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Femanons, can you describe the best way for a guy to turn you on during foreplay/sex?

Like how you want to be touched, where, etc. Kissing, oral, everything. I need to know how to get a girl wet before I fuck her.
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Not a femanon but is it true that kissing all over her body and running your hands against all her parts, hands, arms, legs, tits, inner thighs turn them on? What about kissing the ear or neck?

I want to at least have good foreplay to compensate for my guaranteed akward virgin performance
Femanon here, you know what gets me really wet?
When you reach deep, deep, deep into your wallet and grab your big fat stack of cash and hand it over to me.
Aww c'mon you got my hopes up

>check grades
>All As

who /genius/ here?

>inb4 not STEM

Computer Eng suck it nibbas
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>all As
>came first in my residence for academics last year

It aint easy being me.
>fucked around and skipped some homeworks
>would be my first non A in a CS class
>get perfect final grade, exact amount of points i need for an A
who /bareminimum/ here
I can't even pass college algebra.

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Hello, everybody. What's on your mind? Let it out.
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II'm thinking of being an hero. Nothing new here on this board. Other than that, I also got a new hair tie. It looks very pretty.
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fuck, i forgot about this gif
don't kill yourself you idiot

I was a complete loser and loner throughout high school, bullied really badly etc. At uni I decide to give other girls a chance and discover they only talk about each other meanly and how many boys they've fucked. My (newly acquired) facebook feed is filled with pic related.
Help, I think I'm being redpilled on my own gender. Do any other fembots experience this?
>in b4 "not like the other girls"
I'm not saying my way is better, or trying to get male attention. I'm a socially inept loser and am aware of that. I just want to know if other -females- have experienced this.
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oh look it's another male anon makes a "i'm a fembot fembot feels any other fembot fembot feels out there teehee ecks dee" thread

fuck off
Kill yourself you pathetic loser. What kind of waste of air writes out a paragraph pretending to be a girl on a japanese autism support forum?
One time my oneitis left her dog at my house without asking while she stayed at this guys house for a few days. After cursing her out and constantly texting her to come get it, she finally did and somehow I was the asshole. She ignored me for a day and of course i apologized like a fag. Just one of many cuntish things she's done to me. She was such a fucking bitch and I hate her but at the same time I miss her.

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"It traces its roots to the Czech word "robotnik, which means "slave," according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. ... In English, the word "robot" first appeared in a translation of Czech playwright Karel Capek's 1920 sci-fi drama "RUR," or "Rossum's Universal Robots."

What are we slaves to, robots?
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The robot that hates reposts.
Slave comes from slav, does that mean we need to get off our computers and start squatting on decrepit stoops?
>Not Squatting always


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Really mods? You're gonna ban me for 3 days for posting a link to some dumb whore? Fucking idiots.
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The """"""system""""" thinks I'm spam whenever I ((((((shill)))) for 8ch*n. I reference it and the Jewmods won't let me post
Which whore? What kind of link?

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TFW get banned from a massage parlor for being weird
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Thats rough, buddy

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> be OP
> go to sketchy Asian massage parlor in a strip mall somewhere
> "h-h-i-i"
> "i'd like to order one massage"
> backroom
> 7/10 asian girl comes out
> massages my back
> feelsgoodman
> wait, kind of hurts
> make odd squeaking noise
> try to distract self from the pain
> "h-h-hey do you like anime?"
> she doesn't really speak english
> this goes on for a while
> later on, she complains to her manager in some language
> manager tells me not to come again
My friend a couple years back got thrown out of an AMP. I feel bad as i kinda built up the idea in his head that you can get handies and shit. He didnt delve into what what happened but atleast he was loling about it. So curious how the scene played out. They threatened to call the police. Happened in colorado btww. Kinda spooked me from the whole thing. Really wanna try my luck tho, any robots have any advice how to get that shit to turn sexual?

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Stay single robeets.
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Several women have told me I'm incapable of love, I'm a male
almost the same here, but I'm the one who says that about myself because women don't talk to me

normies pls gtfo
Maybe its because YOU don't talk to women. I don't talk to them either I just sort of end up being friendly with some every once in a while, doesn't last long though.

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So I think I might have begun to spiral downwards in terms of mental health and sanity...
>Two Months ago, hit some sort of weird Manic episode and stayed up for four days straight, ending the last day with four hours straight of meditation and praying to God for purpose.
>The next day after sleeping for 18 hours, wake up and immediately begin mass downloading books on the following:
>Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Physics, Calculus 1 & 2, Geometry, Algebra 2, the Theory of Relativity, Chemistry, Nikola Tesla
>Study through Geometry, Algebra 1 and 2, for 15 hours straight every day for weeks.
>Plan on going through all of the subjects in the above books for as long as I can, in the hopes I can become knowledgeable enough to create an EM Drive with a Garageband Spaceship to leave this shit planet. Or, somehow make a multi-verse portal to go have an adventure.
I don't know what the fuck is going on. I think I have grown so sick of my boring life, I am now trying to actively escape. I don't know what's going to happen years from now if this keeps up and I am still here. I'll probably kill myself.

Have I gone fucking insane?
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Also, in the unlikely event I somehow create a ship sometime in the future, who would like to come with me on adventures in the outer rim?
Seriously I'm 5'10 1/2 and I'm bi. I weigh 150 pounds and I have a sub fetish. I'll wear some black high heels and a choker and black lipstick and suck you off in orbit above Earth.

I'll even let you touch the throttle. I just don't wanna go to space alone.
Why you gotta ruin a cool thread by talkin about all that gay shit son?

So, what's your passion? What topic do you love learning about the most?

My favorite hobby study is History.
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Hey, me too anon. What period? Personally I like The Enlightenment and the ancient Greeks.
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I like the Victorian era a lot (mostly because of victoria II) because of all the changes in mindset, technology, science, economy, politics, it's great.
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History, of course. Art history and war mostly.

And space. I love space.

I love painting. I create art because I'm so terrible at communicating to others. I create art, I make sad sad paintings as a way to cope with my depression.

I love photography. Nature photography a lot but mostly studio fashion with female models.

And I love fashion. I love designing outfits and while I'll never learn how to sew I want to be able to afford to pay a studio to make the outfits I design for the girl I love. (I don't have one yet...)

I love video games. I want to make my own studio to make my own little projects.

I love to be funny. I like to make comics and little cartoons of my bearded dragon, little miss daisy. I want to make sketches or let's plays.

I love listening to music. I like to lose myself in a song that perfectly mirrors how I feel. It makes me feel less alone.

I want to get into making music really badly. I wish I wasn't so broken. I wish that I could focus on something without my mind drifting into the abyss and wanting to die.

Mostly I just want to be loved. My greatest passion in life is to find someone to love and love me in return.

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>MFW I order za
>the faggot doesn't believe my real name is Steve Smith
Is he autistic? That's the fourth time he's asked me about American Dad. I haven't watched that retarded Seth McFarlane sitcom you fuck.
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American Dad is actually great OP; nothing like Family Guy at all.
You could have the same surname as Bob's burgers that people dont even believe is a real last name

>LOL XD Belcher? Funny joke brah you some fuggin cartoon?
No it isn't
Wow he actually sounds autistic, but maybe you should stop ordering pizzas and cook food dude because you're wasting your money.

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>calls himself a "robot"
>takes showers in the morning instead of right before beddy bye
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>calls him self a "robot"
>takes showers
I generally like showers before bed because that way your sheets stay fresher BUT there's a chance you end up sweating at night or something and not feeling clean in the morning
I only shower in the morning because I fap into my underwear and let it stay there all night
I'm not the only one, right?

>tfw the chicks in incubator in the kitchen are hatching
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That's cute, anon, are you going to grow them for food?
Some of them will eventually go in the crock pot
Ah yes tendies from scratch.

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Is it possible for the Internet to ever become separate from IRL again? Will we ever see the old Internet come back?
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Be the change you want to be. If that means bringing back edgy culture do it.
No. All the content creators realized they don't have to do shit for free anymore, so you'll be stuck with obscure message boards and chat sites
those are the best parts of the internet anyways. i loved the internet before all the normies

Imagine all the animals that lived and died without ever finding a mate.
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>tfw you don't have to imagine
>all those creatures cucked out of leaving a fossil record we'll never know about
>the last organism of a species is at its death throes
>before dying, the one regret it has is that it or its species' members did not die in such a way as to preserve their skeletons in the dirt so that they may be found by intelligent apes thousands of years from now

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