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Do robots LARP?

Its a chance to experience and pretend to be someone you are not. You can be with other autists in situations that normies would ridicule you for.
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>all these cyborgs and normalfags
Yeah r9k larps
Do you think there is a particular LARP robots gravitate towards?

I enjoy Vampire the Masquerade but could never get into foam weapon battle simulators.

does civil war reenactment count?

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Yesterday I messaged girl on facebook that added me a while ago, last week when I changed my profile picture she liked it and we talked a bit. I also messaged her today but she is not responding, usually I would try to improve myself after these sorts of failures, but I think it is time to give up. Yesterday I thought I was doing okay, but I guess not...
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>planning to move
>buy a bunch of bankers boxes
>they come flat and you have to fold them into shape
>realize i very much enjoy folding these things
is this the gateway drug to origami?
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Origami is a very satisfying hobby. And when you finish folding, you have something nice to look at

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>tfw nails are too black to get a gf
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>tfw soul is too black to get a gf
>tfw hair too long straight and black to get a gf
>tfw skin is too black to be human

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How can you tell when a roastie has been BLACKED?
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Blondes are more likely to have been blacked. Though you can never know for sure unless you caught them in the act.
Her vagina is destroyed.
you have no idea how much blacking goes on in society.

it's everywhere. I wouldn't trust a white girl at all, they'll just lie to you anyway if they see that trends have changed and it's no longer cool anymore

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any robots ever get a headache from eating cream cheese? its the only thing I can think of that caused my headache
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do you have any issues eating other dairy products? you could have a dairy allergy/intolerance, which is different from a lactose intolerance

Why is public masturbation illegal?
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Well, why wouldn't it be?
I don't wanna see that shit.
moralfags who don't want to have to explain things to their children so they would rather censor the entire world instead
Why isn't life illegal? I don't want to see this shit.

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2hu bar.png
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Which touhou would you take to the bar.
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Suika I guess?
Okuu is a cuteie. I want to get her tipsy.

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Hey folks it's that time again so come along to the meme bar and share some music

Here's a favorite of mine from dark o shine

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paolo kills it in this if you've yet to hear it

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the b team.
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I want to dick you in your eyehole
Why's that? I wonder.
Don't ask questions just give me your skype

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Why does my older sister always kiss the side of my cheek when we cuddle in bed together?
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for no specific reason you pervert

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If i study technology for 5 hours a day and actively keep learning and getting certificates will I be successful?

im autistic and cant even tie my shoe tho ngl tbqh
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That's not how you determine success
Some cuck I met in my neighborhood told me to get some certifications from some company I've never even heard of to get an upper hand on my colleagues. The classes costed almost as much as the ones that go toward my degree. Don't get memed, just study your niche and branch from there only after mastery.
Skillset is more important than certifications

>ywn have teenage qt tomboyish anime gf
why even live?
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posting moar or her
Wish I was at home so I could dump my massive collection of rare KatieTriggersMe content :(

If this thread is still live when I get off work, I promise I will. Katie is perfect
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I like just discovered her
fuck, she's amazing

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>always depressed that I've been a khhv throughout my elementary and highschool years and now in uni and that girls don't want to talk to me, ever
>been especially sad about this recently
>measure my height properly with a friend's help
>always thought I was 5'10-5'11
>I'm 5'8
>realize that to most women I'm a manlet even though I'm taller than a good deal of them
>feel like I have closure now since my height is not something I can change or work on
>always thought it was my fault that I wasn't getting any girls and was desperate to find out what I was doing wrong
>actively treat women like shit now, it feels like something clicked and I realized how fucking stupid women are for rejecting me all my life for something I can't control
>apathetic, blunt answers to questions I can't dodge, no friendly treatment at all, refuse to do things for them, glare at them in public if I catch them looking at me or in my direction, ask them why they think they can talk to me if they start up a conversation looking to either get favors or need attention/beta orbiters

I really don't care anymore, women are retarded and should be looked down upon for super artificial shit like this.
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Go post yourself in my thread:

kek calm down Elliot
Too bad it 404d
Top kek, the Beta Uprising couldn't come soon enough

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He makes a pretty good argument don't you think? Why judge someone based on their sexual past?
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Well I think the obvious difference is that cereal isn't a fucking person. That, and nobody expects you to be monogamous with cereal.
This guy is probably a virgin.

Sexual past does matter, girls never forget their first dick.

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Is this /John Green Bait Thread General/?

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