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Is it possible to truly love a girl who has had another man's cum on her face?
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can you be quiet for a second? I'm trying to think
How do you propose to screen them out?

"Have you ever had a man's cum on your face?" is not in my "First Dates for Dummies" book.
that's a really hot picture thanks OP I saved it. Will fap to in a bit

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>tfw I want nothing more on this earth to have friends but have absolutely nothing interesting to say or personality to make any
>over a decade of depression has rotted away my gray matter and frontal lobes
>lobotomized by depression and isolation
>only alive because afraid of the void slowly creeping in

I'm going insane and afraid of what I might do when I snap. I'm so scared I'll hurt someone with my thoughts or that they'll be disgusted by me if I let them. I'm going to die alone and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Someone. Anyone. Help
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>tfw I want nothing more on this earth to have friends but have absolutely nothing interesting to say or personality to make any

oh wow me to. And my brain feels like it's rotting away as well
drink and just bullshit
most people are boring as fuck
I wish I could do something to help you. If possible, you should definitely try to get therapy of some kind. It would really help.

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ITT: Vent/Share your frustrations about your day or even life in general with other anons. Greentext stories are welcome.

Get it all off your chest. Let it all out.
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Anyway, now that that's off my chest, I seriously feel that women are incapable of feeling loneliness. Quiet, lonely guys are considered potential school shooters, while quiet, lonely girls are considered harmless and sympathetic.
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I dont know what I'm heading for bros, what is my endgame?
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I just spent the last two days re-confirming why I hate my old hobbies and need to find new ones.
I'm three days into a new job only to overhear that the company is beyond fucked, they are understaffed, their contractors have been doing illegal stuff, and my main supervisor had us drop everything we were doing to help them find something that wasn't important.

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>4chan is my favorite website
>tfw I hate anime and other weebs shits
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It's an abstract feel. I don't like anime,metal or vidya. I also don't find zipperheads attractive.
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>It's an abstract feel. I don't like anime,metal or vidya. I also don't find zipperheads attractive.

why the fuck do you come here?
Then fuck off. This is an anime website.

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If women get sex so much easier why don't R9K just be post op?
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sometimes i think real hard about something until my brain hurts. I'm doing that right now so if you could keep it down for a bit that would be peachy
cutting your dick off doesnt make you a woman
>those tranny hands
no matter how much surgery you get you'll still be a guy

that being said I'm starting hrt soon and I can't wait to be the best femboy I can be

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Is it possible to stop being ugly
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Facial reconstruction surgery. Tell them you want to be an Adonis
Yes, but it'll also stop other things

You can pluck your unibrow and shave your pube-looking patchy facial hair and you can grow your hair out and have better hygiene that won't lead to dandruff and acne.

If you're totally fucked up, you can still get plastic surgery.

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The life of an individual is short and miserable. In the grand scheme of things, we exist for barely an instant, accomplish barely anything, and (assuming a good deal of infamy and success) are forgotten in a couple of generations. We barely have the strength to overcome our own temptations, and set against the world we're like a leaf blowing in the wind. For this reason, people throughout history have attached themselves to different causes, movements, and ideologies. Be it the purely material object of their family and town, or more abstract things like their race, nation, or various political movements.
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Globalization, the economic destruction of small scale economies, and an internet which removes the individual from their racial/national/etc. context (for example, right now "I" have no ethnicity, I'm simply a body of text without a physical body attached to it), has caused an equal and opposite reaction, which we are now experiencing through Trump and Obama, through BLM, through the alt right and left, and through the daily which hunts we see in the newspapers. Various political institutions (not to be confused with political ideologies) have cynically started using this for their own benefit as well, hand crafting certain identities and creating demographics to fulfill their own will to power. Specifically, the rise in transexuals and people who identify chiefly by some form of queer identity, and the push against any questioning of these new forms of identity.

These forces, which forces people into an ideological cage of "selfhood", which in fact sublimates various individual impulses and the human condition in general into politically motivated identities and defines that as the authentic individual, are actively seeking to destroy concepts like individuality, universalism, freedom, and radical notions of selfhood. Both the left and the right have started to dismantle these concepts, from different viewpoints but to the same ends.
Okay, so what? What's your point?
My humble suggestion is we take up the cause of the Janissaries. These elite Turkish warriors were taken as slaves from all corners of the empire, brought together not because of a common identity, but by the want of one (in Islamic law it's illegal to enslave Muslims, so the credentials for becoming a Janissary was that very lack of belonging to the dominant political block). After being castrated and trained as soldiers, they enjoyed an incredible amount of prestige as elite soldiers and a central pillar of Ottoman society. Not being able to have children, separated from their parents, and without a common background, they made due with being a Janissary. Through this shared experience as cogs of the state, without hope for the future, permanent outsiders of the society they served, they found meaning in their lives through the fraternity of their shared experiences. They were the elites of the Ottoman empire, part of a community that didn't define itself by shared heritage or a common future, but by their existence as a community completely situated within the time frame of their lives.

This elitism, otherness, and infertility is (in my opinion) the perfect response to the populist, identity focused, and disgustingly productive zeitgeist sweeping the Anglosphere right now.

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Tell me your greatest stories of trolling
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I like to tell a story about my ex-robot boyfriend. Which is true. I did once date a robot. Depend on my mood I always change how we broke up.
The girl I thought I was dating but was actually just beta orbiting, "broke up" with me pretty nasty. I managed to get back at her though and freak/piss her the fuck off by dating her mom.
>College gives out condoms
>Go to the willy wrapper dispenser
>poke holes in a few
> go home and play vidya
Fuck normizoids and Chads

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How the fuck do you even get fat without being severely mentally challenged? I've been on a diet consisting almost exclusively of soda and potato chips for years, and never work out, and you can still see my ribs. The percentage of fat people that are able to perform basic tasks without multiple caretakers absolutely baffles me
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First you eat
Then you eat some more
Then you eat some more
Then you eat some more
Then you eat some more
Then you eat some more
Sleep and repeat
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seems like you're headed in that direction. Are you mentally challenged OP?
Bad genes, ask yourself why you can't put on weight and get buff. I don't feel as bad for fat people as for manlets because there is some degree of control over your weight, but both groups are forsaken by god.

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>Get unequivocally BTFO
>panic, leave thread, close browser, turn off PC
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Don't play their game. Just keep insulting people and shouting them down until you get the last word do or something else happens otherwise. People on 4chan and the internet in general are not willing to adhere to basic standards of respect for another, so why should you or I? Personally insult them, drown them out and deny them a voice. I've done it many times and it was the only way, I had to do it. Ridicule and social shaming is man's most effective weapon and if you don't learn to use it you will get BTFO over and over.
Don't do this or you'll get BTFO even harder Just avoid engaging with people who try to argue.

>Ridicule and social shaming is woman's most effective weapon

He'll get BTFO if he's not good at it. Just shouting people down works, people do it all the time. And yes, women are good at social shaming and ridicule but so are men, since the average western male is so effeminate and the world has changed so much that we have to adapt to what may be seen as women tactics. A better solution would be to not post, and/or to leave sites like 4chan so the angry internet people have no access to him. But something tells me OP won't do that.

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moving from western Michigan to Seattle area in 6 days, lads. What do I pack? Do I attempt getting tinder? Help me
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Summers in Seattle are dry as fuck contrary to stereotype so don't worry about raincoats or whatever outsidewalkers wear
Sweatshirts, jeans, shorts, t shirts, and a light raincoat will get you through the majority of the year. Theres a few months of ball freezing cold that'll force you to wear a heavier coat, but you got some time.
Seattle area...like within 20 miles? Or 50? I'm like 50 North, fairly conservative here.
In the city Tinder might actually be really successful (as long as you don't mind hippies).
I've heard it doesn't snow much, but it still gets cold. Is a winter coat even necessary?

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would I finally be happy if I let boys stick their things inside me
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no but you'd make me happy if i could stick my stugotz in you
depends on if you're a fag or not
That depends. Are you gay? Do you want affection from your loved one, regardless of the gender?

Then go for it, buddy. Don't have emotionless sex, though. That's the worst.

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make anons mad edition
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are prior to what?

top kek bloxixox
reeee fuck off fucking stacy whores

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>Do you like my new bra, anon?
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wow nice

Are you sure you have the right number tho
how come your bra looks like a panty

did not pick a good one hun
nah I'm a panty person

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>Girlfriend wants to adopt a fucking child
>I don't
>Want my own
>Says all those children without parents blah blah

I'm getting rid of this crazy women, there is no fucking way i am looking after someone else kid, especially if the fucker grows up with behavioral problems
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Is she vegan, special snowflake, turt with no personality. Sounds like it
>doesn't want kids of her own
She's a genetic defect, let someone else deal with her
>especially if the fucker grows up with behavioral problems

That isn't how that work. If he grown up with behavioral problem it's because you are a shitty parent. Also split the difference. Tell her that you will adopt, but you want the first kid to be yours.

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