls being horrible. Help me understand.
she a qt3.14, got sauce on that one?

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What would be the best way to move somewhere new fast?
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an aeroplane
Witness protection program, just ask at a police station
Funding is gonna be your biggest thing, do you have employable skills or anything? Risky move if not, don't wanna get stuck working minimum wage living in a 1 room apartment.

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When will a woman pin him down and steal his virginity from him?

And from there, how will he change?
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Get in there quick ladies. It's only a matter of time before he's off the market.
I don't want him to lose his virginity, it's what is keeping him pure
When a women finds his channel, and finds the lerfect man

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itt anons support one another, tell each other we love each other, etc.
i'll start to the anon reading this:
you are a good person and i hope you can push yourself to improve in whatever way possible
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I want all of my friends to be happy and I want to make as many friends as possible
but I still end up feeling lonely despite it
I hope you fucking die in the most painful way possible and I fucking hate all of you. Real people should go extinct.
I suffer from language dylexia, often times I can't communicate properly unless it is through the web. I tried to talk, but sometimes I talk far too fast or I start slurring. Listening to people talk, joke, sometimes just goes over my head. This is basically the cause of my social anxiety. I wish there was some way to fix it.

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Reminder that being a robot means that you hate woman as a coping mechanism because of your own lack of sexual success due to your big amount of fears which is labeled as anxiety as if it was a mental disorder that cant be cured by dealing with your insecurities and hate towards anything plus the irrational belief that people who dont have these issues are automatically assholes because they dont have any other problems. Also a robot claims that certain childish nerd hobbies are robot stuff and are therefore considered to be cool. Anything else is delusion. Wake up from your dream world. Robot is just a word. You are a human being having a hard life due to inner and outer circumstances. Thats all there is to it. Accept this and your chances of being a happier person some day increase dramatically.
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Explain why im wrong. Protip: no way
Yea thats what I thought. Robots hate the truth
Okay, that makes sense.

Thoughts on this guy?

I personally think he's a good guy.
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If that scars it'll only help him desu, he just has the face for it.
Did he end up getting stitches?
I heard he died. Just another day in America.

How to deal with self-hate?
I hate myself so much, that every time something good happens - I beat myself, because I don't deserve anything, but pain and sufferings.
I hate, hate, HATE myself. There's literally not a single reason to be nice with me.
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Medication and therapy. There are no cheat codes, Anon. You need professional help. Or Jesus. Take your pick.
Look up CBT skills bro
Get a job. You'll be too occupied to self hate during work, and too tired to do it after.

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images (38).jpg
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Name a more refreshing sweet/salty summer treat.
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What the hell is that (original btw)
It's looks like peanuts
i really dont understand the attraction of the sweet/salty thing.
give me sweet or salty, why is my food trying to multiclass?

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