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w-who wants to work on open source projects together??
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What kinda project? I think it could be fun
>open source
I guess you guys have experience in programming?
I'm interested in it too, what language are you talking about though?
i have experience in all kinds of languages, i got your c, i got your c++, your c#, i got your python javascript html css php, i got your java and your bash. you name it i got it.

so what are we working on, oniichan?

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I wouldn't be surprised if my father's iq is below 85 and I doubt my mother's is all that much higher how do you deal with being subhuman brainlet spawn? My mother had to ask me who was president in 1982 yesterday even she lived through that era as an adult (and no she is not senile).
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>meaning shit

Go back to your shitty astrology containment threads, please.
>My mother had to ask me who was president in 1982 yesterday even she lived through that era as an adult (and no she is not senile).
That just goes to show you aren't much better off than your parents. IQ isn't as much about remembering facts as it is about logic, pattern recognition, etc.
My mother both doesn't remember basic facts AND doesn't notice patterns. Higher memory is often correlated with higher IQs anyway.

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How did you overcome porn addiction?

I've jerked off twice or more everyday for probably 7 years.
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Just find something else to occupy your time. If you don't have a job, go look for one. Learn to cook...

Anyway just give up porn for a few days, jerk to your imagination. When I started doing that, jerking it became more special and I do it less
decline in porn quality over the last decade

relative uselessness compared to real vaginas

decreased interest in masturbating from getting older

>take your pick
Try 3-4 on average, and havent stopped yet. I need help.

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How are alt-righters NOT the new normies?
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its been hijacked
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literally only the top right is alt-right, the others are the dumbed down normie ones for le epic feminist rekt stuff
>how are alt-righters NOT the new normies?
you try talking about the JQ to normalfags, OP
All of politics are now normie.

Remember in 2012 when it was like "uhm idk much about politics desu its kinda boring XD"

now look at this fucking mess, if you don't preach your political opinion all over social media you're a "weirdo".

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My job is starting to make me work on Saturday, which is my day off when I play D&D with my friends which I have been doing for years now. My parents don't seem to care whether I have a job or not and I had to argue with them for months to get them to let me get one. The problem is that I am one of their long-time employees and one of the few people that knows how to do half the shit there (even the manager who has worked there longer than me, didn't know how to do some of that shit). It's a small business though so they have trouble getting good employees and they are basically broke so they only pay barely above minimum wage. Now, my D&D group is one of the few things in the world that actually matters to me and so if this becomes consistent I am just going to quit the job, I barely make 150 a week and it all gets put into a savings account for a car I'm never going to buy. The problem is that I don't want the managers to hate me for ragequitting the job as I have been very loyal to them and put in effort because I actually like them and want them to make money (which they barely do despite working like 80 hours a week for the place). So I need a good excuse for why I am quitting. I can't say I found a new job because they will wonder why I didn't use them as a reference. I can't say I'm starting college again because those semesters don't start for another month. If I say anything like there's a death in the family, that will fall apart fast. But I'm too much of a pussified manchild to be honest with them, so if any of you have any ideas for good excuses for quitting I would love to hear them. Because I just imagine the conversation now:

>"I'm going to be leaving in two weeks"
>"Oh really to go where?"
>"Uh... uh....um"

I know I'm a piece of shit manchild for doing this but if you can get past that I'd love some advice.
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Say you need to focus on studies senpai
>I am one of their long-time employees and one of the few people that knows how to do half the shit there
tell them either they give you free saturdays or you quit and they're free to do whatever the fuck they want when their business descends into chaos and ruin
>tell them either they give you free saturdays or you quit
>"but anon what are you doing on saturdays that is so important"
>"um um well you see.... I'm....I'm...I...uh...I'm kinda doing something with friends"
>"oh. what is that"
>"dungeons and dragons"

They won't take that shit. Then they will think "wow that piece of shit ditched us and left us" and they'll never give me a good reference. Not to mention they'll think I'm a piece of shit (Which I am, but I am trying as best I can to conceal it from them)
this is what my parents suggested, I might go with this.

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I will respond to every post in this thread.
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checked those dubs in original way

Originel comment
Am I a good person?

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How do I reject a guy friend without having him leave me?
I just want to be friends.
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If he is a 'guy friend' then he's still a friend.

If you feel as though your relationship is becoming too close for comfort, just tell him. If he is truly your friend he will understand and make some effort to amend this.

If all else fails, then there are plenty more chances to make new friends.
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There's nothing you can do, anon. They'll make that decision on their own regardless of how softly or harshly you reject them. My best friend confessed his feelings for me in 2009 and is still by my side. Others broke up with me the very same day that I said no to them.
Be honest. Not fake honest. Tell him why you're not interested in him. Yeah it'll crush his heart but he'll realize his flaws which will help him in the long run if he chooses to better himself. You are the necessary evil in his life.

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What exactly is a normie?
Is there a checklist of some kind?
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someone who doesn't struggle to get along with others
>emotionally healthy
>not autistic
>interest in socializing
>non-extreme political beliefs
>not an elitist fag about media
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I mean the checklist changes depending on how old the person is, but generally

>has friends
>is in uni or some equivalent like the army or becoming a pro athelete or something along those lines
>has social media
>has a gf/bf
>has had sex
>enjoys top 40 music and mainstream movies & TV shows

There are also cyborgs who may have friends and a bf/gf and sex, but they're all weird an autistic and only listen to metal or insane clown posse and watch anime and shit like that.

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Should I buy and eat some Pringles?
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As long as you earned them
not if you're fat
only if they're salt and vinegar

Who inspires you?
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not black DSP that's for sure
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My hero XXXTENTACION. I feel so connected and real with his music its like hes fucking me with his screams and as my anus bleeds I pass out from X's sweet voice
Harem hentai protagonists.

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Is he autistic? Not trying to be rude, his podcasts are comfy as fuck
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w-who is this? im looking for some nice podcasts to listen to
He's definitely a faggot idk about autistic tho
Looks like Reviewnrah, but I didn't know he did podcasts

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>Touch a cat
>Get a boner
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Happened to me too except I fingered it too
>dog licks my boycunt
>get a boner

Pls daesu desu

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R8 my din din out of 10
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Disgusting fuck you cunt
What soup is it?
>no four loko
>no grease
>no lard
>no piles of cheese
>no piles of meat

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>it turns out that most of your life has been a coma-induced dream
> you are actually 12 and you have been out of it for six weeks
> it is the year when you were 12

What is your reaction?
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happy that i have been given another chance to avoid ending up a total fuckup
Find 4chan earlier and better my life.
Make it 10.


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This is your chance robots. Well some of you at least, the ones who still care. I made it. I make about 2-3 million a year now conservatively and own a software and hardware development company. We're growing fast. I promised myself a few years ago that I will come back to /r9k/ and try to save some of the people still here, because at that time in my life I wanted there to be someone that saved me. Well here I am, if no one replies to this, I don't know, I may try again in a week, but I may just leave forever.

What I need you to do is tell me your life story, tell me why you deserve to be saved, and how I can save you.

I am willing to

1) Give some of you jobs working at my studio, things like game design or other such jobs

2) Give you some money

3) Give you a lot of money

This depends on how touched I am by your stories. Fire away.
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i have glass bones and paper skin
Fake. Get the fuck out.
Well the thing is I am going to be honest with you. I am a normie but I am very poor . I can sell you one million fake stories but I am not that kind of person. I don't ask you for money, i ask you for a job. I am very good in sales/managment so can definitely help

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