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just go out there and make it happen bro the world is your oyster

my life is perfect theres no reason yours shouldnt be
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>the world is your oyster

I don't get this expression tbqh.
oysters taste like shit
yeah me neither somebody please explain

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so is this like a reverse-psychology way of asking for a thread about azn girls?

it's okay anon, you can just ask
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>haha dont worry anon we love you too!

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>Tfw hate gays
>Tfw hate all mentally fucked up people that think there are more than two genders
>Tfw hate pan-sexual people

how do I destroy these groups of people
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dont lump the gays in with the faggots. most gays are ok, those fags aren't
you seem more mentally ill than any of those groups of people
Let them destroy themselves. If the left is good at something it's devouring it's own over petty bullshit in an attempt to be the biggest victim.

Why do men refuse to respect the rights of women?
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Because women refuse to be decent specimens
>54% of rapes are not reported
how do you even calculate that shit
This originally


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Question for 90s kids and early 2000s kids. Which Sabrina was cuter and would you rather cradle in your arms?
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i didnt watch that crap show man. No one did. I think it had a largely female audience. If I recall correctly it was called sarbina the teenage witch?
>90s kids and early 2000s

That's a whole decade dude, that's a million years culturally speaking, 2000s millenial piss babies weren't even born by the time the live-action Sabrina series had ended.

That's like asking if you grew up listening to Skrillex or Marlilyn Manson.
I mean grow up in early 2000s not born then you stupid nigger. I was born in 94 and I'd say I'm an early 2000s kid.

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>tfw start a conversion with my oneitis,
>get's awkward because we have nothing to talk about
>I talk about random stuff and send 5 messages about retarded stuff with no reply.
She probably thinks I'm autistic and stupid for wasting her time, I should probably should just stop talking to her and never even try to talk to her again, it's over, I'm just to much of a autistic loser and I can see why she left me for someone else. I don't know why I even try anymore. I'm just torturing myself with the fact that she will never like or love me because I fucked up way to many times before and still to this day. I think last message I sent will be my last, I'm just to awkward and painful to be around.
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>Don't worry anon, here we're all akward, and when everyone akward no one is silly..
>having female friends
Out out out normalfag
>Having friends

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How to gf when 5'8 and babby face?
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Sneak into a highschool.
Finish puberty, anonlet
dress well

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Am I missing something? Last time I tried to have some me time without it I basically got bad rug burn on part of my dick and had to put isophyl on it to be on the safe side. I know some people can pull it off but after that expirence I have literally no clue how.
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try not having a jewcock
Use your foreskin.
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I have a jewcock

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goodbye r9k

i know it's over
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See ya on the flip side boss
We harldy knew ya
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do a flip faggot!1

Does /r9k/ like T H I C C chicks?
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>not posting the webm

>Physically disfigured
>Men still clambor for her
What the hell is wrong with this cruel world
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How was this even accomplished?

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> Chestlets on suicide watch.
Lmao, how can femanons even compete.
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She looks really shocked
Because they don't exist, faggot.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this small top was not actually an accident on the young lady's part.

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My boyfriend collects Vinyls even though he doesn't own a turntable. He tells me he'll buy one eventually, but he's on his 9th Vinyl so far and still no turntable. Oh and most of the time he tries to get the artist to autograph the Vinyl so that's a lot more expensive than just buying used ones from Rasputin.
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nobody gives a dick you vapid hole.
cool, mods delete this thread pls, and you read the sticky before posting here
Yeah great thread, I've saged it. 9 records isn't collecting and getting someone to sign it won't cost anything unless you mean he buys signed ones which is pretty stupid as it's very easy to fake.

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>Friday night
>alone again shitposting
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It is Thursday, my dude

Where are you from?
It's Thursday here
its a thursday night though

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who is /r9k/'s champion? reviewbrah? eggy? elliot rodger? sam hyde? that one guy that posts about his desire for a filipina gf?
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traitorous normalfag
utter failure even at killing normalfags.
>sam hyde
not a robot

it's reviewbrah. he is the best of us.
idk dude. eggy fucked a fat tranny that looked like a guy in a wig

elliot killed some stacies

sam hyde is pretty autismo
My own personal champion is Mike Stoklasa. He's a funny guy who turned his love of movies into a real career. There's lots of people who have done this, but Mike is the only one who I feel has artistic value.

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Hey r9k, has a girl ever sexually bullied/ bullied you? Pic related. Also this turned me on, what is this kind of erotica called?
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She held me down and tickled me until I peed then made fun of me
My cousin's older friend used to. I was 11 at the time, she was in 8th grade. She would bully me because I was weak and told me that I looked younger than the guys my age. When we played hide and seek with the rest of the neighborhood, she would purposely hide next to me in the woods and rub my penis. Sometimes she would stick her hand inside my pants and go at it. She threatened to beat me up and tell everyone I had a tiny dick if I ever told on her.
>this turned me on
It made me cringe.

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