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Cock Hero 1286 Seconds
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Any fellow robots own a fleshlight or onahole?
anyone got any other PMV or Cock Hero recommendations?
Cleaning it out is easy if you pull and shoot then just wash out.

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How did you meet your first gf and what age were you?

>nu-r9k need not post
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Exquisite bait.
Most delectable.
>How did you meet your first gf and what age were you?
First year of HS, she approached me.
Only lasted a few days because I didn't want a gf.

Second gf was next year at some church group thing, we were playing the telephone/message game and I asked her for her number on a dare from my friends.
We went out for like a month or so.
I met her at college, she had pretty low self esteem and didn't talk much so I just included her in conversation with other people so she wasn't left out and felt part of the conversation. She slowly came out her shell and we begun hanging out outside college just being friends before I told her I liked her more than a friend. She didn't belive me to begin with so I took her out on a date to dinner to prove it and then she confessed she liked me too. After a couple of months we eventually made it official and we've been together for about two and a half years now looking to start renting somewhere soon.

You can all make it robots don't give up hope.

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ls shitposting a art or an science?
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That's too broad of a question. If you divide shitposting into its two subfields of bait and replies, it's easier to form an answer. Baiting is a science, there is an objective reason behind it. Replying is an art, it is a thing of beauty, not equations.
Haha funny pic
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very nice friendo
very nice

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>banned from r/canada again

christ that gets old
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>Posting on any Canadian sub that isn't /r/metacanada

What is wrong with you?
who here /BC/
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>only talk in your safespaces

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>tfw you ran out of Zoloft so you haven't taken one tonight and you're drinking a Monster
>tfw you just realize how this is a bad idea
>tfw your vision is starting to get a little blurry and your mind is a little bit lightheaded

I hate my body and mind. Seriously.
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I just mixed wine, zoloft, and some weed together. I'm starting to not care if all of this makes me retarded because my problems come from being a mentally sick baby.

How risky is it to drink vodka while taking zoloft?
I dont want to get wasted or anything, I just enjoy the taste, but I drink 200 mg zoloft every night for my OCD
The only risk would be serotonin syndrome, basically overloading your cns with serotonin, putting your body into shock blah blah and probably killing you. This is pretty hard to do though.

>women put penises in their mouth
>my mother and my sister do it
Why does this trigger me?
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I'm torn between saying it's because you have morals, and calling you a degenerate for thinking about this in the first place.
You're focusing on the wrong things.
We're psychologically wired to not view family members that we've lived in close proximity with that way. You brain is attempting to come to terms with the idea that something it had vehemently labeled as a non-sexual entity is in fact a sexual entity.
You can know logically speaking that most every woman does these things including your family members and guaranteed your mother at some point but subconsciously the thought itself is taboo enough to set off an instinctual knee jerk reaction.

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Why don't you live in your car yet?
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if you think for a second i'm clicking that roastie attention whore's video link and giving her another view, you are sadly mistaken.
>light hair
>dark brows
>blue eyes

If I had a rape van and nowhere else to live I probably would. Using gym membership for showering would be cheaper than paying rent.

I dunno where I'd park it that it wouldn't cause unwanted attention while I slept though

the only reason i want to move to the US is because male nudity is more common there, like everywhere. i can go to public swimming pool and when it's showering time, voila. i can participate in WNBR without my parents knowing. there's just so many stuffs that i jerk off to, that i want to make real, that i can't let my parents know.
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yeah the only reason is degeneracy. don't worry i'll assimilate smoothly
When are you moving? Where and how?
idk sometime in the future. probably NYC, the only american city i can tolerate. by idk, there must be a way. there must be a visa for entrepreneurs. i'll save up and start business there. there must be a visa for that. moving in shouldn't be hard. this earth is no one's.

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Not gonna lie, I need some time off /r9k/ before it leads me to finally off myself

ty in advance
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should fit you nicely
Well OP, you could pick one of the niche interest or creative boards to develop a hobby. /his/ is quite nice.
Regarding the more random boards like /r9k/ however, /b/ is a shuffling corpse full of porn, /bant/ is full of autists arguing over forced memes, /qa/ is nice if you're into weebshit. Tight-nit community over there.
Maybe have a look at [s4s] as well. Although they're uplifting in a way, their style isn't for everyone. Try looking at /fit/ also if you want motivation.

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What do white chads think of immigrants and refugees?
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We're full, go home
Probably think I'm going to get some Exotic pussy
It's complicated. We should provide them some humanitarian help, but an uncontrolled flow of migrants should be stopped, because it causes social unrest t.chad that lurks this board

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I'm so fucking mad. Mad at cops attacking and stealing from people just living their lives, mad at politicians spewing the same lies with smiles on their faces. Mad at businessmen doing everything they can to make life harder for the rest of us so that they can buy a fourth car. Mad at land developers causing species to go extinct so that they can build another flimsy disgusting gas station. Mad at low class bums abusing cashiers and holding up the line to buy lotto tickets and then throwing their trash on the ground. Mad at baby boomers sitting in their ivory towers, criticizing young people trying to make it in a world that the older people leeched off of. Mad at young people virtue signaling and attacking anyone who goes against their identity politics. Mad at smug motherfuckers in all positions of power, smirking down at us and saying, "heh, tough luck kid." Mad that there's a fucking law for everything restricting where I go, what I say, what I buy, everything. Humans are such a disgusting, wasteful, deceitful, selfish species who deserves the extinction we are hurtling towards.
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I hear you bro but we're like roaches so humanity's going to stick around unless there's a supernova or some shit.
Just turn off the computer and go outside. It costs nothing to walk around
Yeah the super rich will hang on in their underground bunker cities and their space stations once they've made the planet unlivable for the rest of us

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How do I move from a small town to a big city
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You drive and if you don't have a car ya take the bus or theres also planes and trains.
By packing a bag and going
Why would you? As long as your Internet situation is alright you're much better off staying away from overpopulated liberal wastelands.

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I've just now realised that codeine is the perfect robot drug
>why is this a robot drug?
Because robots don't know anyone, and that includes dealers.
Literally just crush up some codeine pills, mix with water, leave in the freezer for 20 mins and then pour through a coffee filter to filter out the paracetamol (codeine is water soluble, nothing else in the pill is). Then you have your finished product, codeine infused water.

Feels comfy senpai.
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A robot would no how to use the internet to get drugs. Codeine is marijuana tier normalfag drug.
if you dont know a dealer how would you get code
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You need a prescription for codeine here. Dextromethorphan is the true robot's drug.

AlphaBay is not user friendly at all. Most of the stuff seems to be EU to EU.

Be humble or be humbled
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i am the humbler
For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.
except when they aren't

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God this is so hot, what do you think robots
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Pretty fun if you're bros with the other guy and you both treat the girl like a slut.
Why would any woman want to do anal when they don't have a prostate?
I think I'm really confused, how is the head of that guy's dick going through her shitpipe to her vag?

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