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Yandere Thread? How do I find a qt to stalk?
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Do girls like that even exist or are they mythical?
>tfw no qt to be in a mutually yandere relationship with
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tfw no girl who would tear out all her teeth for me

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Can I play a game that requires a Intel Core i5-3570 while my PC has intel(r) core(tm) 2 quad CPU q8300 2.50GHz 2.50GHZ?
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I have the same specs and just finished Transistor
9/10 would recommend only complaint is that its pretty short
Great gameplay, Story, OST


Fav song from it:
Might try it.

So I can play it then?
Really depends on the game. List the game and your other specs

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>teeth are aching again
>don't want to go to the dentist
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If it starts hurting really bad, you can always try to kill the nerve in the tooth.

Crush an un-buffered aspirin, and mix with water to form a paste. Pack it around the painful tooth until the pain stops.
Going to the dentist I'd awesome brother. I get a sick pleasure from the pain of your gums getting cleaned and bleeding. I also like the plastic taste of those things they put in your mouth to take an xray

The only thing that hurts is when they fill a cavity or give some advanced procedures
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>So Anon, have ya been flossin? You know you're supposed to do it twice a day

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Race thread. What race are you?
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Mostly Italian, but I got a good bit of German and Polish in me
OP here.

Jews will be counted in East European, African, or non-Arab Mid Eastern depending on skin tone.
Bumperino my fine frienderinos

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why am i a female.jpg
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Im so sick of american females. Demanding, hypocritical, illogical, irrational, and spiteful.

Why is it illegal to smack a woman? They're fucking stupid. Ive got two girlfriends, and they cause me more stress than its worth. At this point, im just going along with it to secretly laugh at how retarded they are.
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why does it matter, it's not like you'll be dating one. they don't want you anon so it's not even your problem
You're probs larping, but ill bite.

Why would one have 2 girlfriends? Sounds like a drain of time better spent elsewhere/money for dates and shit.
Why are marriage rape laws banned? A woman's only job is to quite literally open their legs. Is that really that difficult?

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Who here works for a fast food joint? As a robot, how is it? Greentext if possible.
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Not fast food but I used to work for a college dorm kitchen. Fucking freshmen are the worst, trashing the place.
I imagine you get shit on by your boss, your boss's boss, your coworkers, and your customers. And you're expected to love it and base your life around it.

>be wage cuck
>deal with impatient nasty customers
>"where's my order??"
>look straight at customer with serious face
>slowly turn serious face into creepy super forced smile
>"I'll get you deserve, wait right there"
>manager looks at me
>stare at scissor, stare at order
>flip a coin
>look at Manager
>"I guess she's lucky"
>get written up for improper behavior

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23 hours 40 minutes without a cigarette, quitting cold turkey because i was smoking a pack a day FEELING LIKE SHIT HOLY FUCK CAN I ACTUALLY DIE BECAUSE OF THIS? IT FEELS LIKE IT
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It's suppose to feel like shit. You're are sweating buckets right now too, or will be. Your body is getting rid of all that waste in shit. Tthis is what you deserve. You'll feel like shit for a while but it will pay off in the long run. did you learn your lesson?
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uh yeah potentially I think

you at least need to find a replacement thing

try chewing on bark
how does it exactly feel so i would never have to experience it?

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I turned on the lights for you guys. Post rooms.
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I don't enjoy life.
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I'm secretly a cuck.
I don't have a room but I want one

something something true robots don't have their own room ree

I have a greentext story that's kinda like shrek is love shrek is life I want to share, What board should I post it to? I already tried /b/ but they took it down.
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Answer me you faggots.
No one wants to help you on your underage fucking quest.
I'm not underage, also I just want to know what board you post greentext story's without it getting removed.

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Kill yourself if you do that.
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This tbqh family (famalam)
"That" xD

is it normal to sick and mad when you hear people saying they want kids one day and all that shit? i just hate that there is one way to be born and a billion brutal ways to die. i dont want to make anyone have to die. whats the point anyways? create someone so theyll have to follow rules from people who dont care about them any ways and have a job all the time so they can afford to live?
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Some normies believe life is a gift. Read antinatalist philosophy and redpill them.
I don't mean this as an insult, but are you underage? That's a very common mindset to have in your teens.
no im 25

im really not an edgy faggot im normal

i just dont see what its all for but at the same time people would say kys but thats not that easy

its just easier not to have children

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Any robots live in alaska?

The mountains, rivers, being able to see stars (i live in a big city on the east coast). Also the northern lights are nice plus i enjoy cold weather a lot more than warm weather. Alaska Seems like the perfect place to live.
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Bumping for interest.
I'm not from Alaska, but I was just thinking about this myself recently. Seems like the perfect place for robots, plus I love cold weather.
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i live next door in yukon
living up here is great
What are some positives about it

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>at McDonalds
>see qt girl sitting by herself
>sit down next to her and smile and wink at her
>she immediately gets up and leaves the restaurant

how do normies do it?
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That's a super creepy approach
normies don't do this creepy shit OP.

You guys have a weird, distorted, movie induced idea of how social interactions are really like.

But yea i know u're b8
I don't think you're supposed to sit with strangers at McDonalds.

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Post music that you guys like,interact with people that have the same taste as you.




And pls,no "pleb" and "patrician" shit here,this is not /mu/.


Sorry for be tripfag,is just that i want to play to.
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Lol,i forgot the name.
namefag=/= tripfag, harris klebold




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Today I found my dog dead on the side of the road dragged into a bush, this month has destroyed any sense of hope I have had. its been nothing but back to back shit destroying me all month. at first this board was a meme to me, but i have slowly become desensitized over the course of this month, i didnt even cry when i found my dog. whats wrong with me.
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your bucket of Fuck's just ran out is my guess

Was it hit by a car?
yeah, we have a 24 hour emergency vet 2 miles from where he was hit though

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