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HELP, I'm growing out of games.

I don't like them anymore, I don't try at all in any game because I am not immersed enough or passionate enough, which results in me playing worse than a filthy casual, which in turn makes me even less inclined to play games.

Videogames is the only hobby I have, what am I supposed to do now? I live in Swedistan so I can't shoot guns or do crazy stuff like Americans can, and I'm white so I can't commit crimes and shit, not that I'd even want to.

Has this happened to anyone else? What'd you do? Do you just sit at home and do nothing?
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What kinda vidya do you play?
This shit happened to me as well about a year or so ago. If you and l are similar then you won't enjoy video games again period. That goes for new games and old childhood nostalgia trips alike.
Just pack it up and move on bro.

You've played enough games the novelty has worn off. Now that you can see the general patterns underlying them, they are no longer as stimulating because let's face it: most games are vapid pieces of shit - even when they are fun.

This, I believe, is the fate of all entertainment hobbies when you have the time to explore them completely - they're too easy; too passive. The only way out I could find was autodidactism. It's not going super because I'm still a depressed faggot and want to kill myself on the daily, but when the haze does lift it's alright.

The only reason I haven't killed myself is that I should like to learn more mathematics.

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Who loneliest man on earth here?

I think I am and I have a legitmate case for it.

Prove that you are lonelier than me.
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>reddit spacing
If you can use the internet to interact with people you arent the loneliest
I constantly post nude pics of myself all over the internet. That makes me the most lonely.

Oh...uh..yeah, it's 'SUPER' big, anon
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Don't tell her it's bug in the first place so she doesn't have to lie
>erect dick exactly 8 inches
>still been callled "small"

Not sure where girls find these great big donkey dongs, or if it's just a lazy roastie insult indiscriminantly applied to anypne she dislikes.

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future wife.jpg
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>oh, hello anon-dear! I made you breakfast
>I hope you don't mind living with a woman like me
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I actually read that hentai, what with the time travelling and her wanting to do "Lewd" things. . .
The hentai was creepy, but I like the picture of her being moth-erly.
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>Moth woman
>Giant moth

This is my terror

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Fuck life, fuck everything it stands for, this fucking planet is hell

>2 close uncles dead in one month
>the other is now retarded because of a car accident
>cousin killed himself shortly after
>dad won't talk to anyone and looks like shit

I'm done living in sorrow, robots. I'm tired of mourning and now I'm afraid I'll have to mourn my father soon...
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Stay strong friend. Dubs will guide you.
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Keep crying, you big baby. It'll make you feel better eventually.
Well, live your own life. Don't ignore your family but avoid to much contact or this shit will destroy you'

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I'm very lazy when it comes to cleaning my two cats' litter boxes. When I do, they're filled with shit. It's a strong smell, so I try not to breathe with my nose, but instead, I get this strange taste in my mouth afterwards and my breath probably smells like cat feces.

Is this dangerous for my health? Can I get sick from this? They're strictly indoor cats, so I'm not that worried about toxoplasmosis/T. gondii.
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> Is it dangerous to breathe in the stench of cat poo?


Tip:Open a window to let some fresh air in
Change your cat litter box more often !

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Wagie here

just realized I am happier today than I have been in awhile just because I have tomorrow off

I have no family that can take me in, how can I be NEET i hate working
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go make a post about it on reddit fucking roastie whore
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>go make a post about it on reddit fucking roastie whore

implying im a roaste
Stop posting Ciara's pics I fucking hate this whore

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Oh boy, that weekend went by fast! Oh well, Monday is soon upon us. Hope you didn't get so wasted you forgot all about it, wagie. But hey, how can anyone forget, eh.. Another day, another shekel
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It's Memorial Day weekend faggot.
>everyone here is an Amerilard
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>everyone lives in Burgerland
Should you guys be honouring your fallen soldiers everyday? Are you that dumb tbat you need a special day set aside to do it?

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Why do I find hot when girls bully other girls?
I normally hate bullies, but when I see some video like that I feel a bit aroused.
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Who the fuck knows why. Did you get bullied as a kid?
show the vid or at least a webm you fucking retard
Yeah, I got bullied at school. Not really as bad, though, because I would tell the teachers (cowardly, but that is how I survived through that school). A few times I took out being bullied on one smaller kid, I still feel bad about it.

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opinions on daddy issues, my fellow robots?
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A diceroll between the girl ending up an insane degenerate slut, or deathly afraid of any intimacy.
Best one can do is get the slut and take her virginity before she inevitably cheats on you. Worst scenario is spending months making your girlfriend comfortable with just hugging you.
Unless you get the rare girl that is both degenerate and infinitely loyal to her first bf to the point of accepting cheating and abuse just because he was her first love.
A-any girls like that here?
As an older guy who likes younger girls, I think it's a great thing.
This is something I know a lot about, given seducing chicks with daddy issues was my hobby for a long time.

Younger girls (under say 23) are going to be restless, clingy, resentful, insecure and needy. Showing them affection, compliments and praise will quickly lead to sex. She will be thrilled to have you as her 'rock' in her ocean of self doubt.

The problem with being a rock is that waves crash over and around it, wearing it down as it weathers storms.

Plus, as much as she needs you she'll be unsatisified in her quest for validation, being too young to have settled into self-acceptance. So she'll be vulnerable to anyone who has a different way of giving security and validation, not having the life experiences to make value judgements about such things.

Once past say 23 they tend to have a better perspective and less likely to be flighty.

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>play Runescape 07
>ask friend to lend his Fury amulet to me
>low alc it in front of him

who /devilish/ today
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Id fucking kill you.
>go on /pol/
>make thread saying Hillary won the popular vote and so Trump should be impeached

/Guaranteed replies/
hardest post in universe

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how do I into cryptocurrency
I'm a nocoiner and I want to get in
I have $1000 I'm willing to risk/lose
I want to become a millionaire
I'm both interested in long term and short term gains
but I know nothing about this shit, only the very basics
/biz/ is full of useless meme threads and shill threads
it doesn't really help
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>Buy some Bitcoins at paxful
>Create an account on bittrex or coinbase
>Buy some Ethereum and shitcoins

It's easy anon

these are complete memes. The buttcoin ship sailed long ago, find something better to invest in
Why do you deserve to be a millionare if you can't even be bothered to do your own research?

I started with 20k and turned it into six figures and it's still going up. I spent weeks reading books, weeks trying to understand all these charts and terms.

Stop being lazy, train's left the station and you need to jog a little to get on it but it goes all the way to the fucking moon. Don't miss it

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who in their right mind would fuck this? Peter Rodger was quite attractive despite having the jewface, he could've found a better whore, even if he wasn't that rich back in '99. Passing your mediocre genes with a chink's shit-tier genes, such a good idea, such good consequences. Looking at this bitch's face makes me think that Elliot actually turned out pretty good, looks wise.
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I hate this fucking bitch so fucking much. She, and she solely, was the reason of Elliott's outburst. Read his diary, she systematically bullied the kid. Fuck her and fuck Elliott's father for marrying this ugly gook cunt.
desu he did dump her later on
>Peter Rodger was quite attractive


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>want to commit suicide
>don't have a gun because I live in brazil
>can't afford the helium tank for an exit bag

I'm trying to get a job so I can buy the supplies for an exit bag. Does anyone know another fool-proof suicide method? I was thinking about jumping from a building, but there is a small chance of survival.
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Check the min height for surefire suicide jump, on concrete I think it was 46metre.

Also, a couple of diabetes pens can do the job.
>lives in brazil
>doesn't own a gun

Pick one
Helium tanks are cut with oxygen

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I've got a key for 80 Days and a key for Her Story. Both are for Steam. Does anybody want them?
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i'll have one
Which one would you like, anon?
Her story is pretty good

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