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Sup Neety? On your way to your daily haircut? That's a good boy.
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you looked retarded dude

also your body structure is genetically shitty
imagine him pinning you down and fucking you
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si fucking hawt

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>Manager didn't give me a schedule for the next week
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u not working next week relax.
Welcome to the NEET life! Enjoy your stay, because chances are you're never leaving.
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I know that feel. Happened when I was still in probation. To make it matters worse, there was evidence that they never really wanted me in the first place and I was a temporary replacement for someone else.

For all the jobs I took I quit before things went too far off the rails.

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olivia munn.jpg
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Why do you dweebs get so butthurt about women being into your precious interests? Anime, video games, comics, scifi, etc. aren't exclusively "guy things". Women can enjoy them too, you know.
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Troll post? I dig it when women are into or interested in the stuff I am.
Because in a lot if cases (with varying frequency depending on the subject) they're pretending to like it for attention or to seem quirkier and unique.
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Because they fucking ruin everything they get their hands on.

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Good people are forgotten about in an instant, bad ones are remembered for centuries.

If you want to make an impact, and be remembered, robots, a gun and determination is enough.
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Good point, like they always say, nice guys Finnish last. Unfortunately I can't own a gun for another 4 years because I was in a psycho ward last year.
Why would you want to be remembered? I just want to be forgotten. I'd do anything to be erased from everyone's minds completely.
>Finnish last

>Daddy can I take a dance class? All my friends are doing it!!

What do you say?
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Sure, but take your younger brother with you. He needs to learn what to do with a woman
Only if you bring your 13 year old qt girlfriends to a sleepover at home so i can impregnate them!
Dance on me I'm you and your children's father

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Time for your daily creativity thread! Post things you've made, no matter how shit it is.

Here's a traditional tune named Brenda Stubbert's I recorded.


The rhythm on the drum gets out of sync quite a bit, but eventually I'm sure my rhythm is going to improve with some time and patience.
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cup of decay from starbucks
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dreugs in your starcucks
this bag of fag plus three

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How can I (a robot) punish a female fembot?
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spank her until she shudders all over apologising to her daddy, that's how you know she's learnt her lesson
t. fembot
Have you tried baseball bats of various materials, vectors, and velocities applied to various body parts?
don't get a baseball bat there's special paddles, bend her over your knee and spank her with them

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Robots how many of you can get laid on this sim?

Post results:

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>Sorry the Bedroom is off limits
tried twice. failed both times. I play alot of sims so im used to just being able to spam a certian action to get results and then move gradually up a ladder.
i got l-laid a-anons what if i try the same exact shit i did with a real roastie?

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Why does the objective depiction of the perfect family always end with a mulatto baby? Anyone else notice this?
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This is now a posture thread
Because it's stock footage, so they want to make sure it will appeal to the maximum number of people.

They could have shoots with a white couple and a black couple, but then they would have to segment where the pictures were used for maximum results; a mixed race family will work best for most areas.
Ah interesting theory. Anyways, i've been wondering lately why mulatto men are always more defined and have more attractive facial features, anyone else notice this?

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big nose.jpg
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How many of you wish you'd have a normal sized nose? I imagine I'd be a lot more attractive.

>Normal sized noses, plz, gtfo.
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>Tfw noselet
People used to call me michael jackson
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>big nose plus weak jaw
I know this feeling. In an original way

Hey guys tavern is open. Sorry it was late opening; been working on a side project. Let me know what I can get you.
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hello my fellow robot
would you mind gettin' one cup o' repressed feelings with 3 drops of daily bullshit and social reclusion for this rusted robot
thank you.
what kind of side project have you been working on?
nothing for me right now, trying to take it easy tonight
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I've been trying to revitalize r9k a bit with comfy threads. I'm sick of the racebaiting, I'm so fucking sad and angrythreads, and trap/gay threads. I don't have anything against fags or traps but it's rampant on r9k. I've been posting a lot of comfy threads, also I've been prepping for a big interview I have on tuesday.
I don't think we have that on tap but I think a white russian will help ease you up a bit.

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Do you wear all black? Are you an edgelord
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I do mostly because it hides my fat
I dress like a faggy edgelord sometimes including painting my nails but my jeans are dark blue so no
I do but not in a edgelord way and I throw some color from time to time

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Are you keeping something bottled up, or are ashamed of something kept low, or maybe just piss angry at the world? Get it off your chest.

Nobody is here to judge.
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i give myself headaches tensing up all the damn time.
You know how people say they feel they don't in this world?

I feel I don't belong in any world.
*don't belong in this world

I want my consciousness to be put out.

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What's under his blanket?
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chiseled physique of a greek
No penis for sure
Fat unwashed smelly NEET body

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Human kind will one day cease the pointless bickering, and look up, to space.
We will expand out, into the stars.
Humanity will unite under a single banner, expanding like a heated blade into the cold, uncaring depths of space. Colonising, invading and growing.
Soon, not only our Solar System will be ours, but the entire milky way.
Who knows if we'll meet aliens?

Either way, humanity will carve a path throughout the stars. Leaving a mark that will burn bright for a million years, even after we're gone.

But what then?
As our corpses go to dust, as our great creations shudder to a halt, as the space-capable vessels rust and fall apart, becoming nothing more than decrepit shells of steel and titanium in the endless darkness, the mark will fade.

The creations we have been working towards for millions of years will finally become nothing yet again, returning to the atomic soup, the mark of humanity, the bright swathe across the stars knits together, what then?

Humanity isn't eternal, in the end everything will be for nothing. Humanity is pointless. There is no higher power, we have no reason. We are here down to random chance and nothing more, simply aiming to make our "run" a good one, for what else can we do?

Godspeed, /r9k/. Let humanity leave a mark that burns for an eternity.
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Unless we can turn around the horrible shit we're doing to our planet now, we will never be expand out sufficiently. We'll die before it happens.
How could it be for nothing if it is for everything?
>Implying we will ever have tech capable of colonizing anything but a small settlement on Mars
We'll never have the cool ass shit needed to leave the solar system, or travel to other galaxies. We'll never meet another sentient species or have giant space ships.

Life a fuck kill them all

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