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Do any robots have experience with ordering drugs from the Dark Net? I have the bitcoin and items in my cart, I'm just wondering whether or not it would be safe to have it shipped to my house. I don't have a P.O. box and I don't feel like opening one either.
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> I'm just wondering if it would be safe to give strangers on the internet my home address and full legal name and ask them to ship me illegal substances across state lines
if you call if dark net then no you are too fucking retarded just like people who call it the shadow web its fucking deep web
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Its the Marianas trench fucko. Get it right. And its actually where sentient a.i. lives and operates.

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Who /psychopath/ here? How much of it was genetics for you? How much was poor socialization?

My family has a history of insanity and my grandpa was a psychopath who shot & tortured people for fun in Vietnam. My mother is bipolar and her abuse made me disassociate from my fellow humans, fictional characters and animals feel more "empathetic" to me.
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What proof is there you are a psychopath except for your edgy, sassy op?

Whats the last torture vid you seen? Detail it.
not one, but I seem to attract them like flies.
Wow so edgy and unique!

Has any of your "insanity" actually been diagnosed by a medical professional or are you just doing this yourself so you have another thing to separate you from the normies?

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>that one teacher who you were almost certain that he allows other men to sleep with his wife
>he sounded like a turbo-cuck and he supported feminism
he was cool to most students though, I thought he was quite the alright guy,
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>that kid who didn't have a spot to go in the morning so they just wandered the halls
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>that teacher that mocked me for stating a fact and said that cartoons can't be educational
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That kid who was a manlet and hit on everyone, only to get rejected.

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kill me.png
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Do you think this is funny?

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bump someone tell me their opinion
Not really.
Maybe if I knew who that was
i exhaled air though my nose a bit harder than normal which is really all you can ask for after years of desensitization by the intranets
so yeah i guess it kinda is

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Who /meds/ here?

Haven't been on Zoloft for 6 years, but I'm back on the same 200mg dose i was on then.
Also taking Hydroxyzine now. 50 mg, three times a day.

I just feel blank. If i died right now, it wouldn't bother me.
I just don't want anything.
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>I just don't want anything.

you want to return to 2007 and play vanilla TF2
Now you've got me popping my Orange Box disc in to my XB1

It's just not the same but at least it's untouched by valves tainted hand
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Haha inside xd
Enjoy your rain chemistry being even more fucked with serotonergic drugs daily

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I just spent $917 dollars on a home gym. I hope it was a good decision.
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Become the Chad
Great decision, very jelly and wish you nothing but good gainz my friend.

Whadjya get bub?
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You didn't just spend $917 on a home gym, you invested $917 on yourself.

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>tfw mom is selling you to the Virginia Virgin Research Facility (VVRF)
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this seems like one of those threads that would be deleted for some reason
I missed the virgin part at first. I was gonna say, she can't legally fucking sell you.
>she can't legally fucking sell you.

I "volunteered" so it's okay

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Work got flooded in Houston. Is it time to join the military? Or is the military really just a meme?
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I would like to know this too. I'm 24 with no work experience or degree or skills. If I enlist in the army will I get memed on?
It's a meme you idiots

The government is trying to brainwash you into joining. Resist

It only "works" for normies and Chads anyway, robots have absolutely no place in the military
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images (2).jpg
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what would you do if you woke up like this one day?
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Post on reddit and fuck easy sluts
Probably on tinder as well.
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Probably cry tears of pure joy.
I would still feel as though I am lacking, unfortunately. Such is life as a robot.

>all csgo players are sissy anime griefers
>groups on profile include:
>i wanna go home
>lovey dovey 2 person steam date groups
>groups about hacking in csgo with shimakaze or any other boat as the avatar
>closet erper
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>>all csgo players are sissy anime griefers
>>groups on profile include:
>>i wanna go home
>>lovey dovey 2 person steam date groups
>>groups about hacking in csgo with shimakaze or any other boat as the avatar
>>closet erper
Dumb sissy anime boi.
have you ever tried using cheats in csgo?
dont call me a sissy

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What should you do when you meet someone that you believe is your soulmate? How do you not fuck things up?
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Hello? I need help guys.
I really want to make sure I do things right with this girl.
If you're truly "soulmates" how could you fuck it up?
Just talk to her if you're so made for each other.
Looking back on my failures (and zero successes)

I would probably say its just don't chicken out and send clear signals

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What's it like being skinny?
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nothing special im a skinny manlet and i literally look like a child id rather be fat
I'm 205lbs, hate it, and losing 15lbs a month. Why do you want to be fat? It's easy, just get addicted to fast food like I did.
Not too good. I eat a ton of junk food and then go without eating for a bit. It's very easy to stay skinny but you'll have to deal with being weak and tired all the time, having girls find you pathetic, unable to do basic tasks. I was also made fun of relentlessly when I was a kid. Luckily I have a high pain tolerance so when something gets sprained, bruised, or broken it doesn't bother me.

1 reply and I, a proud fembot, will jump off a bridge
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Which bridge are we talking about?
Reply to this, also no suicide

Whichever one I come to first I guess

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Stoicism > Buddhism. Stoicism is empirical and applicable, while Buddhism is just some mushy spiritual shit that will get your ass kicked if you try it in real life.
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Money affords me my anime figurines so I must work for the jew man for several unhappy hours so that I can have a few happy ones.
Stoicism can get dangerous though, if you get carried away. Emotion doesnt make a good master, but it isn't untrustworthy, wrong, or evil. Make sure to remember that when reading the stoics.
Buddism is basically getting in touch with reality by shutting up your internal dialogue. Doesn't really need to be spiritual, all that shit about reincarnation is symbolic about states of awareness anyway, only a pleb would take it literally

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What is your favorite anime of all time and why?
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probably berserk (98) or mushishi.

i love the soundtrack and atmosphere of both, mushishis atmosphere is better and berserks soundtrack is better
If this is your favorite anime it's because you're boring and stupid.
If this is your favorite pile of shit, it's because you're an edgy retard whose parents didn't hit him enough.

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